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I'm replaying all of the past memories! Every sweat drop, every pulse going through his body! My Stand will trace everything, unrelentingly.

—Leone Abbacchio

Moody Blues (ムーディー・ブルース Mūdī Burūsu?, sometimes shortened to Moody B (ムーディー・B?)) is the Stand of Leone Abbacchio, featured in Vento Aureo.


Moody Blues is a humanoid Stand of a height and build similar to Abbacchio's. It is clothed from its head to its knees in a semitransparent piece of medium shade, open between the base of its neck and its crotch (revealing a light surface), and which forms a tent between its head and its shoulders.

It has a depressed, digital timer on its forehead; while its eyes resemble the speakers of a cassette player; repeated on the sides of its shoulders and the back of its hands.


Chronological Rebroadcasting: Moody Blues' primary ability is to repeat the past of anything or any person at a particular location.

By using a rebroadcast, Moody Blues can imitate the form of an individual for a limited time; at one point enabling Abbacchio to pilot a plane from observing the previous motions of the pilot recorded by Moody Blues.[3]

Since it cannot attack when it is "rebroadcasting", Moody Blues becomes vulnerable. Once finished, however, it can again attack.

The imitation effect of its ability can be used to disguise Moody Blues as well, shown when it changed into Abbacchio in order to fool Illuso's Man in the Mirror into dragging it instead of Abbacchio himself into its mirror world.



  • Despite not being a Stand suited for combat, in the Vento Aureo PS2 game, Abbacchio can use Moody Blues to record his moves, such as kicks and punches, and rebroadcast them to effectively create attacks and combos for use.


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