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This article describes the impact on internet culture made by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, featuring content created by fans including parodies, memes and other tributes.

Abridged Series

Abridged Series are a subgenre of video parody that involves narrating the condensed and edited version of popular media that often poke fun at faulty or unconventional premise and plotlines found in the said media. Abridged parodies are especially popular with cartoons and anime series, due to their simplistic and easy-to-dub nature.

The JJBA Abridged Series is a parody created by Antfish, using the OVA scenes (with many edits) and his own team of voice actors. The series parodies Part 3, but has references to Part 2, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6, and Part 8 as well. Antfish has also began production on the abridged version of Phantom Blood of the animated series. The series is popular among fans for its silly humor and the personification of the characters.

Currently, a JJBA Abridged parody adaptation of Part 4 is being produced by Weeaboss.



ジョジョ■第五部■MAD (JoJo Part V MAD)

ジョジョ■第五部■MAD (JoJo Part V MAD)

The MAD videos are fanmade AMV featuring parts of the manga animated completely using the manga material, always with various effects and colors. Other JoJo-related videos for the same author features intros for the entire series. The videos are available on YouTube.

Space Jam mashups

Space Jam by Quad City DJ's has been mixed into the opening themes of more than one series of the JoJo anime; also featuring flowing edits of Charles Barkley's face.


An Internet meme is a concept that spreads from person to person via the Internet. The memes featured below are specifically derived from concepts in JoJo.

Yare yare daze

Yare Yare Daze on Know Your Meme

A meme from Stardust Crusaders, it is the catch phrase of Jotaro Kujo, it is often translated as "Good grief" or "Give me a fucking break". It can be used in many anime memes across the internet to express exaduration of a character.

Even Speedwagon is afraid!

Even Speedwagon Is Afraid! on Know Your Meme

A meme from Phantom Blood concerning the frightened Robert E. O. Speedwagon gasping/screaming in fright at the newly vampirised Dio Brando.

This line is either narrated or thought by Jonathan Joestar, pointing out Speedwagon's fear whilst the picture focuses on him; perhaps because he is characterized as very hardy and/or perceptive.

Due to its fairly obvious-statement nature, it has become a meme in regards to anime characters expressing fright.

JoJo Pose

JoJo's Pose (ジョジョ立ち) on Know Your Meme

Hirohiko Araki's artwork is notable for frequently portraying his characters posing in overly dramatic poses. This has led to many fans copying said poses and spreading pictures of such online.


"mudah.swf", utilizing stick-figure representations of Giorno Giovanna, Bruno Bucciarati, Narancia Ghirga, Jotaro Kujo and DIO with their Stands in action represents a seminal JoJo tribute.

The flash uses audio assets sourced from GioGio's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind (PS2) and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future (Arcade/PS1/DC).

mudah.swf was created by Japanese user qwerqwer1234. The user’s website is defunct, but an archived thread from dating from July 2003 links back to that site, in a thread gathering different kinds of flash animations.[1]


mudah.swf inspires one of JoJo 's most well known memes; based on moves DIO may perform in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future.

This combination starts off with DIO using The World to stop time. From there he throws numerous knives at the opponent, drops a steamroller on them (without context, this becomes the most outlandish sight), and finishes off with his trademark vampire shriek, WRYYYYYYYYYY.

How many breads have you eaten in your life?

This answer from Dio to Zeppeli in Phantom Blood has become a meme of its own; the meme in question is Dio's answer to Zeppeli when asked on how many people he killed to heal his wounds from his last fight with Jonathan. Dio answers, questioning if Zeppeli remembers how many breads he has eaten over his lifetime, comparing the two things as if they were the same thing. The exchange, as well as Zeppeli's angry and somewhat exaggerated reaction is why the scene is so well known as a meme.

The taste of a liar

Bruno Bucciarati checks if Giorno Giovanna is lying about what happened to Leaky Eyed Luca and when Giorno starts sweating after being handed Luca's eyeball, Bruno immediately licks the sweat off of Giorno's face and detects that he's lying as "a liar's sweat tastes sweet."

Said moment is particularly notable amongst fans for being one of many moments in the series perceived in a homoerotic way.


In JoJo, characters and their Stands (usually the protagonists) often shout battle cries coupled with a barrage of rapid punches during fights. The two most popular ones are Jotaro's Star Platinum's signature ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA and Dio's MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA. While this type of battle cry may have been inspired by Kenshiro's battle cry from Hokuto no Ken, many fan videos have spawned referencing the clash between Star Platinum and The World.

Fans often gather in large groups and split up into 2 sides facing each other; one side proceeds to "ORA" while punching rapidly, and the other does the same but shouting "MUDA".

