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Johngalli A
Japanese Name ジョンガリ・A
Romanized Name Jongari A
Namesake John Charles Galliano (British Fashion designer)
Stand Manhattan Transfer
Prisoner Number MA-56002[1]
Age 35[1]
Date of Death 2011
Gender Male
Height 185 cm[1]
Eye Color White (Blind)
Affiliation Enrico Pucci
Occupation Former Soldier[1]
Manga Debut Vol. 65 Ch. 606
The Visitor (2)
Final Appearance Vol. 66 Ch. 614
Prisoner of Love

Johngalli A is a minor antagonist from Part VI: Stone Ocean.


As a follower of Dio, Johngalli wants to take revenge on the Joestar bloodline by framing Jolyne Cujoh and hoping to kill her in prison. He is an ex-soldier sentenced to 7 years in prison for murder.


Even though he's blind, he is capable of perceiving his surroundings by an inhuman ability of feeling wind movement, presumably from owning a stand. He was able to keep a sniper rifle with him even in prison by disguising it as a cane.


Johngalli A is introduced as a forgotten follower of Dio who wants nothing more then the deaths of Jotaro, the man responsible & his daughter Jolyne. He terrorizes the two with his stand, Manhattan Transfer as it's bullets could kill them from the other building. While the two is avoiding Johngalli A's onslaught, the Kujo's are subjected to Whitesnake's illusion. As they are in hypnosis, Johngalli A travels to the other building disguised as a guard. As Jolyne & Jotaro snaps out of the illusion, They are attacked by Johngalli A. He is stopped by Star Platinum as it stops time, but Jotaro is attacked by Whitesnake having his discs taken. Johngalli A shoots at Jolyne as she tends to the collapsed Jotaro but the bullets are redirected away from Jolyne via Stone Free. Johngalli A realizes his dire miscalculation of focusing on Jotaro rather than Jolyne as she defeats him. Later, Whitesnake shoots him in the head & gives him the gun, so others would deem it as a suicide. 



  • According to Over Heaven, he is ordered by DIO to be Pucci's bodyguard since Stardust Crusaders.
  • He attacks Jotaro similar to how N'Doul attacked him some 24 years ago.
  • His stand is similar to Geb and Sex Pistols.
  • Being able to 'see' by feeling the wind's movements is very similar to what Wamuu did after poking out his eyes during his fight with Joseph Joestar many years ago


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