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Metallica (メタリカ Metarika?) is the Stand of Risotto Nero, featured in Vento Aureo.


Metallica manifests itself inside Risotto's body as a swarm of small metallic beings with stitches across their individual bodies. Their mouths are shaped as though they are moaning or screaming.

Its design is based on human cells, red blood cells and the hattifatteners of the Moomins.[1]


Metallica is a highly lethal Stand, as Risotto can kill a target (painfully) without directly meeting them.

  • Iron Manipulation: Metallica has the ability to manipulate iron with magnetism. The most prominent function of this ability is to manipulate the iron in a target into sharp objects to damage his opponents severely from the inside. This is shown when Doppio has tried to rush Risotto, only to get a face full of needles created from the iron within his blood. Even if the attack does not prove fatal, the anemia caused by lack of iron in the blood will be. Metallica can also use iron to heal its user, such as reattaching Risotto's foot by turning his iron into staples and locking the foot back into place. Metallica can also manipulate iron from other objects, such as forming knives from the iron within the earth.
  • Light Refraction/Invisibility: With its ability, Metallica can stick fine particles of iron onto Risotto's body, causing him to blend into the background and making him effectively invisible. This ability also carries on to Risotto's blood, as shown when Risotto was shot by Aerosmith, causing his blood to splatter onto Doppio's head and automatically camouflage with the background, resulting in the image that Doppio saw previously that made him believe that Risotto would blow a hole through his head.[2]




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