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Page, Jones, Plant and Bornnam

4 funny zombies

4Zombies1 (Anime)

Japanese Name ペイジ, ジョーンズ, プラーント,ボーンナム
English Name (From Right to Left in Manga) Page, Jones, Plant, Bornnam

(From Right to Left in Anime) Jones, Bornnam, Page, Plant

Namesake Led Zeppelin band members
Date of Death 1888-1889
Gender All male
Race Zombies
Hair Color None
Affiliation Dio Brando
Occupation Zombie subordinates
Manga Debut Chapter 39
Fire and Ice,
Jonathan and Dio (1)
Final Appearance Chapter 39
Fire and Ice,
Jonathan and Dio (1)
Anime Debut Episode 8
Blood Battle! JoJo & Dio

Page, Jones, Plant and Bornnam (ペイジ, ジョーンズ, プラーント, ボーンナム Peiji, Jōnzu, Purānto, Bānhamu?) comprise a group of minor antagonists featured towards the end of Phantom Blood.


While other zombies and vampires commonly retain their previous, human appearance, these zombies take unique, alien appearances.


Nothing is known about their personalities apart from the naturally mindless, violent, and bloodthirsty tendencies of zombies.


Different from most zombies who each feature one unique ability, all four zombies possessed the same technique:

Vascular Needle Attack (血管針攻撃 Kekkanshin Kōgeki?): All four zombies displayed the ability to grow antennas at the top of their heads that could be extended at their victim's direction to suck their blood. If used in a careless form, the zombies can get their antennas tangled on each other.


Phantom Blood

These four zombies are part of the great number of minions that Dio Brando created in the small village of Windknights Lot. They make their first appearance at the end of the fight between Dire and Dio, appearing after Dio is hit by Dire's Ripple-infused rose.

Furious because he was injured, Dio swears that everyone will become food for the undead. It is then that the four zombies approach Poco and his sister, but before they could dispose of the two, they are confronted by Straizo. The four then reveal their names and try to dispose of the Ripple user by attacking with their blood-sucking needles. Straizo jumps into the air and kicks a hanging chandelier causing it to fall and traps the four zombies. He then strikes the iron part of the chandelier with the Ripple, melting the zombies, thus leading to their deaths.

Video Games

Phantom Blood (PS2 Game)

Page, Jones, Plant and Bornnam appears as enemies faced on one chapter. As the player controls Straizo and must face all four together. If the player uses Staizo's full special move, the match will end earlier and Page, Jones, Plant and Bornnam's death sequence will appear in a cutscene.


  • In Episode 8 of the anime, this group was introduced before their initial appearance in the manga, when they asked Dio if he wanted them to take care of Jonathan. In the manga, different zombies were used.



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