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Gaucho (ガウチョ Gaucho?) is a minor character featured in Steel Ball Run.

Gaucho is a competitor in the Steel Ball Run only remarkable in his interaction with Ringo Roadagain.


Gaucho is a medium-built latino who has shoulder-long dark hair and a horseshoe mustache.

His attire consists of a light shirt and a sleeveless overshirt, a jean and unremarkable boots and gloves, plus a sombrero.


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Steel Ball Run


Gaucho's death

During the fourth stage of the race, Gaucho is among those who become trapped in the orchard surrounding Ringo Roadagain's cabin. He repeatedly asks Ringo how to get out of the orchard, only to be told the same thing each time: the only way out is to kill Ringo. Eventually, running into the equally trapped Gyro, Johnny and Hot Pants, he is overcome by frustration and calls Ringo out in order to kill him. Though Gaucho's shot hits Ringo's shoulder, Ringo's hits Gaucho in the chest. Ultimately, Ringo shoots him a second time, finishing him off, and can later be seen burying the body outside the cabin.

Race Stats

Stage Placement Points
First 17th 5
Second Outside point range 0
Third 10th 12

Gaucho never completes the fourth stage of the race, ending with a total of 17 points.


  1. SBR Chapter 12: First Stage: Disqualified from Victory

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