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Stardust Crusaders
Volume 28
Japanese Name スターダストクルセイダース
Alternate Names Sutādasuto Kuruseidāsu
Genre Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Horror, Drama
Years Released 1989 - 1992 JP
2005 - 2010 US
Volumes JP Volumes 12 - 28
US Volumes 1 - 16
JoJonium Volumes 8 - 17
Chapters 152 chapters, Ch. 114 - 265
Anime Episodes OVA / Episode 27 - Episode 74
Part Chronology
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Battle Tendency
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Diamond Is Unbreakable
For the TV Anime adaption, see JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. For the OVA, see JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (OVA).

Stardust Crusaders (スターダストクルセイダース Sutādasuto Kuruseidāsu?) is the third part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump between 1989 and 1992. Originally titled as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3 Jotaro Kujo: Heritage for the Future (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 第三部 空条承太郎 ―未来への遺産― JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Dai San Bu Kūjō Jōtarō -Mirai e no Isan-?), the arc is preceded by Battle Tendency and spans 152 chapters.

From 1988 to 1989[1], the story follows Jotaro Kujo and his friends as they journey from Tokyo to Cairo to save his mother's life by defeating his family's resurrected archenemy, DIO.

Plot Summary

A Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit; The Magician of Fire


Jotaro and his "evil spirit"

Part III follows Jotaro Kujo (空条 承太郎 Kūjō Jōtarō), the grandson of Joseph Joestar. Jotaro is a troublesome student given to getting into fights at school and antagonizing his teachers.

He is put in prison after beating up three armed men and a trained boxer, but he refuses to leave, claiming he's possessed by an evil spirit. To demonstrate, he takes a gun and shoots himself in the head, but the bullet is stopped by an arm shooting from his hand that only he and his mother Holy can see.

Joseph Joestar soon arrives with his friend Muhammad Avdol. A battle ensues between Avdol and Jotaro in which Avdol manifests his own evil spirit, using it to provoke Jotaro out of the cell.

The Evil Spirit's Identity; The Man with the Star

Joseph reveals that Jotaro's "evil spirit" is actually a Stand, a manifestation of psychic power. Jotaro's Stand, named Star Platinum, possesses incredible precision and strength; Avdol's, known as Magician's Red, can control fire; Joseph's Stand, Hermit Purple, manifests as thorny vines that allow him to manipulate cameras and other mediums, capturing images from a great distance.

Joseph reveals that Jotaro's and his own Stand, having both manifested recently, appeared because of the reemergence of Dio Brando. When he sank to the bottom of the sea, DIO attached his severed head to Jonathan Joestar's body, using his new body's energy to remain alive. However, DIO's Joestar blood linked him to the rest of the family, and thus when DIO began to develop a Stand, Joseph and Jotaro did as well.

The Terrible Invader; Who Will Be the Judge?!

DIO vows to destroy the Joestar family and sends a student, Noriaki Kakyoin, to dispose of Jotaro. Kakyoin's Stand, Hierophant Green, possesses a nurse and attacks Jotaro with its Emerald Splash maneuver, but Jotaro defeats him soundly.

DIO's Curse; The Stand Warriors


The group departs

It is soon discovered, however, that Holy has developed a Stand. Her Stand appears as ivy growing from her body, but because she lacks the fighting spirit to control it, the strain of its activity begins to slowly kill her.

Joseph and Avdol determine that unless they kill DIO within fifty days and thus break his Stand's influence, Holy will die.

Jotaro analyses Joseph's photograph with Star Platinum's keen eyesight, helping the three determine that DIO is somewhere in Egypt. Kakyoin, freed by Jotaro from DIO's mind control, comes along to help the group.

The Thing on the Plane; Insect Attack!

On a jetliner the group is ambushed by an insectoid stand Tower of Gray, forcing Kakyoin to prove his worth.

Silver Chariot

Jean Pierre Polnareff, user of the swordsman Stand Silver Chariot, challenges Avdol in Hong Kong but is eventually freed from DIO's control, joining the group to avenge his sister.

