Kraft Work (クラフト・ワーク Kurafuto Wāku) is the Stand of Sale featured in Vento Aureo.


Kraft Work appears almost robotic, with smooth, streamlined armor. It has a spike on each side of its head and eyes patterned with vertical lines. It also features striated muscles, possibly as a reference to its ability.

Kraft Work constantly bears its teeth.

In the colored manga, Kraft Work is presented as being primarily white with blue parts.


Kraft Work is a close range Stand characterized by above-average basic abilities. It is notable for being able to deflect bullets with ease, indicating exceptional speed and precision[2].

Position Locking

Kraft Work can lock the position of anything it touches[2].

It can cause something to stick to a particular space or force it to be motionless with respect to another object, including its user, Sale. Kraft Work can affect as many objects as it needs to and the immobilization can occur a small time after Kraft Work touches it, allowing Sale to throw items and stop them mid-air[3].

Sale is consequently able to prevent people from moving when they touch something affected by Kraft Work, and can stop bullets from entering deeper than the skin inside his body[2]. However, an external force can still move said object; thus a bullet can be pushed deeper inside Sale's head by a second bullet.[4]

If Sale moves far enough from those immobilized, the effects of Kraft Work's ability will eventually dissipate[2].

Kinetic Energy Accumulation

Kraft Work can also add kinetic energy to frozen objects, such as using the bullets it stopped from Guido Mista's gun as weapons against him[2]. By hitting the locked object, Sale can build up kinetic energy before releasing it; he is thus able to launch a bullet with as much power as a real gun. However, to converse accuracy, he must carefully and lightly tap the object several times.[3]



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