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Gray Fly
Japanese Name グレー・フライ
Namesake Glenn Frey (musician)
Stand Tower of Gray
Date of Death December, 1987
Gender Male
Occupation Mercenary
Manga Debut Vol. 12 Ch. 123
Insect Attack!
Final Appearance Vol. 12 Ch. 124
Silver Chariot (1)
Game Debut JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future
Seiyuu Mitsuaki Madono (game)

Gray Fly is a minor antagonist in Part III: Stardust Crusaders.


Gray Fly appears as an old man with a horseshoe hair style, and an imprint of a stag beetle on his tongue. He seems normal at first but is plain evil, taking up a modus operandi of killing his victims by cutting off their tongues with his Stand. His sadistic personality drives him to kill people just for fun. He has been known as a stand user who causes multiple accidents and kills people to steal their valuables. Kakyoin notes that Dio didn't need to use a spore to control him, so he was probably just hired to kill the Joestar group.



Gray Fly is a stand user involved in many thefts and mass killings disguised as accidents involving plane crashes and train accidents, including a plane catastrophe in England with 300 casualties, with no signs of his crimes. He gained enough notoriety among stand users to be known by Muhammad Avdol, but his stand's appearance was still unknown, as even the fortune teller was surprised to find out a insectoid-like stand could exist. According to Avdol, Gray Fly might have acted on Dio Brando's orders. He is one of the Tarot Cards representants sent by Enya Gail to kill the Joestar group.

Stardust CrusadersEdit

Gray Fly first appears on a plane en route to Bangkok as one of the passengers. Since he is an old man, he does not fight Jotaro and the others directly, instead letting his Stand do the job while he himself goes unnoticed. He manages to damage Jotaro thanks to his Stand's speed. In order to make his opponents understand his true powers and his intentions, he cuts off the tongues of the other passengers with Tower of Gray, then proceeds to write the word "Massacre" on the wall with their blood.

It is at this point that Gray Fly stands up, leaves his seat and tries to reach the bathroom, pretending to be nothing but a harmless old man. He then stops and starts screaming at the sight of blood, probably in a attempt to wake up the passengers and put the Joestar group into more trouble. However he is swiftly knocked out by Kakyoin, who stands as Tower of Gray's new opponent. Kakyoin manages to trick the Stand by distracting him with his Emerald Splash while hiding the tentacles of his Hierophant Green among the plane's seats. The strategy succeeds, as the tentacles grab Tower of Gray and destroys it, leading to Gray Fly's death as well.

However, before dying, Gray Fly managed to kill the plane's pilots in a last attempt to lead the protagonists to the same fate. Although his head and tongue were split in two because of Kakyoin's attack, he managed to stand up and taunt them, saying that they will never get to Dio even if they were lucky enough to survive the crash. He also warns them that Dio's own allies will be coming after the protagonists, beginning with Jean Pierre Polnareff.


His Stand is Tower of Gray, which takes the form of a giant and agile stag beetle capable of easily tearing flesh apart, used by Gray Fly for his crimes. He and Avdol precise that the Tarot Card "The Tower", which Tower of Gray represents, is a symbol of something unexpected that interrupts a journey. Effectively, Gray Fly spends his life interrupting journeys, including the Joestar group's, and manages to complete his task pretty well, forcing the heroes to a much longer and more difficult journey towards Egypt. The Tower also symbolizes destruction, sudden changes and realizing the truth, represented by Gray Fly's sudden attack in a otherwise calm situation and the moment he reveals that his attack is just the beggining of the troubles the heroes will face along the way.

In Video GamesEdit

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (SNES)Edit

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the FutureEdit

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  • In Japanese, "Glenn Fry" and "Gray Fly" are written almost the same in katakana.



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