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Highway Star may not be strong, but its pursuit is relentless.

—Yuya Fungami about his Stand

Highway Star (ハイウェイ・スター Haiwei Sutā?) is the Stand of Yuya Fungami, featured in Diamond Is Unbreakable.


Highway Star is an almost naked, humanoid Stand with a dark, checkered body, and an ornamental piece on its chin reminiscent of that worn by the Pharaohs.

When chasing a target, it takes the form of several dark, slightly three-dimensional footprints (or thin feet).


Highway Star relentlessly pursues its prey by following their scent as long as they're not moving faster than 60 km/h. When acting as an automatic Stand, it doesn't think logically since it's focused on hunting scents. Josuke managed to evade it for some time by forming a barrier in front of himself, until the Stand decided to reassemble its pieces and jump over the wall.

Highway Star is also capable of talking, as shown when investigating Terunosuke's taxi and discovering that the scent of Josuke and Koichi were on a paper inside. While it was about to impulsively open the car's door, Yuya had to command it to stop, as he knew the paper was most likely a trap. In the anime, Highway Star speaks with a calm and slightly sinister version of Yuya's own voice.


Highway Star can act as either an automatic type or be directly controlled by its user.

Extreme Speed: From what is seen, the Stand has the ability to run at extreme speeds. It was shown easily reaching up to (though is only able to reach up to) 60 km/h (roughly 37 mp/h). The range of the Stand seems limitless, since the user was actually in the hospital the entire time Highway Star was shown chasing Josuke and Rohan around town.

Nutrient Vampirization: Its main ability is to suck nutrients from its victims and transfer them to its host, giving the host heightened senses (most notably a heightened sense of smell). When it sucks out the nutrients, the victim's skeleton can be seen, and they are left severely exhausted and unable to move. Yuya implies that if he wishes, Highway Star can fatally drain a target until they're an emaciated husk.

Body Dismantlement: Highway Star can section itself into many parts as it flies at its extreme speeds, breaking apart in flat horizontal segments and moving, then reassembling piece by piece. This allows Highway Star to do things like slip though narrow passages or do large scale multi-angle attacks by striking with all its pieces at once.

Room Creation: Highway Star seems to have a rather odd ability to attract spiritually aware victims by creating a room in a wall to lure them in. This room was only noticed by Rohan Kishibe and Josuke Higashikata, both being Stand users, and originally lured Rohan, presumably by using his memory of and desire to track Yoshikage Kira. Anyone who enters the room is targeted by Highway Star, who begins to track and pursue them with its sense of smell to absorb their nutrients. The details of the execution for this technique are unknown. Yuya has no need for this ability if he directly acquires a target's scent himself or already has it.



Its body-splitting ability was inspired by the Daruma Otoshi children's game.[2]


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