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Oasis (オアシス Oashisu?) is the Stand of Secco featured in Vento Aureo.


Unlike most Stands, Oasis takes the form of a wearable suit, like White Album. Its design is made to look like a snake skin.[2] As with most Stands, it has no personality to speak of.


Liquefaction: Oasis' main power is to make solid ground into mud, allowing Secco to travel through it at a rather fast pace. Secco cannot see while traveling underground, however, and so relies on his hearing to help him along tracking his enemies. Oddly enough, even though the ground became liquid, it is "still rock" and was able to deflect bullets while Secco swam through it. He's able to weaponize this ability; by liquefying the ground around him and then making it leave his Stand's range, he can create multiple spikes to pierce his enemies (the liquid ground would harden instantly).



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