In a Silent Way (イン・ア・サイレント・ウェイ In A Sairento Uei?) is the Stand of Sandman, featured in Steel Ball Run.


In a Silent Way is a humanoid Stand, decorated in an assortment of references to art of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, including a war bonnet and a head/face resembling the Mosaic mask of Tezcatlipoca.[1] Its arms and torso bear small, evenly spaced studs/bumps, and it wears two columns of two or three roses on its chest.

The Stand's design comes from Native American wall art and paintings, with roses on its chest in order to create a mismatch.[2]


Sound Construct: Sandman is able to manipulate and store sounds in objects, or make them into three-dimensional kana. When a stored sound makes contact with another object or individual, it is released as a hazard characteristic of that sound (e.g. "burning", "cutting", "stabbing").

The best way to attack proves to be through water, with sound traveling faster in water than in air. In the deadliest aspect of this ability, Sandman may stealthily utilize sounds not humanly perceptible.

Sound Shield: In a defensive expression of the Stand's primary ability, Sandman swings his knife, storing the "whooshing" sound generated; its kanji capable of deflecting oncoming projectiles.

Team Attack: In conjunction with Diego Brando's Scary Monsters, kana can even be turned into dinosaurs; tracking targets while carrying a destructive sound.



  • His Sound Construct ability is very similar to Echoes ACT2's Sound Maker ACT2 power.
  • The power of In a Silent Way may be a reference to Jojo's stylised katakana sound effects.


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