Here Comes Yo-Yo Ma! (ヨーヨーマッが来る! Yō Yō Ma ga Kuru!) is the fifteenth story arc in Stone Ocean.

It narrates Jolyne and Anasui's escape through the swamp, accompanied by the servile but malevolent Yo-Yo Ma as Foo Fighters looks for its master D an G.


Anasui is approached by Guccio who wields Survivor and uses him as a trap against the sole remaining Stand user D an G.

Having opted to escape the punishment ward from the eastern exit and reach the nearby swamp, Jolyne, Anasui and F.F. take a motorboat to cross it. However the embryo which was in their possession is swallowed by the automatic Stand Yo-Yo Ma. Unable to hurt him, F.F. stays behind to kill D an G while Jolyne and Anasui take Yo-Yo Ma on board.

Jolyne and Anasui are pursued by the prison guards and have to hide in the swamp. Jolyne realizes that she is slowly being melted by Yo-Yo Ma but she cannot communicate properly and is incapacitated. At the same time F.F. discovers that Enrico Pucci is the mastermind behind the attacks.




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