King Crimson vs. Metallica (キング・クリムゾンv.s.(バーサス)メタリカ Kingu Kurimuzon Bāsasu Metarika) is the nineteenth story arc in Vento Aureo.

It narrates the tense battle between Doppio who wields but a fraction of King Crimson and Risotto Nero, whose mysterious power threaten to end both Doppio and the Boss' lives.


A fight begins between Doppio, counseled by his Boss, and Risotto Nero. Using the sub-Stand Epitaph and part of King Crimson, Doppio discovers that Risotto manipulates iron but the tide of the fight is seemingly certain as Doppio cannot breathe normally without the vital amount of iron in his body. Risotto is critically injured by Aerosmith, lured into the battle by Doppio.

Doppio transforms into the Boss, confronting a dying Risotto. He is then given chase by Bruno and Narancia, and in his weakened state, must flee. The two of them follow the Boss' tracks up to an unrelated child.

Meanwhile Abbacchio is rewinding time near a stone pillar in order to recreate the Boss' face. Being alone, the Boss manages to approach Abbacchio and punch him through his stomach.






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