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Luca (ルカ Ruka?), commonly known by his nickname "Leaky-eye Luca" (涙目のルカ Namidame no Ruka?), is a minor antagonist in Vento Aureo.

Luca is a member of Passione who antagonizes Giorno Giovanna over a supposed mafia tithe, but gets killed by Gold Experience's power, prompting Bruno Bucciarati to investigate Giorno.


Luca is a young man of average height and slim build.

He has straight, tan hair, which covers his forehead in two inverted triangles. His right eye perpetually tears, which he wipes with a handkerchief, under which he has a short, horizontal scar; both due to an injury in a past feud.

He wears slim, dark pants and a dark deep-necked top, and a tan coat with a print of light flowers.

He carries a shovel with the initials "S.P.Q.R." engraved in the metal. The SPQR may stand for "Senātus Populusque Rōmānus".


Despite a potentially pitiable appearance, Luca is ruthless, threatening Giorno Giovanna for money, refusing to listen when he adamantly claims to have none.

Narancia Ghirga comments that he was generally mean to others and that he sold drugs to children.

He is known to use a shovel to attack.


Vento Aureo

Luca is introduced following Giorno and demanding protection money for being able to swindle tourists and take money from them. When Giorno refuses on the grounds that he has none, Luca threatens him with his shovel and then orders him to kill the frog he transmuted from Koichi Hirose's luggage. Giorno refuses again, and a fed-up Luca attacks the frog with his shovel, only to have the attack rebound upon him and after that, he didn't regain consciousness, staying in critical condition.

This was later revealed as a lie, with Bucciarati saying "In reality, They finished off Leaky-eye Luca. The Boss said there wasn't much point in keeping him alive."



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