Heavy Weather (ヘビー・ウェザー Hebī Wezā) is the twenty-third story arc in Stone Ocean.

It subsequently narrates the rampage Heavy Weather causes in Orlando, Jolyne and Ermes's attempt to escape it, Pucci's past and Pucci's clash with Weather Report and Anasui.


Weather Report receives his Memory Disc, re-releasing his rage at his brother Pucci; manifesting as the new Stand power Heavy Weather, which utilizes subliminal messages to transform people into snails with sun rays.

A flashback narrates both Weather and Pucci's tragic past, how Pucci came to meet DIO, and how Weather and Pucci got their Stands. Having lost his sister, Pucci fell into despair, just as Weather who lost his girlfriend.

Jolyne and Ermes manage to escape the hospital, but due to them transforming into snails, they force Donatello to drive.

Meanwhile Pucci finds Weather and Anasui to kill them. Pucci rendered himself blind to stop the suggestion and fatally wounds Weather Report but Weather takes advantage of this to almost kill him. When Donatello crashes on Weather and Pucci, the priest escapes and Weather dies. Jolyne acquires Weather's Stand Disc and gives it to Emporio, just in case.






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