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Harvest (ハーヴェスト Hāvesuto?) is the Stand of Shigekiyo Yangu, featured in Diamond Is Unbreakable.


Harvest is one of the few Stands composed of many small units that may act individually.

Harvest takes the form of small, oval-shaped, insect-like creatures of four articulate arms and two legs; three fingers on their hands; with large appendages at their posteriors, resembling a bee's abdomen.

Their entire bodies are patterned by stark, even, horizontal stripes alternating between black and a light color. Their faces act as pockets behind which they store whatever they carry. They have a hole on their foreheads that can change into a needle to inject liquid. Their eyes are semicircular, in line with blocky noses.

Harvest's basic design and concept draws from honey bees.[2]


Harvest speaks in a high pitch of limited phrases including "Found it!" and the laugh "Hee hee!" autonomously. Their user can speak through them with complete sentences.


The number of individual units comprising Harvest totals about 500.[3]

Range: Harvest has an extremely large range, with its units being able to move through the entirety of a small city without any issue. This makes them extremely efficient at scanning large areas; Shigechi initially uses Harvest to collect various small, specific items from around the city, including dropped coins, tickets and coupons.

Speed: Harvest's units are quite fast; working together, they can to scout a whole city in a single day.

Destructive Power: An individual unit of Harvest is fairly weak, but its needle has enough power to punch a correspondingly small hole through human flesh. In combat, the units fight in a manner similar to the way locusts destroy crops, attacking with individually small, yet cumulatively powerful attacks, such as tearing flesh off someone's legs. If one is near the opponent's neck, it can kill the person by ripping out their jugular vein (according to Shigechi).

Shigechi also uses his Stand to carry and inject liquor directly into his opponents' blood stream in order to intoxicate and disable them (the needles are apparently an optional piece of Harvest's bodies). Working together, the units can carry their user at speeds surpassing a running young man, even carrying him to the top of a building with similar speed.

Durability: Each of Harvest's 500 units can be destroyed with ease, but with little to no effect on Shigechi himself. If a unit is damaged severely within close proximity of its master - such as being subjected to an internal explosion by Killer Queen - Shigechi becomes damaged as well, though to a much lesser extent.



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