Dark Blue Moon

The heroes take a ship to Singapore but are forced to battle the aquatic Stand Dark Blue Moon, controlled by an assassin who has murdered and impersonated Captain Tennille, who sinks their ship.


Accompanied by a stowaway girl, the group boards an abandoned freighter but discover that the entire ship is a Stand called Strength, controlled by an orangutan.

The Devil

Devo the Cursed (Soul Sacrifice in the American version) uses his Stand, Ebony Devil, to accost Polnareff in Singapore.

Yellow Temperance

Rubber Soul and his Yellow Temperance impersonate Kakyoin before attempting to consume Jotaro.

Emperor and Hanged Man

In Calcutta they encounter the team of Hol Horse, user of a gun Stand called the Emperor, and J. Geil, the man with two right hands and the user of Hanged Man, a Stand of light that attacks from mirrors.

Polnareff avenges his sister by slaying her murderer, J. Geil, but Avdol is apparently killed by Hol Horse, who flees the scene.


Joseph is infected with a boil that turns out to be Empress, a stand controlled by Nena, but outsmarts the cancerous foe.

Wheel of Fortune

En route to Pakistan the party battles Wheel of Fortune, a car Stand controlled by ZZ.


Enya Gail, mother of J. Geil, attempts to use her stand Justice in an attempt to avenge her son, sending an army of animated dead after Polnareff and Jotaro.


In Karachi, Steely Dan (Dan of Steel in the American version) uses Lovers to hold Joseph hostage, forcing Jotaro into the role of personal manservant.


Arabia Fats, user of Sun, attempts to thwart the group in the Arabian desert but is discovered and easily defeated.

Death 13

The group is soon saddled with the baby Mannish Boy, who uses his Stand, Death Thirteen, to attack in dreams. Only through Kakyoin's quick thinking does the group survive Death Thirteen's dreamworld.


On an island in the Red Sea Polnareff is accosted by the genie Stand Judgement, but Avdol returns and saves the day.

High Priestess

Avdol appropriates a submarine, but the vehicle is infiltrated by High Priestess, a Stand controlled by Midler that can take the form of anything metallic; however, Star Platinum's power proves a simple but effective counter. The group then reach Egypt.

'The Fool' Iggy and 'Geb' N'Doul

Upon arriving in Abu Simbel the heroes are joined by Iggy, a Boston Terrier and the user of The Fool, a simple but powerful Stand of sand.

They are immediately attacked by the blind Stand user N'Doul, who attacks with Geb, a Stand of water and the first of the nine Egyptian god Stands; he is able to slash through Kakyoin's eyes before he is defeated by Jotaro and Iggy.

'Khnum' Oingo and 'Tohth' Boingo

Oingo and Boingo (Zenyatta and Mondatta in the American version, respectively), users of the face-altering Stand Khnum and the future-predicting comic book Tohth respectively, attempt to defeat the heroes, but Oingo is incapacitated without the heroes even knowing he was there.


Anubis, a sword inhabited by a Stand, possesses a farmer named Chaka, a barber named Khan, and then Polnareff, nearly killing Jotaro.

'Bastet' Mariah

Mariah, the sultry user of Bastet, magnetizes Joseph and Avdol and leads them on a wild goose chase.

'Sethan' Alessi

Polnareff and Silver Chariot are reduced to children by Sethan, the Stand of the child-abuser Alessi.

Shooting DIO?!

Hol Horse reports to DIO. When Hol Horse attempts to shoot him, DIO reveals a sense of the nature of his Stand.

D'Arby the Gambler

Later, the group encounters Daniel J. D'Arby, who offers information if they gamble with him, but when Polnareff and Joseph lose, D'Arby's Stand, Osiris, transforms their souls into poker chips. Only by laying everything on the line can Jotaro hope to defeat the gambler.

