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There's no one who can escape my Jail House Lock!!!

—Miu Miu

Miuccia Miuller (ミュッチャー・ミューラー Myutchā Myūrā?), better known by her nickname Miu Miu (ミューミュー Myū Myū?)) is a minor antagonist featured in Stone Ocean.

Miu Miu is the corrections captain of Green Dolphin Street Jail and she clashes with Jolyne Cujoh and Emporio Alniño when she comes to stop Jolyne from breaking out of prison.


Miu Miu is described by Gwess as giving off an air from having come from an upper-class socialite family. She has long, ratty blonde hair that's styled in several long tendrils with her eyebrows styled into circles. She wears heavy amounts of makeup and as a prisoner, she is dressed in a large sweater with pom-poms that resemble eyeballs. Miu Miu also wears stockings that have holes in them and a skirt with various words written across it, such as "Delicious" on the rear.


Main article: Jail House Lock

Jail House Lock is an humanoid Stand able to make one or several people being only able to memorize three new pieces of information at once, the oldest one being replaced by a new memory.


Introduced in a way that she appears to be an inmate, Miu Miu is actually the head guard in charge of the visiting room and front gate areas of the Green Dolphin Street Prison sent out to make sure Jolyne Cujoh does not meddle with Enrico Pucci's affairs anymore.

Her Stand causes trouble not only for Jolyne, but also for Emporio Alniño, who attempts to contact Jolyne about her true identity as the head guard and is shocked by an outlet several times due to his forgetfulness induced by her Stand's effect.

When Jolyne finally remembers to find Emporio, she manages to make Miu Miu out to be her enemy. Unfortunately, Miu Miu sends the guards after her, taking care to send them in squads of more than three to make it more difficult for them to counter her attacks. Right as she is about to get the upper-hand, however, Jolyne defeats her with a series of punches, uses her as a hostage and as a means for them to escape the prison, and escapes with Emporio and Ermes Costello.



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