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Josuke with Crazy Diamond

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Josuke's Stand, Crazy Diamond, can restore objects (and organisms) to a previous state in their history.

It is able to repair damage and heal injury. It can also revert an item to its components (e.g. a wooden table into lumber).

With this, Crazy Diamond may perform a range of interesting feats; including trapping (parts of) an enemy by restoring pieces of a broken object around it; and tracking, such as by restoring a torn piece of clothing, which seeks to reattach itself.

However, this Stand is not without limits: Crazy Diamond can only restore state, not life, hence a lifeless body would still remain dead even after being "fixed" by Crazy Diamond's power. Also, the healing power cannot be used on Josuke himself, or strictly speaking, anything that can be considered a part of his current self, body or even his own clothes.



Josuke is shrewd, confident and courageous, possessing considerable fluid intelligence and a will to win; like his father.

Intelligence: Josuke is extremely quick to get on his feet under almost any circumstance, as he is very aware of the immediate surrounding as well as his own capabilities. He is proficient in utilizing anything he has within reach for dealing with problems at hand, and is also shown to be capable of planning several steps ahead by reading opponent's behavior and habit. Josuke is very confident of his abilities to the point of claiming that there is nothing Crazy Diamond (indirectly referring to himself) can't fix, and expresses mild disappointment after figuring out what he thought would have been one such problem. As a result of his intellect, Josuke can be quite cunning; manipulating, lying and cheating others occasionally to achieve certain selfish goals.

Physical fineness: Josuke possesses substantial athletic ability. He has been shown once to have successfully chased down a moving bus over long distances completely on foot, and can handle a heavy motorbike effortlessly for the first and only time riding it, while achieving many otherwise professional feats during a high-speed chase in attempts to avoid direct contacts with the enemy chasing after him. The most well known demonstration of Josuke's physical toughness is shown when he withstands exposure to several explosions generated by Yoshikage Kira's Killer Queen, sustaining heavy injuries and blood loss but remaining conscious enough to think of countermeasures and tactics.


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