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Soft & Wet (4) (ソフト&ウェット その④ Sofuto Ando Wetto Sono 4?), originally soft & wet ② in the UJ release, is the eight hundred fifty-second chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It is also the fifth chapter of JoJolion.


Trying to escape the enemy attack and defeat him at the same time, the protagonist runs toward the balcony, leaping through the glass shutters in order to escape the ability of his opponent. To counteract this, the unnamed foe lowers down snakes from the balcony above in order to detect the location of the protagonist, which eventually bites him while he escapes back into the house.

Succumbing to the poison he is unable to remove because of his Stand's limitations, he briefly receives a vision of someone he believes he knew in his previous life.

The phone rings in the apartment, and the unnamed woman tells the protagonist that it is the man above. Answering, she strikes a deal to be set free and in return tells the man the protagonist's location on the couch.

Yasuho finally makes it back to the apartment only to find the protagonist under the control of the enemy Stand user and is forcibly attempting to cut his own head with a hacksaw. Fortunately thanks to Yasuho, the protagonist is able to use his Stand ability and remove the friction from the upper level floor. The enemy Stand user is unable to stand his ground without slipping. Still in control of the protagonist, the Stand user makes his way to the balcony, where the protagonist uses his Stand to remove the enemy's eyesight. Without the ability to see, the enemy falls off the balcony and onto the bottom level.





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