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Kraft Work (クラフト・ワーク Kurafuto Wāku?) is the Stand of Sale featured in Vento Aureo.


Kraft Work appears almost robotic, with smooth, streamlined armor. It has a spike on each side of its head and eyes patterned with vertical lines. It also features striated muscles, possibly as a reference to its ability.

Kraft Work constantly bears its teeth. Its robotic appearance is possibly influenced by the robotic sounding music of its namesake band or their song "Die Roboter (The Robots)".


Kraft Work's profile is found on the final page of Chapter 465.

Kinetic Vector Manipulation: Kraft Work has control over the kinetic vectors of whatever it touches. It can cause something to stick to a particular space or force it to be motionless with respect to another object, including its user, which enables its user to make use of weapons without even having to consider being in motion in respect to the earth, or be protected from weapons moving towards him by stopping them in place before they cause too much damage. Kraft Work can also add kinetic energy to frozen objects, such as using the bullets it stopped from Guido Mista's gun as weapons against him. This is demonstrated as Sale lightly tapping the bullets, slowly building up kinetic energy, before releasing them, causing them to launch at the same or similar speed as when they were first fired by Mista.



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