Keep on rushing forward!! After all, there is nothing but luck inside your bag!

—Hey Ya!, SBR Chapter 9

Hey Ya! (ヘイ・ヤー Hei Yā) is the Stand of Pocoloco, featured in Steel Ball Run.


Hey Ya! is a roughly humanoid Stand. Its head is shaped as an upturned bucket, marked on top by three concentric circles, and malformed eyeholes of uneven size. It wears a wreath of many small, hollow cylinders, and its lips are pierced by a row of short nails.


Hey Ya! has no combat ability whatsoever and is seemingly useless apart from boosting its user's confidence.

Cheering: Hey Ya! is seen lurking about Pocoloco, whispering advice, motivating him to take advantage of his own luck. Despite the misconception that the Stand improves Pocoloco's luck, it doesn't do anything other than encourage its user and put them in a good mood.[1]



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