Soft & Wet, Part 5 (ソフト&ウェット その⑤ Sofuto Ando Wetto Sono 5), originally Yoshikage Kira (キラ・ヨシカゲ Kira Yoshikage) in the UJ release, is the sixth chapter of JoJolion and the eight hundred fifty-third chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


As Ojiro Sasame falls from the upper floor, the Protagonist grabs him, throws him inside the apartment. He then holds the former by the jacket, taking the antidote for the venomous snakes as well. Sasame is stunned as he doesn't recognize the Protagonist, and claims that he isn't Yoshikage Kira. However, the Protagonist isn't satisfied with his claims and continues to violently slam Sasame against the furniture and kick him until Sasame clarifies the situation. He confirms his mistake by comparing the Protagonist's hand with a model Kira made of his own hands.

Sasame then shows the Protagonist and Yasuho a photo of the real Kira, saying that the protagonist doesn't look like him, while still acknowledging a certain familiarity. He also explains that he isn't Kira either, but has a grudge against him as he mocked of his passion as a surfer and somehow made him eat his fingers. Yasuho recognizes the spring where she found the Protagonist, and after knocking out Sasame for good, the two go back to the spring.

In the spring, the Protagonist plunders all the water and finds the corpse of a man, later confirmed to be Kira, who died three days prior and more strangely, didn't have testicles. Afterward, the protagonist is taken to live with the Higashikata Family, under the name Josuke Higashikata.





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