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Khnum (クヌム神 Kunumu-shin?) is the Stand of Oingo featured in Stardust Crusaders.


JoJo God 06 - Khnum


Khnum doesn't have a distinct appearance, as it is directly bound to Oingo's face, rather than to psychic energy. With this, ordinary people also can see its transformation. Khnum also doesn't have a personality on its own. It represents the Egyptian God Khnum. As Khnum is the god of rebirth and creation, the name of Oingo's stand may be because Oingo is able to be "reborn" as someone new by using his transforming abilities.


  • Transformation: Khnum enables Oingo to alter his appearance, height, weight, and scent at will. This is most often done so that he could take on the appearance of his enemies to sabotage them. Oingo cannot change his own clothes, but could alter his own hair to change the appearance of his hat, doing so to match Jotaro's hat at one point.


  • Khnum's ability to change Oingo's appearance may be a reference to the Oingo Boingo song Who Do You Want to Be?



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