Love Love Deluxe (2) (ラブラブデラックス その② Rabu Rabu Derakkusu Sono 2), originally What is my name? in the UJ release, is the eight hundred ninety-first chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It is also the forty-fourth chapter of JoJolion.


Josuke and Karera walk on as two identical people (presumably brothers) impress a crowd with their ball-handling skills. The pair arrive at a Cafe where Karera proceeds to fill her bag with all the free complimentary condiments and spend what little money she borrowed from Josuke to purchase pachinko.

Josuke wonders what kind of person could live such a vagrant lifestyle when he notices she appears to possess nothing besides the clothes on her back, and this assumption is further supported when she begins to clean the space between her toes with a napkin and a glass of water.

After mistakenly following her to the bathroom to prevent what he interpreted to be Karera prostituting herself to an older bald male he discovers she was in fact using her Stand ability to restore his hairline, a feature of her powers she uses to scam money out of people to perpetuate her homeless lifestyle.

After using her hair to steal a credit card and figure out the owner's pin code, she empties their account and Josuke, tired of waiting for her to disclose information about his true self, is surprised when she suddenly refers to him as 'Josefumi Kujo' and further shows a picture in her phone of her, Yoshikage Kira and the aformentioned, who she asserts is Josuke's true self.

Shocked and speechless, he departs with her while the brothers from earlier are seen being approached by Policemen for their soccer antics. It is in the following attempt the cops make to apprehend the two that it is revealed that they are in fact Rock Humans and the elder of the brothers demonstrates his Stand power in eluding the officers.





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