Jail House Lock (ジェイル・ハウス・ロック Jeiru Hausu Rokku?) is the Stand of Miu Miu featured in Stone Ocean.


Jail House Lock is a humanoid Stand with a brain-like head, an emaciated body and conical arms. Its body is patterned as though with stitches, including patterns on the chest resembling those of denim pockets.


Cycling Short-term Memory Loss: Jail House Lock has the ability to cause a person of Miu Miu's choice to be able to retain a limit of 3 items in their short-term memory. If the target of Jail House Lock learns a fourth "thing", they will forget the first thing they learned. The target may continually learn new things at the cost of forgetting the first item. However, long-term memories attained before Jail House Lock's influence remain.



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