The character featured in this article is commonly referred to as "Magenta Magenta".
I'm gonna have to teach you that people who don't have anythin' to lose are the scariest types, Mr. Smartass !

—Magent Magent to Wekapipo

Magent Magent (マジェント・マジェント Majento Majento) is a minor antagonist featured in Steel Ball Run.

Magent Magent is one of Funny Valentine's henchmen. Partnered with Wekapipo, he attacks Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli during the 6th stage for the possession of the Saint's Corpse's Legs. Magent is a Stand User who wields the invulnerable 20th Century Boy.


Magent is a slender man of above-average height and dark curly hair. Outside a tophat, his attire generally consists of what appears to be a thick quilted stud jacket, accompanied by long sleeves, finger-less gloves, a fur collar and a single stud-embedded cravat.

Later on, he is given a noticeable scar on the left side of his face after his bout with Johnny and Gyro.


He has bad habits, such as licking his own snot, and speaks with a grossly irritating voice. Magent Magent also has a fondness for airplanes, complaining about the fact he and Wekapipo were unable to take an airplane to intercept Gyro and Johnny during the sixth phase of the Steel Ball Run.


Main article: 20th Century Boy

Magent Magent can summon 20th Century Boy in order to become invulnerable to all harm, including explosions and drowning, as long as he adopts a kneeling position and puts his hands on the ground.


When first seen, Magent Magent is alongside his partner in crime, Wekapipo, waiting to ambush Gyro and Johnny. His disgusting habits are commonly noted by his partner and upon battle he quickly shows his capabilities by disabling Gyro's steel balls with his defensive Stand. Getting carried away, Gyro is able to outwit him and heavily scars his face, figuring that Magent Magent is dead.

This is later shown to be false when Magent Magent ambushes his ex-partner while trying to kill Steven Steel. Magent then wraps himself with dynamite in an attempt to blow Wekapipo up, but the impact sends him into a river where he preserves himself using 20th Century Boy as he hopelessly awaits rescue by Diego. He soon "stops thinking" as neither Diego, nor anyone else, comes to save him, leaving Magent to rest indefinitely at the bottom of the river. It is unclear whether his stand has the ability to make him immortal, leaving his ultimate fate unknown.


  • In chapter 62 he finds himself plunged into the bottom of a river, completely tied up, with his Stand's power active so that he does not drown. He assumes that all he can do is wait for Diego to come and help him, but that help will never come. At this point, the narration voice says that eventually Magent stopped waiting and "stopped thinking," giving him a fate similar to that which Kars met in Battle Tendency.
    • His being at the bottom of the river also echoes the death of Anubis who was thrown at the bottom of the sea by a cow. Anubis was forced to stay underwater until he turned to rust.



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