Hol Horse and Boingo

In Cairo the group meets Hol Horse again, who has partnered himself with Boingo, resulting in one memorable chapter revolving on the concept of a "prophecy going awry without contradicting itself".

The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop

Later, Iggy battles Pet Shop, DIO's pet falcon and the user of the ice-slinging Stand Horus. Kakyoin returns soon afterward, his eyesight mostly recovered.

D'Arby the Player

The doorway to DIO's mansion is guarded by Telence T. D'Arby, younger brother of D'Arby the Gambler. His Stand, Atum, steals Kakyoin's soul after a round of video games, but despite D'Arby's mind games Jotaro is able to outwit him.

Meanwhile, Polnareff, Iggy, and Avdol easily dispose of Kenny G., whose Tenore Sax Stand creates an illusory maze.

The Mist of Emptiness, Vanilla Ice

Avdol is then killed by an invisible force that is revealed as DIO's henchman, Vanilla Ice, whose Stand, Cream, swallows itself into another dimension and instantly obliterates anything its sphere of destruction touches.

Ice, who killed himself for DIO but was revived by DIO's blood, kills Avdol and is able to nearly eliminate Polnareff, but a valiant maneuver by Iggy allows Polnareff to ultimately win. Unfortunately, this results in Iggy's death.

Suzi Q Visits Her Daughter

Suzi Q arrives in Tokyo from New York City to visit Holy and wish for her husband and grandson's success.

DIO's World

The World DIO

DIO and The World

Meanwhile, Jotaro, Joseph, and Kakyoin encounter Nukesaku, but easily defeat him.

Though wounded and alone, Polnareff confronts DIO but is confounded by the vampire's powers. When the four surviving heroes are reunited they climb to DIO's tower with Nukesaku in tow, but when he opens the casket he inexplicably ends up mutilated inside it.

DIO chases Joseph and Kakyoin across Cairo until Kakyoin, at the price of his life, discovers that DIO's Stand, The World, is able to stop time.

With most of his friends dead or injured, Jotaro confronts DIO. Though The World has a huge advantage in the ability to stop time, Jotaro nearly defeats DIO, but the vampire restores himself by draining Joseph's blood, becoming even stronger.

Finally DIO attempts to finish off Jotaro by crushing him with a steamroller, after which Jotaro reveals the ability to also stop time.

The Faraway Journey, Farewell Friends

Farewell to Stardust

Jotaro and Joseph contemplating the sacrifice of their friends

After DIO is defeated, Jotaro oversees a blood transfusion from his remains and the newly deceased Joseph. As a result, Joseph is resurrected. Afterwards, Jotaro and Joseph lay DIO's body out in the desert at dawn, where the Egyptian sun disintegrates the vampire's body completely.

Some time later, Jotaro, Joseph and Polnareff say their goodbyes to one another and promise to fly over and lend assistance to each other should they call for it before going their separate ways, while Holly finally awakens back in Japan and eagerly awaits her son and her father's return.


Character Name Stand Name Relationship
Jotaro Kujo Star Platinum Main Protagonist
Joseph Joestar Hermit Purple Ally
Muhammad Avdol Magician's Red Ally
Noriaki Kakyoin Hierophant Green Ally (Previously Villain)
Jean Pierre Polnareff Silver Chariot Ally (Previously Villain)
Iggy The Fool Ally
Holy Kujo Holy's Stand Ally
Runaway Girl (Anne) N/A Ally
Suzi Q Joestar N/A Ally
Roses N/A Ally
Gray Fly Tower of Gray Villain
Impostor Captain Tennille Dark Blue Moon Villain
Forever Strength Villain
Devo Ebony Devil Villain
Rubber Soul Yellow Temperance Villain
Hol Horse Emperor Neutral (Previously Villain)
J. Geil Hanged Man Villain
Nena Empress Villain
ZZ Wheel of Fortune Villain
Enya Gail Justice Villain
Steely Dan Lovers Villain
Arabia Fats Sun Villain
Mannish Boy Death Thirteen Villain
Cameo Judgement Villain
Midler High Priestess Villain
N'Doul Geb Ally at death (Previously Villain)
Oingo Khnum Villain
Boingo Tohth Villain
Caravan Serai
Jean Pierre Polnareff
Anubis Villain
Mariah Bastet Villain
Alessi Sethan Villain
Daniel J. D'Arby Osiris Villain
Pet Shop Horus Villain
Telence Trent D'Arby Atum Villain
Kenny G. Tenore Sax Villain
Vanilla Ice Cream Villain
Nukesaku N/A Villain
Wilson Phillips N/A Neutral
DIO The World Main Antagonist