Duwang (Chinese Part 4 scanlation)

Out of all the memes online, one of the most well known and infamous of them all are the Duwang scans. A group of Chinese students had to do a paperwork for their English class, so they decided to do a translation of Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable. The scanlation was incredibly inaccurate, badly edited and overall low quality, to the point that the students actually failed that subject, but for many years, it was the only Part 4 translation circulating on the internet. Due to this, the translations acquired memetic status and received the name Duwang, as it was the Chinese reading of the characters for Morioh City used in the translations.

The most famous quotes from Duwang translations include:

  • "What a beautiful Duwang! *chew* There must be no other place as pretty as this town. This feels like a picnic." - Yoshikage Kira
  • "Get a feeling so complicated..." - Koichi Hirose
  • "Never heard your voice before. Who are you? Who in FACE are you?" - Jotaro Kujo
  • "That is a beautiful watch you got there. But there is something more evil than your watch. IT'S YOUR FACE!" - Jotaro Kujo
  • "ABAJ" - A recurring Chinese hanzi symbol from the same team, 啊, is typically used either as an expression of shock or surprise, or the Chinese equivalent to "DORARARARARA" style battle cries. Fans misread the hanzi as the English letters "A", "B" and "J" forming the word "ABAJ" which has since also become a meme.
  • "I AM THE FUCKING STRONG" - Yoshikage Kira
  • "The rain sounds like Josuke" - Jotaro Kujo
  • "You can't escape now! you super retard! Stupid!" - Toyohiro Kanedaichi
  • "you OK reatard? I am wood. stupid" - Surface disguised as Josuke Higashikata
  • "Koichi really steals? No dignity" - Josuke Higashikata

However I refuse / Daga kotowaru / だが断る

Rohan Kishibe's response to Highway Star demanding that Rohan lure Josuke Higashikata into a trap. Rohan merely replies with this line as well as a claim that he likes to say "NO" to arrogant people.

This line and Rohan's reaction panel have become a meme amongst the Japanese JoJo community and has been parodied a number of times in various media, even in anime episodes.

Awaken, my masters!

(Alternatively: "Mezametamae, waga arujitachi yo!"; "目覚めたまえッ!我が主たちよ")

The line spoken by Wamuu just before he awakens the other two Pillar Men. Amongst other reasons, this line and the moment its spoken in are popular due to the odd pose Wamuu performs when awakening Kars and Esidisi.

It just works (King Crimson)

Due to a popular difficulty with succinctly explaining the mechanism of Diavolo's Stand King Crimson, a popular explanation is "It just works" (possibly derived from a slogan used by Apple Inc.).

It Was Me, Dio!(KONO DIO DA!)

It Was Me, Dio! on Know Your Meme

Brought about due to a scene early in Phantom Blood where Dio steals the first kiss of Erina Pendleton and brags about it in order to further estrange Jonathan, the scene became notable as a meme after the release of the JoJo anime.

OK Master! Let’s kill DA HO! BEEEETCH!!/OKay masta, rets kirr da ho,beeeeeeeeeeetchu!

In Diamond is Unbreakable, this line is said by Echoes ACT 3 when Koichi fails to find Josuke's current location in the hospital and the nurse refuses to help him.


In Stardust Crusaders, this line is often spoken by old Joseph Joestar when something goes wrong. It is widely referenced across the fanbase.


In Stardust Crusaders, DIO deliver a fatal punch to Noriaki Kakyoin through his abdomen. In turn, Some fans calls Kakyoin'd that a hole in the abdomen can be drilled.

Alternatively, any JoJo reference also mentioning donuts also points to this reference as well.

English Stand Names

Stand names in English localization were known to be changed to avoid copyright of famous songs, musicians, or albums. Examples include Sticky Fingers to Zipper Man, Killer Queen to Deadly Queen, and most notably Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap to Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price. Due to its nature, fans use them to mock the fact that how it is unnecessary and funny.

Narancia Best Girl

Due to Narancia’s physical appearance and choice of clothing, fans would commonly mistake him for a girl or just say it as a laughing matter. Others would say that he’s a “trap” or a “ambush”.

Hirohiko Araki

Along with his art and style, Hirohiko Araki himself is a source of fun, both for his appearance and the outlandish theme of his work.


Fans continue to parody as well as work in serious tribute to Araki's unique artistic style.

Hirohiko Araki’s Age

Araki vampire

Comparison of Araki year after year. For the record, the 1868 picture is Hijikata ToshizoW.

Inspired in part by the image featured here, It has been noted that Araki appears unusually healthy and young.

It is jokingly suggested that in some recent photos he almost seems to have aged backwards, and that like some of his characters, he may be a Vampire.

Araki's Bizarre Concepts

Araki's plot devices and the mechanisms of and detours created by Stand attacks occasionally become exceedingly outlandish or unlikely. The image macros below reflect this observation.


The scene in which Esidisi appropriates Joseph Joestar's "Your next line will be..." trick is featured in a banner on

241 4chan animated jojo banner

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