This list should be updated often.



  • Policy: Add {{Fairuse}} and {{AnimeFairuse}} to images that need it.
  • Consider deleting near-duplicate images
  • Check for / phase out (delete) scanlated images
  • Add chapter/episode source in the images
  • Replace black and white images with coloured scans


  • Replace Wikipedia links on pages with Template:W (e.g. {{W|JoJo's Bizarre Adventure}})
  • Replace <small></small> with either Template:S or Template:Sm (no brackets)


  • Cleanup grammar on all pages
  • Perhaps remove blank sections on pages where they are unnecessary/unused - could probably just use one of the bots for this
    • Almost all of the chapters have a blank References section
    • Part 3 OVAs have TBA listed in several episodes in their Manga/Anime Differences and Trivia sections



  • Create/Edit Arc Pages
    • Add summaries to arc pages (All current arcs as of 07/29/18 Done)
    • Add images to arc pages
  • Finish chapter summaries (encourage/allow succinctness)
    • Part 8 (Chapters 1-78 Done)
  • Finish translating Author's Note quotes
    • Part 8 (All current volumes Done)


  • Finish episode summaries (encourage/allow succinctness)
    • All current episodes Done
  • Add screenshots into episode page summaries or a gallery


  • Encourage editors to apply/retrofit Character Page Layout
  • Summarize histories for all characters; headings linked to Arc pages in which events occur
  • Add references/cite sources - e.g. <ref>{{Ch|Chapter 111}}</ref>
  • Replace chapter and episode debut in all pages with Ch3 and Ep3 - e.g. {{Ch3|Chapter 222}}} / {{Ep3|Episode 22}}
  • Finish the color scheme sections using ColorSchemes
  • Add images to galleries. A lot of characters have very few images.
  • Expand articles for drama CDs (Possible English transcripts?) and video games (some characters have blank video game sections or lack of info)
  • Finish writing Relationships for some characters


  • Check each Stand page for clarity, succinctness, proper citations and summaries


  • Add merchandise as it is released
  • Many interviews require English translations