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I shrank myself! That's my ability Little Feet! The other guys say it's worthless...heh, heh, heh... well, whether it's worthless or worth-ful is all up to how you use it...


Little Feet (リトル・フィート Ritoru Fīto?) is the Stand of Formaggio featured in Vento Aureo.


Little Feat takes on a humanoid appearance with mostly robotic features. It has dark rubbery segments covering its neck, upper arms, wrists and torso, while its head and shoulders are armored. Bolts of varying size cover its body.

Most of its fingers are normal with pronounced knuckles, while its index finger is that of a sharp, slightly curved blade and much longer than the others.

Its face has two bulbous eyes with massive pupils (lacking irises), no visible nose, pronounced cheekbones, and a large rectangular frown with flat panel of vertical lines representing teeth.

Its design is based on XB2 from Enki Bilal's graphic novels (The Carnival of Immortals)[2][3]


Size Reduction: Little Feet can shrink any person or object by cutting them with its long index finger. The cut target and his or her powers shrink proportionally over time, no matter how far away Little Feet is from the target. Little Feet can stop or reverse the effects, but cannot speed up the reduction. Potentially, the target could continue to shrink until he or she is microscopic in size. Little Feet can also freely control its user's and its own sizes, and when done so, the user can instantly shrink to a size of their choosing, rather than having to wait over time.



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