Nut King Call (ナット・キング・コール Natto Kingu Kōru) is the Stand of Joshu Higashikata, featured in JoJolion.


Nut King Call is a humanoid Stand similar in height to Joshu. It has screws embedded both in the sides of its head and its spindly arms; two shield-shaped eyes similar to a bug's, and a ruff collar of sorts composed of many nuts and bolts. On its forehead rests a large V. Its face and arms are also textured with slight ridges. Its torso is covered in a tesselated triangle motif similar to Caesar's headband or Jotaro's belt.


Nuts and Bolts

By planting nuts and bolts in a target, Nut King Call creates functional artificial joints. When a nut is removed from a bolt, which may be done almost instantly, the object breaks up and is disassembled. These separations seem to undo themselves when a target is out of range, as seen when a thug accosting Joshu finds his hands reattached (albeit incorrectly) when Joshu flees.

Nut King Call may also fuse whatever is between a nut and a connecting bolt. This is first demonstrated when Joshu dispatches of a bar owner and his men by connecting their body parts together and escaping as they stumbled around. Later, he does the same to a bottle that Zaihei Nigatake was drinking from and the cursed money generated from Milagro Man.


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