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Mandom (マンダム Mandamu?) is the Stand of Ringo Roadagain, featured in Steel Ball Run.


Mandom takes the shape of a head as the centre of what looks like an enlarged, wrist-based item of metallic jewellery, splitting and extending at its ends into long, flowing tendrils. Dark, its face is featureless except where patterned by a number of small spheres resembling eyes; joined by lines to form a pattern of horizontally oriented lozenges.

Its design was inspired by the "Major League Training Brace" from the Star of the Giants manga series.[2]


Time Reversal: By turning a hand on his wristwatch (in the manner of a psychological switch), Mandom enables Ringo to rewind time by exactly 6 seconds; replacing everything in his range to where and how it was 6 seconds ago; except for the experience/memory of the individuals also in his range.

Ringo may use this ability in any way except to reverse time beyond the last occasion.


  • Aside from the 2nd Diego Brando's THE WORLD, Mandom is the only time-manipulation Stand belonging to a minor antagonist.
  • Mandom along with King Crimson has an unusual characteristic for a Stand who can influence the flow of time as it's the only time-manipulating Stand that doesn't have an infinite range.
  • Mandom is a Japanese brand of perfumes and deodorants. Ringo and his Stand's name are likely to be inspired by their TV commercial featuring Charles Bronson and the song "Lovers of the World";[3] named "男の世界" ("True Man's World") in its Japanese release; the lyrics of which mention "living in the world of Mandom".


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