Major Battles

Jotaro Kujo vs. Muhammad Avdol

Jotaro Kujo vs. Noriaki Kakyoin

Jotaro Kujo vs. Gray Fly

Noriaki Kakyoin vs. Gray Fly

Muhammad Avdol vs. Jean Pierre Polnareff

Jotaro Kujo vs. Impostor Captain Tennille

Jotaro Kujo vs. Forever

Jean Pierre Polnareff vs. Devo

Jotaro Kujo vs. Rubber Soul

Jean Pierre Polnareff & Muhammad Avdol vs. Hol Horse & J. Geil

Jean Pierre Polnareff & Noriaki Kakyoin vs. J. Geil

Joseph Joestar vs. Nena

Jotaro Kujo vs. Wheel of Fortune

Hol Horse vs Enya Gail

Jean Pierre Polnareff vs Enya Gail

Jotaro Kujo vs. Enya Gail

Jean Pierre Polnareff & Noriaki Kakyoin vs. Lovers / Jotaro Kujo vs. Steely Dan

Jotaro Kujo vs. Arabia Fats

Noriaki Kakyoin vs. Death Thirteen

Jean Pierre Polnareff vs. Cameo

Muhammad Avdol vs. Cameo

Jotaro Kujo vs. High Priestess

Jotaro Kujo & Iggy vs. N'Doul

Jean Pierre Polnareff vs. Chaka

Jean Pierre Polnareff vs. Khan

Jotaro Kujo vs. Jean Pierre Polnareff

Joseph Joestar & Muhammad Avdol vs. Mariah

Jean Pierre Polnareff vs. Alessi

Jotaro Kujo vs. Alessi

Hol Horse vs. DIO

Jean Pierre Polnareff vs. Daniel J. D'Arby

Joseph Joestar vs. Daniel J. D'Arby

Jotaro Kujo vs. Daniel J. D'Arby

Jean Pierre Polnareff vs. Hol Horse

Iggy vs. Pet Shop

Noriaki Kakyoin vs. Telence T. D'Arby

Jotaro Kujo & Joseph Joestar vs. Telence T. D'Arby

Iggy vs. Kenny G.

Jean Pierre Polnareff & Iggy vs. Vanilla Ice

Jean Pierre Polnareff vs. Vanilla Ice

Jotaro Kujo vs. Nukesaku

Noriaki Kakyoin vs. DIO

Joseph Joestar vs. DIO

Jotaro Kujo & Jean Pierre Polnareff vs. DIO

Jotaro Kujo vs. DIO


Stardust Crusaders consists of 152 chapters, compiled into Volume 12 to 28 of the Jump Comics collected editions. The left column consists of the titles from the bunkoban edition released in 2003. The right column uses the titles from the original serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump. Volume 12 and 13 use the Weekly Shonen Jump titles while Volume 14 to 28 use the bunkoban titles.[3][2]

Volume 12: The Birth of the Ultimate Being!! Release Date: ISBN:
(超生物の誕生!! Chō Seibutsu no Tanjō!!)
Flag of Japan October 9, 1989[4]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851068-2
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles

  • 114. Jotaro Kujo (1) (空条承太郎 その① Kūjō Jōtarō Sono 1)

  • 114. A Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit (悪霊にとりつかれた男 Akuryō ni Toritsukareta Otoko)
    Japanese Release

