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Love Deluxe (ラブ・デラックス Rabu Derakkusu?) is the Stand of Yukako Yamagishi featured in Diamond Is Unbreakable.


Love Deluxe is a Stand directly bound to the hair of its user. Because it is bound to an object, Yukako takes no damage from her hair being attacked or cut. It has no apparent personality. Its origin probably comes from Yukako's attachment to her hair, as shown by her histerical reaction after Koichi damaged it.

After taking damage, her hair turns completely white.


Hair Manipulation: Love Deluxe is bound to Yukako's hair, allowing it to grow to various lengths and move with considerable strength and dexterity. It can hold and capture objects and people with incredible speed and precision. Yukako is also able to shoot strands of her hair at opponents, which she then controls freely. As she takes no damage when the hair is destroyed, Yukako can then grow these strands of hair to make then reach dangerous hazards, such as fire nearby, igniting her opponents on fire as well. However, her hair will turn white from too much stress should Yukako herself take enough damage or overuse it.

It has a range of a few dozens of meters.



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