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JOJOVELLER is a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure artbook written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki.

The artbook includes artwork from Stone Ocean to JoJolion, a history of the series, and a stand encyclopedia, all of which contains several comments from Araki himself.



Limited Edition of JOJOVELLER

The package includes three separate books, each with different information and art. The limited edition comes in a black Lacquered enamel case and includes 2 BluRay Discs.

Book One

  • A Complete Stand Guide similar to the one in JOJO A-GO!GO!. Updated with Stands from Stone Ocean to JoJolion.
  • Includes information about the Stands themselves, Design, Skills and Performance, Stats, and the Users. Each has a commentary by the author himself. In the book, Stand Users are referred to as "Masters."

Book Two

Book Three

  • The Actual JOJOVELLER artbook. Features artwork from the entirety of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and some of Araki's most recent works.
  • Includes Art and Info from The 2012 JoJo expo + all the other JoJo events.
  • This book contains a "map" with romanizations of the names of most characters and Stands shown so far.

Blu Rays

  • Blu-ray: Disc 1 - Jojo Exhibition 2012 Documentary
  • Blu-ray: Disc 2 - THE MAKING OF JOJO!


A JOJOVELLER mini booklet was included with the April 2014 issue of Ultra Jump. It features several pieces of artwork from the main JOJOVELLER book. It was also released alongside a supplement Stand guide called STANDS plus, which included pages on Nut King Call and Paper Moon King (until then known as "Paper Moon"), who were introduced in the manga following the publication of JOJOVELLER.



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