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This article contains a list of horses featured in Steel Ball Run.


Horse01 Val

Valkyrie (ヴァルキリー Varukirī) is a 4-year-old stock horse with Australian roots and the horse that Gyro Zeppeli rides in the Steel Ball Run race. Gyro specifically chose the horse for its stamina and durability. As noted by Diego Brando, Valkyrie has a quirk where it sways suddenly to its left for every eight breaths it takes.[1]

Gyro Zeppeli dies in the battle against Funny Valentine, and both the horse and Gyro's corpse are brought back to Naples by Johnny.

Valkyrie makes an appearance in All Star Battle (PS3) as a technical playable character through Gyro.

Slow Dancer

Horse02 SlowD
  • Namesake: Slow Dancer[citation needed] (Boz Scaggs song/album)

Slow Dancer (スロー・ダンサー Surō Dansā) is an 11-year-old appaloosa and the horse that Johnny Joestar rides. Initially, it proves difficult to tame, but by the start of the race, it manages to warm up to Johnny and hoists Johnny onto the saddle by hoisting him and causing him to roll along its neck. Though Slow Dancer is old, it does not lack in stamina, and Gyro states that choosing the old horse is better due to the horse's experience, as opposed to the younger horses that hold much power but charge into danger without an afterthought.[2]

Slow Dancer makes an appearance in All Star Battle (PS3) and Eyes of Heaven as a technical playable character through Johnny.

Silver Bullet

Horse03 SilvB
  • Namesake: Silver Bullet Band[citation needed] (backing band of Bob Segar)

Silver Bullet (シルバーバレット Shirubā Baretto) is a 4-year-old Arab thoroughbred and the horse that Diego Brando rides.[3]

It has a pale star-shaped mark on it's forehead.

Silver Bullet makes an appearance in Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4) as a technical playable character through Diego.

Gets Up

Horse04 GetsUp
  • Namesake: Get Up[citation needed] (James Brown song)

Gets Up (ゲッツ・アップ Gettsu Appu) is a 3-year-old Mustang ridden by Hot Pants.[3]

In an alternate universe where the goal of the Steel Ball Run is to get the President's diamonds, an alternate Hot Pants refers to her horse as S.S. Brown.[4]

Ghost Rider in the Sky

Horse05 Ghost

Ghost Rider in the Sky (ゴースト・ライダー・イン・ザ・スカイ Gōsuto Raidā In Za Sukai) is a 5-year-old mustang ridden by Mountain Tim.[citation needed]

Hey! Ya!

Horse06 HEY! YA!
  • Namesake: Hey Ya![citation needed] (Outkast song)

Hey! Ya! (ヘイ!ヤア! Hei! Yaa!) is a 4-year-old quarter horse that Pocoloco rides.[3] Despite the lack of skill demonstrated by both the rider and the horse, Hey! Ya! manages to survive and propel Pocoloco to second place in the finish line after Diego Brando (this changes to first after Diego's "disappearance").


Horse07 Hono

Hono (ホノオ Honō, lit. "Flame") is a 4-year-old bavarian warm blood that Norisuke Higashikata rides. Its name is Japanese for "flame".[3]

Foxy Lady

Horse08 FoxyL
  • Namesake: Foxy Lady[citation needed] (Jimi Hendrix song)

Foxy Lady (フォクシーレディ Fokushī Redi) is a 3-year-old quarter horse ridden by minor antagonist Andre Boom Boom.[3]

Little Wing

Horse09 LittleW
  • Namesake: Little Wing[citation needed] (Jimi Hendrix song)

Little Wing (リトル・ウイング Ritoru Uingu) is a 3-year-old quarter horse ridden by minor antagonist L. A. Boom Boom.[3]

Crosstown Traffic

Horse10 Crosstown

Crosstown Traffic (クロスタウン・トラフィック Kurosutaun Torafikku) is a 4-year-old quarter horse ridden by minor antagonist Benjamin Boom Boom.[3]

El Condor Pasa

Horse11 El Condor
  • Namesake: El Condor Pasa[citation needed] (Peruvian folk song, cover by Simon & Garfunkel)

El Condor Pasa (エル・コンドル・パサ Eru Kondoru Pasa) is a 7-year-old Appaloosa ridden by Mrs. Robinson. His rider is also named after a Simon & Garfunkel song.[3]

Europe Express

Horse12 Express

Europe Express (ヨーロッパ・エクスプレス Yōroppa Ekusupuresu) is a 4-year-old Trakehner ridden by Fritz von Stroheim.[3]


Horse13 -1
  • Namesake: #1 (Nelly song)

#1 is a 4-year-old Boulonnais ridden by Chinese rider Dot Han.[3]


Horse14 Peg
  • Namesake: Peg[citation needed] (Steely Dan song)

Peg (ペグ Pegu) is a 6-year-old Creole ridden by Spanish racer Gaucho. His rider is also named after a Steely Dan song.[3]

Ramblin' Man

  • Namesake: Ramblin' Man[citation needed] (The Allman Brothers Band song)

Ramblin' Man (ランブリン・マン Ranburin Man) is a 4-year-old Pinto horse that Dixie Chicken rides.[3]


  • Namesake: Roxanne[citation needed] (Police song)

Roxanne (ロクサーヌ Rokusānu) is 5-year-old Arab ridden by Indian racer Zenyatta Mondatta. His rider is also named after an album by Police. Zenyatta and Mondatta were Oingo and Boingo's names in Viz's American translation.[3]

Moon Flower

  • Namesake: Moonflower[citation needed] (Santana album and song)

Moon Flower (ムーン・フラワー Mūn Furawā) is a 4-year-old Andalusia ridden by Mexican racer Caravan Serai.[3]

Nut Rocker

Horse15 NightR

Nut Rocker (ナットロッカー Natto Rokkā) is a 5-year-old Arab ridden by Russian Racer Baba Yaga (also a Mussorgsky song covered by Emerson, Lake & Palmer).[3]

Country Grammar

Country Grammar (カントリーグラマー Kantorī Guramā) is a 4-year-old quarter horse ridden by Nellyville.[3]

Catch a Wave

Catch a Wave (キャッチ・ア・ウェイヴ Kyatchi A Weivu) is a 4-year-old quarter horse ridden by Sloop John B. His rider is also named after a Beach Boys song.[3]

Love Unlimited

  • Namesake: Love Unlimited[citation needed] (Barry White's backing vocal trio)

Love Unlimited (ラヴ・アンリミテッド Ravu Anrimiteddo) is a 5-year-old mustang ridden by Billy White.[3]


  • Namesake: Nathalie[citation needed] (Julio Iglesias song)

Natalie (ナタリー Natarī) is a 5-year-old palomino ridden by Iglesias.[3]



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