Les Feuilles (オータム・リーブス Ōtamu Rībusu, read as Autumn Leaves, literally translated as "The Leaves" in French) is a Stand belonging to the Gingko biloba trees located in Shakedown Road, featured in JoJolion.


Les Feuilles takes the form of tiny insect-like Stands with helmet-shaped heads and sucker feet, covered in polka-dots and the number 11. Their presence as several smaller beings is similar to that of Harvest, Bad Company and Metallica.


Drifting: Les Feuilles allows for instantaneous sliding movement after crushing the fallen leaves on the road and promenade, which can then return to the same location. Should someone unaware of the Stand step on the leaves, the people who hang out on the street can make the unaware victim move without their knowing, often causing them to physically damage something that is worth money, forcing the target to pay money as compensation.

The people of Shakedown Road can also move objects through the leaves, as when the thugs and the woman with the large breasts attempt to pay each other, until Joshu also discovers the trick and steals the money. The thugs soon show that they can also travel along the leaves themselves, using them to catch up with Joshu.



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