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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 ダイヤモンドは砕けない JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Daiyamondo wa Kudakenai) is the third season of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure TV Anime, produced by David Production.

Season 3 adapts the 4th arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Diamond is Unbreakable. It was confirmed at the end of "The Last Crusaders" event for the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders anime in Tokyo on October 24, 2015. The first episode aired on April 1, 2016. An original video animation titled Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe was made available to those who purchased every Blu-Ray disc release of the series.

Media distribution services Crunchyroll and Viz have obtained the streaming license for the anime, which will be available for viewing at Crunchyroll's website and Viz's website respectively.

On July 6, 2018, it was confirmed that the English dub had been scheduled to air on Adult Swim. The season will begin broadcasting on Toonami on Saturday, August 18, 2018.


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor

KiraAvAnim KillerQueenAvAnim

Main VillainKiller Queen
Toshiyuki MorikawaW D. C. DouglasW
Yoshikage Kira
Shigeru ChibaW TBA
Yoshihiro Kira

TamaAvAnim StrayCatAvAnim

FeralStray Cat

OyanagiAvAnim BoyIIManAvAnim

Neutral (former villain)Boy II Man
Chika SakamotoW TBA
Ken Oyanagi

YuyaAvAnim HighwayStarAvAnim

Ally (former villain)Highway Star
Kishō TaniyamaW TBA
Yuya Fungami

ToyohiroAvAnim SuperFlyAvAnim

Neutral (former villain)Super Fly
Kōichi TōchikaW TBA
Toyohiro Kanedaichi

TerunosukeAvAnim EnigmaAvAnim

Kengo KawanishiW TBA
Terunosuke Miyamoto

MazasoAvAnim CheapTrickAvAnim

Neutral (Villain Stand)Cheap Trick
Makoto IshiiW TBA
Masazo Kinoto

Episode List

# Title Original airdate

# Title Original airdate

# Title Original airdate



O.S.T. Vol.1 Good Morning Morioh Cho OST

~Good Morning Morioh Cho~

O.S.T. Vol.2 GoodNight

~Good Night Morioh Cho~

Opening Themes

Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town

Jojo OP5


Jojo OP6

Great Days

JoJo OP7

Ending theme

I Want You

Jojo ED6a

Great Days -Units Ver.-

JoJo OP7b



  • Reflecting Araki's gradual-yet-dramatic change of art style in the original manga, season three features different character designs from those of season one and two; this season incorporates various elements from the three art styles that the manga took on during Part 4's progression.
    • This choice of art direction also provides a contrast with the previous season, which relied on the character designs present at the end of each part (save for Iggy, who underwent the gradual change in design that was present in the original manga) for its adaptation.
    • According to character designer and chief animation director, Terumi Nishii, pleasing the “Boy Love” (Yaoi) fans was taken into account when designing the characters, though they retain her regular style.[1]
  • In a curious departure from the other seasons, this is the first season to have the episodes without their post-credits teasers for the next episode. Instead, the teasers are uploaded to the official website.
  • For an unknown reason, Love Deluxe, Echoes ACT 2, Achtung Baby, Ratt, Boy II Man and Killer Queen Bites The Dust are the only Stands to never receive stat info cards.


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