Volume 12
Volume 13: DIO's Curse (JP) Release Date: ISBN:
(DIO の呪縛 DIO no Jubaku)
Volume 1: The Evil Spirit (US)
Flag of Japan December 5, 1989[5]
Flag of the United States November 8, 2005[6]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851069-9
Flag of the United States 978-1-59116-754-9
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 114. A Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit (悪霊にとりつかれた男 Akuryō ni Toritsukareta Otoko)
    English Release
  • 115. The Magician of Fire (炎の魔術師 Honō no Majutsushi)
  • 116. The Evil Spirit's Identity! (悪霊 その正体! Akuryō Sono Shōtai!)
  • 117. The Man with the Star (星のアザをもつ男 Hoshi no Aza o Motsu Otoko)
  • 118. The Terrible Invader (戦慄の侵入者 Senritsu no Shinnyūsha)
  • 119. Who Will Be the Judge?! (裁くのは誰だ!? Sabaku no wa Dare da!?)
  • 120. DIO's Curse (DIO の呪縛 DIO no Jubaku)
  • 121. The Stand Warriors (幽波紋(スタンド)の戦士たち Sutando no Senshitachi)
  • 122. The Thing on the Plane (機中にひそむ魔 Kichū ni Hisomu Ma)
  • 123. Insect Attack! (奇虫襲撃! Kichū Shūgeki!)
Volume 13
Volume 14: The Empty Ship and the Ape (JP) Release Date: ISBN:
(無人船と猿 Mujinsen to Saru)
Volume 2: Silver Chariot (US)
Flag of Japan February 9, 1990[7]
Flag of the United States January 3, 2006[8]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851070-5
Flag of the United States 978-1-59116-850-8
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 124. Silver Chariot (1) (銀の戦車(シルバーチャリオッツ) その① Shirubā Chariotsu Sono 1)
  • 125. Silver Chariot (2) (銀の戦車(シルバーチャリオッツ) その② Shirubā Chariotsu Sono 2)
  • 126. Silver Chariot (3) (銀の戦車(シルバーチャリオッツ) その③ Shirubā Chariotsu Sono 3)
  • 127. Dark Blue Moon (1) (暗青の月(ダークブルームーン) その① Dāku Burū Mūn Sono 1)
  • 128. Dark Blue Moon (2) (暗青の月(ダークブルームーン) その② Dāku Burū Mūn Sono 2)
  • 129. Dark Blue Moon (3) (暗青の月(ダークブルームーン) その③ Dāku Burū Mūn Sono 3)
  • 130. Strength (1) ((ストレングス) その① Sutorengusu Sono 1)
  • 131. Strength (2) ((ストレングス) その② Sutorengusu Sono 2)
  • 132. Strength (3) ((ストレングス) その③ Sutorengusu Sono 3)
  • 124. The Dangerous Lunch Time (恐怖のランチタイム Kyōfu no Ranchi Taimu)
  • 125. The Flaming Doll (炎の人形 Honō no Ningyō)
  • 126. Chivalry (騎士のおきて Ishi no Okite)
  • 127. The Seafaring Trap?! (海路のワナ!? Kairo no Wana!?)
  • 128. Stand Users and Tobacco Smoke (スタンド使いとタバコの煙 Sutando-tsukai to Tabako no Kemuri)
  • 129. The Submarine Antlion (水中蟻地獄 Suichū Arijigoku)
  • 130. The Empty Ship and the Ape (無人船と猿 Mujinsen to Saru)
  • 131. The Unseen Stand (見えないスタンド Mienai Sutando)
  • 132. The Eighth Tarot Card (8番目のタロット・カード Hachibanme no Tarotto Kādo)
Volume 14
Volume 15: The Gun Is Mightier than the Sword (JP) Release Date: ISBN:
