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Jail House Rock
Japanese Name ジェイル・ハウス・ロック
User Miu Miu
Namesake Jailhouse Rock (Richard Thorpe 1957 motion picture)
Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley song)
Manga Debut Vol. 74 Ch. 690
Jail House Lock (1)
Destructive Power N/A
Speed C
Range The space enclosed by Green Dolphin Street Prison
Durability A
Precision None
Developmental Potential None

Jail House Rock (ジェイル・ハウス・ロック Jeiru Hausu Rokku?) is the stand of Miu Miu featured in Part VI: Stone Ocean.


Jail House Rock is a humanoid Stand with a brain-like head, an emaciated body and conical arms. Its body is patterned as though with stitches, including patterns on the chest resembling those of denim pockets.


Cycling Short-term Memory Loss: Jail House Rock has the ability to cause a person of Miu Miu's choice to be able to retain a limit of 3 items in their short-term memory. If the target of Jail House Rock learns a fourth "thing", they will forget the first thing they learned. The target may continually learn new things at the cost of forgetting the first item. However, long-term memories attained before Jail House Rock's influence remain.



  • Jail House Rock's appearance could reference techniques of discipline or torture related to prison such as solitary confinement, starvation and mutilation. In theme with Araki's choice of designer names for many characters in Stone Ocean, it could also refer to anorexia nervosa, as is occasionally accredited to fashion marketing.
  • Jail House Rock's effects on Jolyne Cujoh bear similarities to Christopher Nolan's film Memento (2000).
  • The pattern on Jail House Rock's body in its resemblance to denim stitching may reference historical U.S. prison uniforms, as featured in its motion picture namesake.


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