The Green Dolphin Street Prison (グリーン・ドルフィン・ストリート刑務所 Gurīn Dorufin Sutorīto Keimusho), also known as The Aquarium,[1] is the main setting of the first part of Stone Ocean. It appears to be a unisex prison, though the genders are separated by dorms.


Green Dolphin3

Inside the prison

Located in the United States in Port St. Lucie, Florida, Green Dolphin Street Prison is a maximum security prison facility, unique in the fact that it is built offshore on an island, preventing its detainees from ever escaping to the mainland. Because of this, it is also known as "The Aquarium." While such a concept for a detainment facility has been used before the introduction of Green Dolphin Street, the prison boasts a large property area, and due to the rather rough and humid Florida environment and ecosystem, as well as the well-equipped and funded facility, the detainees will not find escape possible.

The prison represents an ideal containment center focusing on the importance of freedom and equality. Prisoners are allowed to walk around the campus and commit to their own activities within the allowed areas. Privileges, such as the use of the phone, taking a shower, reading a book, and watching TV are permitted, and even further privileges, such as work and an integrated university for studying are present. Money earned through said work can be used to purchase bonus vanity items and decorations at a gift shop. However, the prison does have various restrictions, such as the prohibition of metallic objects. Prisoners must also shave their heads and follow curfew, though this can be bypassed by bribing the barber and, sometimes, the guards.


Floor Plan of the prison

Known Staff

Notable Inmates

Green Dolphin Street Inmates
Prisoner Number
Jolyne Cujoh FE40536
Ermes Costello FE40533
Atroe FE39423
Foo Fighters FE39423 (from Atroe's corpse)
Weather Report MA152403
Narciso Anasui MA28050
Gwess FE18081
Thunder McQueen MA57258
Miraschon FE26789
Lang Rangler MA13022
Sports Maxx MA26156
Guccio MA20311
Kenzou ME25846
D an G ME14067
Johngalli A MA56002




The Green Dolphin Street Jail as a battle stage in All-Star Battle


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