(銃は剣よりも強し Jū wa Ken yori mo Tsuyoshi)
Volume 3: The Emperor and the Hanged Man (US)
Flag of Japan April 10, 1990[9]
Flag of the United States March 7, 2006[10]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851215-0
Flag of the United States 978-1-4215-0336-3
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 133. The Devil (1) (悪魔(デビル) その① Debiru Sono 1)
  • 134. The Devil (2) (悪魔(デビル) その② Debiru Sono 2)
  • 135. The Devil (3) (悪魔(デビル) その③ Debiru Sono 3)
  • 136. Yellow Temperance (1) (黄の節制(イエローテンパランス) その① Ierō Tenparansu Sono 1)
  • 137. Yellow Temperance (2) (黄の節制(イエローテンパランス) その② Ierō Tenparansu Sono 2)
  • 138. Yellow Temperance (3) (黄の節制(イエローテンパランス) その③ Ierō Tenparansu Sono 3)
  • 139. Yellow Temperance (4) (黄の節制(イエローテンパランス) その④ Ierō Tenparansu Sono 4)
  • 140. Emperor and Hanged Man (1) (皇帝(エンペラー)吊られた男(ハングドマン) その① Enperā to Hangudoman Sono 1)
  • 141. Emperor and Hanged Man (2) (皇帝(エンペラー)吊られた男(ハングドマン) その② Enperā to Hangudoman Sono 2)
  • 142. Emperor and Hanged Man (3) (皇帝(エンペラー)吊られた男(ハングドマン) その③ Enperā to Hangudoman Sono 3)
  • 133. The Refrigerator Devil (冷蔵庫の悪魔 Reizōko no Akuma)
  • 134. The Shadow of Vengeance (恨みの影 Urami no Kage)
  • 135. Confess Your Vengeance! (恨みをぶちまけろ! Urami o Buchimakero!)
  • 136. The Ominous Clip (不吉な映像 Fukitsu na Eizō)
  • 137. Cannibalistic Temperance (人喰いテンパランス Hitokui Tenperansu)
  • 138. An Unbeatable Stand?! (無敵のスタンド!? Muteki no Sutando!?)
  • 139. True Fortune (真の幸運 Shin no Kōun)
  • 140. The Stand in the Mirror (鏡の中のスタンド Kagami no Naka no Sutando)
  • 141. The Wandering Emperor (さすらいの皇帝 Sasurai no Enperā)
  • 142. The Gun Is Mightier than the Sword (銃は剣よりも強し Jū wa Ken yori mo Tsuyoshi)
Volume 15
Volume 16: Battle Apprentice! (JP) Release Date: ISBN:
(戦いの年季! Tatakai no Nenki!)
Volume 4: Terror in India (US)
Flag of Japan June 8, 1990[11]
Flag of the United States June 6, 2006[12]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851216-7
Flag of the United States 978-1-4215-0653-1
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 143. Emperor and Hanged Man (4) (皇帝(エンペラー)吊られた男(ハングドマン) その④ Enperā to Hangudoman Sono 4)
  • 144. Emperor and Hanged Man (5) (皇帝(エンペラー)吊られた男(ハングドマン) その⑤ Enperā to Hangudoman Sono 5)
  • 145. Emperor and Hanged Man (6) (皇帝(エンペラー)吊られた男(ハングドマン) その⑥ Enperā to Hangudoman Sono 6)
  • 146. Empress (1) (女帝(エンプレス) その① Enpuresu Sono 1)
  • 147. Empress (2) (女帝(エンプレス) その② Enpuresu Sono 2)
  • 148. Empress (3) (女帝(エンプレス) その③ Enpuresu Sono 3)
  • 149. Empress (4) (女帝(エンプレス) その④ Enpuresu Sono 4)
  • 150. Wheel of Fortune (1) (運命の車輪(ホウィール・オブ・フォーチュン) その① Houīru obu Fōchun Sono 1)
