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Limp Bizkit (リンプ・ビズキット Rinpu Bizukitto?) is the Stand of Sports Maxx featured in Stone Ocean.


Limp Bizkit does not have a physical appearance. Victims of its ability will appear invisible, though they can be seen when coated in a material.


Invisible Reincarnation: Limp Bizkit enables Sports Maxx to bring the dead back to life as zombie-like creatures. These "zombies" manifest as tangible spirits that climb out of their corporeal bodies and attack anyone nearby. The ability presumably works on anything considered deceased, as a bird and alligator used for taxidermy were also affected.[1] Sports Maxx seems to be able to resurrect even body parts, as he did with DIO's Bone.

As an added bonus, the zombies all have enhanced strength, the ability to walk on walls and permanent invisibility.[2] The ability allows even its user to resurrect themselves after being killed. When a zombie is attacked, its original body receives the damage.



  • Limp Bizkit's power and design were based off of the film, Hollow Man.[3]


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