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Marilyn Manson (マリリン・マンソン Maririn Manson?) is a Stand granted to Miraschon via a Stand disc; featured in Stone Ocean.


Marilyn Manson is a humanoid Stand of average height and a masculine figure. The middle of its forehead bears a small vertical slot, and a digital counter crosses the middle of its face. Its hands are as small, metallic hooks or pincers of four fingers.


Marilyn Manson is an Automated Stand.

Debt Collection: Like Osiris and Atum, its ability activates after Miraschon makes a bet with someone and wins (though she can cheat, the person she bets against cannot), and when that person that loses against her the Stand will proceed to take the winnings by searching the loser, even going so far as to take their organs to sell to the black market to pay off the debt if they don't have enough money. The person who lost cannot fight back while Marilyn Manson collects the debt.


  • Araki was inspired to create Marilyn Manson after thinking about how it'd be creepy to have someone spying on others through their hair.[1]
  • Marilyn Manson has a habit of declaring "Good!" whenever the opponent confirmed a wager, a throwback reference to Daniel J. D'Arby, who would also declare "Good!" whenever an opponent confirmed a wager.



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