  • 151. Wheel of Fortune (2) (運命の車輪(ホウィール・オブ・フォーチュン) その② Houīru obu Fōchun Sono 2)
  • 152. Wheel of Fortune (3) (運命の車輪(ホウィール・オブ・フォーチュン) その③ Houīru obu Fōchun Sono 3)
  • 143. Fighting Two People! (ふたりで闘う! Futari de Tatakau!)
  • 144. A Tiny Light in the Eye (光小さき者の瞳 Hikari Chiisakimono no Hitomi)
  • 145. The Shining Gold Coin (ピカピカの金貨 Pikapika no Kinka)
  • 146. Hol Horse's Girl (ホル・ホースの女 Horu Hōsu no Onna)
  • 147. The Face of 'Empress' (「女帝」の顔 'Enpuresu' no Kao)
  • 148. Chewing the Old Man's Arm! (親の腕かじり! Oya no Ude Kajiri!)
  • 149. Battle Apprentice! (戦いの年季! Tatakai no Nenki!)
  • 150. Passing Towards Death (死への追い越し Shi e no Oikoshi)
  • 151. Danger! Dead End (危険!行き止まり Kiken! Ikidomari)
  • 152. On the Verge of Battle! (土俵際の戦い! Dohyōgiwa no Tatakai!)
Volume 16
Volume 17: The Terrifying Lovers (JP) Release Date: ISBN:
(恐ろしき恋人 Osoroshiki Rabāzu)
Volume 5: City of Death (US)
Flag of Japan August 8, 1990[13]
Flag of the United States September 5, 2006[14]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851217-4
Flag of the United States 978-1-4215-0654-8
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 153. Wheel of Fortune (4) (運命の車輪(ホウィール・オブ・フォーチュン) その④ Houīru obu Fōchun Sono 4)
  • 154. Justice (1) (正義(ジャスティス) その① Jasutisu Sono 1)
  • 155. Justice (2) (正義(ジャスティス) その② Jasutisu Sono 2)
  • 156. Justice (3) (正義(ジャスティス) その③ Jasutisu Sono 3)
  • 157. Justice (4) (正義(ジャスティス) その④ Jasutisu Sono 4)
  • 158. Justice (5) (正義(ジャスティス) その⑤ Jasutisu Sono 5)
  • 159. Justice (6) (正義(ジャスティス) その⑥ Jasutisu Sono 6)
  • 160. Lovers (1) (恋人(ラバーズ) その① Rabāzu Sono 1)
  • 161. Lovers (2) (恋人(ラバーズ) その② Rabāzu Sono 2)
  • 162. Lovers (3) (恋人(ラバーズ) その③ Rabāzu Sono 3)
  • 153. Clear the Road! (道を切り開け! Michi o Kirihirake!)
  • 154. The Town in the Fog! (霧の中の町! Kiri no Naka no Machi!)
  • 155. The Corpses with Holes (穴ボコチーズの死体 Anabokochīzu no Shitai)
  • 156. Manipulating Justice (あやつり正義 Ayatsuri Jasutisu)
  • 157. The Dead-Controlling Justice (死を支配する正義 Shi o Shihai Suru Jasutisu)
  • 158. Lick It Till It's Clean (なめるようにきれいに Nameru Yō ni Kirei ni)
  • 159. Just One More Breath (あと一回の呼吸 Ato Ikkai no Kokyū)
  • 160. The Terrifying Lovers (恐ろしき恋人 Osoroshiki Rabāzu)
  • 161. Lovers Inside the Head (頭の中の恋人 Atama no Naka no Rabāzu)
  • 162. The Micro Battle (ミクロの戦い Mikuro no Tatakai)
Volume 17
Volume 18: A Dream of Death Thirteen (JP) Release Date: ISBN:
(夢のDEATH(デス)13(サーティーン) Yume no Desu Sātīn)
Volume 6: The Arabian Nightmare (US)
Flag of Japan October 8, 1990[15]
Flag of the United States December 5, 2006[16]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851218-1
