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California King Bed (1) (カリフォルニア・キング・ベッド その① Kariforunia Kingu Beddo Sono 1?), originally Daiya Higashikata's Strange Love (1) (東方大弥の異常な愛情① Higashikata Daiya no Ijō na Aijō 1) in the UJ release, is the eight hundred fifty-fifth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It is also the eighth chapter of JoJolion.


Josuke tries to search for help, but Daiya's leg is suddenly fine. The memory of the strange mark Josuke as seen on Yoshikage Kira's hand and the handrail leading to the upper room is extracted from him in the form of a chess piece.

Daiya explains the rules of her Stand California King Bed for the sake of fairness. Every time she realizes Josuke has been lying to her, a memory of his is extracted. However if Josuke can step on her shadow, he will recover his memory. Josuke realizes that in his state, that Stand is particularly dangerous while Daiya seems more interested in flirting with him than outright harming him.

Meanwhile Yasuho returns to her home, and witnessing her mother Suzuyu Hirose, sleeping after a night of drinking and more, laments her household. She is distracted when he receives the letter announcing the results of the DNA comparison between Kira and Josuke, and is confused when the test reveals that they are the same person with a 95.8% accuracy. Yasuho also remembers the strange mark and decides to return to the Higashikata estate.

Daiya asks Josuke to accompany her in her bedroom where she changes clothes. While she is in her closet, Josuke uses that opportunity to plunder the sound from the closet's light switch and have the light of the bedroom create a shadow on which Daiya will step on. However she hears Josuke extend his arm and easily deduce his plot, making him realize that Daiya cannot be underestimated.


Previous events are recapped on pages 2 and 3.

Josuke holds Daiya, whose left thigh bone is still exposed as the middle of a massive wound.

As Josuke frantically calls out for help and searches for a phone, he is reminded of the mysterious square mark he has so far seen on the handrail leading to Norisuke's study and on the wrist of Kira's corpse. Suddenly he notices that Daiya's wound is gone.

Daiya states, "Fairness is rules, and rules are power"; and that Josuke should not fuss over her, as a rule.

A chess piece in the style of the Knight emerges from the corner of Josuke's left eye, including an orb which depicts the square mark. Josuke does not seem aware of it, saying only that it feels as though a dangerous force is approaching him.

The piece shoots with great force at the floor. Only when Daiya retrieves it does Josuke notice the piece.

Daiya strides to a chess board by the couches, placing it near a King, Rook and Bishop housing the images of a cat, rose bush, and bicycle, respectively (a Queen is present with no clear image inside). Josuke reflects that it suddenly feels as though he has lost something important.

Daiya provides an overview of the meaning of the pieces; that they contain specific memories belonging formerly to specific individuals, but that the concept would be difficult to fully understand; although she does, when she rolls the pieces on her cheek.

Josuke examines the Knight, struggling to remember the meaning of the image of the mark.

Explaining again that "fairness is rules," Daiya gives the rules of her Stand (which she describes as a gift from God; adding that she heard Josuke has one too).

Daiya explains that when she was 2–3 years old, she fell into the faults at the border of the Higashikata estate. Her vision worsened, but she gained her Stand, California King Bed - With which she can take one memory from a person when they break a fair rule.

Soon, Josuke understands that Daiya has taken his memory regarding the mark; grabbing her by the collar, anxiously asking what it is she wants with him, along with her father.

Unaffected, Daiya opines that "happiness is to share memories with someone." She tells Josuke that she likes him, and that her goal is to collect his memories in order to share in them.

Josuke snatches the Knight and attempts to break it, when Daiya explains that that would in fact eliminate the memory completely.

Daiya touches the watch on her left wrist, expressing again that "the fairness of rules is power"; telling and demonstrating to Josuke her Stand's weakness: That when she steps on his shadow, his memory will return to him. She says that this won't be easy, since she has memorized the sources of natural light in the house.

Josuke acknowledges the danger Daiya poses, resolving to retrieve his vital memories, concerned that he will utterly lose sight of "what's important."

The scene transtions to Yasuho, returning to her house. She rights a pair of high heels spread on the hallway, before announcing herself home and calling after her mother.

She discovers her mother behind the couch, on the floor, before lifting an empty bottle of a seemingly alcoholic drink. Suzuyu Hirose is revealed asleep, with the mark of a kiss on the right of her chest.

Yasuho begins to weep, disturbed by her mother's behavior; putting her shoes back on and preparing to leave, thinking that she too doesn't know where she should go or who she is (reflecting on Josuke and the Higashikatas).

Before leaving again, Yasuho picks up a letter returned to her from the police and/or an "investigation company," titled "DNA Investigation Result Report"; which states that Yoshikage Kira and Josuke Higashikata, "to 95.8% accuracy," are "the same person" (dissatisfied, Yasuho reveals that she paid 80,000 Yen out of pocket for the test).

Immediately, Yasuho notices the mysterious mark found earlier on the handrail leading to Norisuke's study on the wrist of Yoshikage Kira's corpse in a picture on her phone, which she realizes she noticed growing up while playing at their estate; including on "the staircase handrail," the floor on the second floor, near the door, and near a chair leg.

In the Higashikata house, Daiya announces a wish to go out, asking for Josuke's help in changing. Josuke resolves to make Daiya step on his shadow, not only to retrieve his memory but to take something more.

With a bubble, Josuke removes the sound that the light switch to Daiya's closet would have made as he turns it off; projecting his shadow across the floor of the closet. He moves to the left in order to place his shadow in front of her feet; which she notices, explaining her deduction that he may have turned the light off secretly, as she tells him to move while she checks.





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