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Geb (ゲブ神 Gebu-shin?) is the Stand of N'Doul featured in Stardust Crusaders.


JoJo God 03 - Geb


Although named after an earth deity, Geb is actually bound with a mass of water that breaks forth, usually in the form of a monstrous claw, whenever it senses sound that N'Doul thinks belongs to one of his targets. Geb has no personality. It represents the Egyptian God Geb.


Geb is remotely controlled by its user, who can control it precisely from miles away just by the sound of the ground. When not actively attacking, Geb can take advantage of its desert surroundings and scatter sand or similar substances as a makeshift sonar for N'Doul.

  • Water Amorphism: Geb, being a body of water, is otherwise amorphous and hence does not transmit damage dealt to it to its user. N'Doul typically uses this property of his Stand to drown his victims. The only way to damage the Stand is if it is evaporated, burning the user too.
  • Enhanced Strength: The claw is strong enough to cut flesh, and even rip a man's head off and pull it completely into a metal canteen.



  • Araki was inspired to create Geb after hearing about someone drowning from a cup of water in a wash basin, and thus thought it would be interesting to have someone drown in a desert.[1]
  • Unlike other Stands in the series, Geb allows its user to commit suicide. This could be the result of how strong N'Doul's devotion to DIO is.
  • In Egyptian Mythology, Geb is the god of the earth.


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