Hanae Orikasa (織笠 花恵 Orikasa Hanae) is a minor character featured in The Book: 4th Another Day novel, based on Diamond Is Unbreakable.


Hanae Orisaka is described as a taller than average and slim woman.


Being Teruhiko Futaba's mistress, Hanae also had an immoral personality. She knew Teruhiko was swindling money and went along with it, only revealing the secret to Akari his public girlfriend to spite him. When Teruhiko kept Akari prisoner, Hanae willingly became his accomplice and tried to manipulate Akari into revealing the location of Teruhiko's money.Hanae is described as a quiet person, not having much contact with people outside her house. She lived alone and had no family or close friends, nor was associated with anyone in the neighborhood. Her only company was Trinita, her cat. Her house had relatively expensive furniture and she seemed to have an abundance of money.


The Book: 4th Another Day

Hanae was the lover of Teruhiko Okami since they were teens. She found out he was making a profit by selling defective houses and warned his co-worker Akari Hirai about Okami's secret. Hanae was killed by Takuma Hasumi so her death would reach Teruhiko. Her body was discovered by Koichi Hirose and Rohan Kishibe in a weird situation: it apparently was crushed by a flying car inside her own house, with a serious wound on the right thign root. Her cat Trinita got covered in her blood and escaped to the streets, which caused Rohan's attention and started the whole story.


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