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Jumpin' Jack Flash (ジャンピン・ジャック・フラッシュ Janpin Jakku Furasshu?) is the Stand of Lang Rangler, featured in Stone Ocean.


Jumpin' Jack Flash is a humanoid Stand of a height and build similar to Lang Rangler's. A dark band circles its head at the height of its eyes; and its chest bears the debossed, cartoonish impression of a rocket ship.

At its wrists are roughly spherical cages; of moving parts that form centrifuges.


  • Gravitational Removal: Jumpin' Jack Flash's spit can void objects (and Rangler himself) of their gravity, as well as anything they touch, creating a chain reaction that causes anything in the nearby vicinity to become weightless. His ability's zero-gravity range has a radius of roughly 20 meters from the infected area or object. Even things like walls or air are not exempt (making it possible to create a vacuum of air rendering an effected area impossible to breathe in), though Lang himself can bypass this ability and travel on any hard surface using the suction on the tips of his hands & feet.
  • Built-in Centrifuges: By using centripetal force through the devices on the Stand's wrists, Jumpin' Jack Flash is able to use things like bolts and screws as bullets. Coupled with his super precise aim even in zero-gravity environments, this ability makes Rangler a tricky foe to deal with.



  • Araki thought it wasn't really necessary to have the Stand remotely controlled, so it became like a suit partway through.[1]


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