King Nothing (キング・ナッシング Kingu Nasshingu) is the Stand of Norisuke Higashikata IV, featured in JoJolion.


King Nothing is a hollow humanoid Stand; its surface made entirely out of jigsaw puzzle pieces.

It has two long, drooping horns, and long, shield-shaped eyes. Between its horns and the piece around its neck, it takes a shape reminiscent of certain traditional depictions of a jester.


Remote Control: Norisuke IV reveals to Josuke that his Stand is a long-distance Stand with very little physical power, making it unsuitable for close range fighting or fighting at all. He later demonstrates that perhaps due to its segmented jigsaw-esque body structure he is capable of applying this attribute to his own body in order to separate his own body parts,[1] as shown when he dismantles his hand in order to move the pieces inside of the cellar so he could reassemble them and open the hatch from within. This ability makes his Stand very versatile.

Scent Tracking: King Nothing is able to track down people by their scent, partially taking the form of the tracked person as it slowly walks along. It does this by attaching pieces of its jigsaw pieces to articles of clothing belonging to the target or surfaces the target has recently come into contact with. Thus, it learns their scent and gradually follows the same path the target had taken until it arrives at their current location. The only apparent limit to this ability is that Norisuke remarks if the scene has been disturbed King Nothing might find it more difficult to lock onto the scent in question.[2]


King Nothing first appears when Josuke demands to see Norisuke IV's Stand. The Higashikata patriarch acquiesces, and the jigsaw puzzle pattern is briefly seen, but he refuses to do any more.


Norisuke using King Nothing to separate his hand.

When the two are attacked by Yotsuyu Yagiyama using every Chinese chestnut in Morioh and Tsurugi traps them out of the basement, he uses the Stand to open the door from the inside. Then he notices that Tsurugi had also chained it closed which put him at a disadvantage as his Stand was not powerful enough to break the chain, so instead he resorted to using a rock to smash it.

They later use its scent tracking abilities to find Yagiyama after finding Yasuho and locking onto his scent by finding it on her despite the fact that he had become a 'stone' as apparently he had retained a scent that they could track. After Josuke and Yotsuyu are submerged in the water, Josuke uses his bubbles to request that Norisuke have King Nothing search the immediate coastline for nets using its powers,[3] suggesting that it might be able to find things by simply searching for a 'known scent' in the existing area.


  • Like the rest of the Higashikata family Stands, King Nothing follows the trend of having 'King' in it's name.



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