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I stand secure and unmatched inside the mirror.


Illuso (イルーゾォ Irūzō?) is a minor antagonist featured in Vento Aureo.

A member of La Squadra di Esecuzione, Illuso faces Pannacotta Fugo, Leone Abbacchio and Giorno Giovanna in Pompeii in a race to grab an important key left by the Boss.


Illuso is a man of average height and slim to medium build; according to the height chart in Vento Aureo, he's actually the shortest of the La Squadra members at roughly 5'9" / 175 cm (which is actually close to the Italian height average). He has light-colored eyes and past shoulder-length hair tied into six pigtails. His outfit is entirely quilted: a vest with long sleeves with matching pants. With this outfit he wears dress shoes in a similar style to Giorno's and metal cuffs on the sleeves. He also has on circular knee and elbow pads with straps and a belt with a square, metal buckle. Holes are cut into the outfit to reveal most of his abdomen and neck areas.

In some panels, his sleeves, instead of ending in metal, simply end in more quilted fabric colored a like color. His vest also changes details, such as having a flap with buttons that buckles it together or simply being one strip.


Illuso appears before Fugo, Abbacchio and Giorno with only one goal in mind: to get any and all information that he needed as well as to get the key which Diavolo had hid in Pompeii. He appears to be very intelligent compared to the rest of La Squadra di Esecuzione, or at the very least prefers strategy, as he attacked the team one at a time and could come up with counters on the fly. He also takes a bit of pride in the ability his Stand has, noticeably flashing his neck as Fugo and also reminding his opponent several times that Man in the Mirror has removed Fugo's ability to attack. Illuso is also very calm for the first half of his fight, such as when he quickly got over the dead crows and Moody Blues' surprise attack.

Illuso is also highly perceptive of his surroundings, such as hearing Abbacchio's footsteps despite yelling at Fugo and also quickly noticing the key was missing from the room. As well, he became very alarmed and panicked when Abbacchio cut off his hand, a mood that continued until Illuso's demise.

He alluded as possibly being an informant of sorts to La Squadra, as out of all of the members, he had the most information on Bucciarati's gang. He revealed he had all of Fugo's past written down in a journal he kept, alluded to the idea of having the same for Abbacchio and would've had something similar on Giorno if he wasn't new, and despite not having any information on their Stands soon quickly realized what everyone could do. He also had a journal of some kind on him, which may have held more information.

In Purple Haze Feedback, when Sheila E insults Illuso, Murolo (who is revealed to have hated La Squadra), laughs and asks what Illuso had done to deserve insults. This may imply that, out of everyone in La Squadra, Illuso hadn't been the worst member.


Main article: Man in the Mirror

Illuso's Stand is Man in the Mirror; a humanoid Stand of moderate bodily power, and with which Illuso may isolate opponents in discrete alternate spaces reflected in mirrors.


Purple Haze Feedback

(The information below derives from a Light Novel not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.)
Sometime before the main story line, Illuso killed Sheila E's sister; it's unknown why. This spurs her to join Passione for revenge.

Vento Aureo

Illuso was first introduced when Abbacchio, Giorno Giovanna and Pannacotta Fugo went to pick up a key in Pompeii. Ambushing them by using Man In The Mirror's ability to hide Illuso from sight in the Mirror World, Fugo was grabbed first after attempting to alert his friends of Illuso's presence (although Illuso noted he didn't care what order he fought them in). Threatening to either get the information he needed or to kill, Illuso fought and quickly overpowered Fugo by splitting Fugo away from his Stand.

When Abbacchio fled to attempt to get the key and leave Pompeii, Illuso abandoned fighting Fugo with the promise to finish him off and chased after Abbacchio, soon bringing the ex-cop into the Mirror World as well. Although caught off guard by Abbacchio switching himself out with Moody Blues, Illuso eventually dragged half of Abbacchio in, bonded him with his Stand, and then attempted to claim the key. Using his Stand ability and sacrificing his hand, Abbacchio attempts to give Giorno the key and pressure him to leave, only for Giorno to stay put.

Illuso then attempts to drag Giorno into the Mirror World and succeeds without a fight, only for Giorno to reveal one of Purple Haze's virus capsules. Aware of the danger of the virus due to the death of crows earlier in the battle, Illuso is left with no choice but to flee back to the real world, cutting off his infected hand in the process. Though, thanks to his relief over not dying, he's still long enough for Purple Haze to grab and kill him.

In Purple Haze Feedback, Giorno mused at one point that in dying, Illuso came to regret every decision and life-choice he had made.

In Video Games

Vento Aureo (PS2)

Illuso is the enemy faced on chapters 5, 6 and 7. Illuso's main tactic is changing between "normal" and "mirror" world; using this ability he will teleport between mirrors in the stage, throwing several broken glasses at the player. Another tactic of him involves using his Stand, Man in the Mirror, to grab the opponent and cut their throat. He's a middle-long range type of enemy, but his throw invovling Man In The Mirror can reach across the stage.

During chapter 5 you play as Fugo without his Stand, Purple Haze, during the fight the player needs to survive for 50 seconds.  For all battles in the Mirror World, the character's left and right buttons are inverted but not the up and down, creating a disorienting experience.  In chapter 6 you play as Abbacchio, unlike the previous chapter you can use a Stand, Moody Blues, the player only needs to damage Illuso until he reaches the middle of his life bar.  Abbacchio plays with inverted controls, but Moody Blues has regular controls.

However it's during chapter 7 you truly face Illuso, using Fugo again (with inverted buttons), since Illuso keeps changing between "normal" and "mirror" worlds, Fugo will fight in mirror world and Purple Haze will fight in "normal" world. Illuso's 3rd battle is available on "ANOTHER STORY", where you can play as Giorno, Narancia, Trish or Bucciarati in Fugo's place.



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