Flag of the United States 978-1-4215-0655-5
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 163. Lovers (4) (恋人(ラバーズ) その④ Rabāzu Sono 4)
  • 164. Lovers (5) (恋人(ラバーズ) その⑤ Rabāzu Sono 5)
  • 165. Lovers (6) (恋人(ラバーズ) その⑥ Rabāzu Sono 6)
  • 166. Sun (1) (太陽(サン) その① Taiyō Sono 1)
  • 167. Sun (2) (太陽(サン) その② Taiyō Sono 2)
  • 168. Death Thirteen (1) (死神(デス)13(サーティーン) その① Desu Sātīn Sono 1)
  • 169. Death Thirteen (2) (死神(デス)13(サーティーン) その② Desu Sātīn Sono 2)
  • 170. Death Thirteen (3) (死神(デス)13(サーティーン) その③ Desu Sātīn Sono 3)
  • 171. Death Thirteen (4) (死神(デス)13(サーティーン) その④ Desu Sātīn Sono 4)
  • 163. I Am Lovers! (恋人は俺だッ! Rabāzu wa Ore da!)
  • 164. The Weakest Fear! (史上最弱が怖い! Shijō Saijaku ga Kowai!)
  • 165. Fixed Receipt (つけの領収証 Tsuke no Ryōshūshō)
  • 166. The Desert Sun (砂漠の太陽 Sabaku no Taiyō)
  • 167. Two Rocks (ふたつの岩 Futatsu no Iwa)
  • 168. A Dream of Death Thirteen (夢のDEATH(デス)13(サーティーン) Yume no Desu Sātīn)
  • 169. The Heavenly Nightmare (大空の悪夢 Ōzora no Akumu)
  • 170. "Baby Stand" (〝BABY STAND〟)
  • 171. Kakyoin's Conviction (花京院の確信 Kakyōin no Kakushin)
Volume 18
Volume 19: The Magic Lamp (JP) Release Date: ISBN:
(魔法のランプ Mahō no Ranpu)
Volume 7: The Three Wishes (US)
Flag of Japan December 4, 1990[17]
Flag of the United States April 3, 2007[18]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851219-8
Flag of the United States 978-1-4215-1078-1
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 172. Death Thirteen (5) (死神(デス)13(サーティーン) その⑤ Desu Sātīn Sono 5)
  • 173. Death Thirteen (6) (死神(デス)13(サーティーン) その⑥ Desu Sātīn Sono 6)
  • 174. Judgement (1) (審判(ジャッジメント) その① Jajjimento Sono 1)
  • 175. Judgement (2) (審判(ジャッジメント) その② Jajjimento Sono 2)
  • 176. Judgement (3) (審判(ジャッジメント) その③ Jajjimento Sono 3)
  • 177. Judgement (4) (審判(ジャッジメント) その④ Jajjimento Sono 4)
  • 178. Judgement (5) (審判(ジャッジメント) その⑤ Jajjimento Sono 5)
  • 179. High Priestess (1) (女教皇(ハイプリエステス) その① Hai Puriesutesu Sono 1)
  • 180. High Priestess (2) (女教皇(ハイプリエステス) その② Hai Puriesutesu Sono 2)
  • 181. High Priestess (3) (女教皇(ハイプリエステス) その③ Hai Puriesutesu Sono 3)
  • 172. A Margin of Victory (余裕ある勝利 Yoyū Aru Shōri)
  • 173. The Dream's Blindspot (夢の中の死角 Yume no Naka no Shikaku)
  • 174. The Magic Lamp (魔法のランプ Mahō no Ranpu)
  • 175. The Dreadful Wish (恐ろしき願い Osoroshiki Negai)
  • 176. Lovely Sherry (愛しのシェリー Itoshi no Sherī)
  • 177. The Two Avdols (二人のアヴドゥル Futari no Avuduru)
  • 178. Avdol's Four Wishes (アヴドゥル4つの願い Avuduru Yottsu no Negai)
  • 179. The Six Coffee Cups (6つのコーヒーカップ Muttsu no Kōhī Kappu)
  • 180. Find the Stand's True Form! (スタンドの正体を追え! Sutando no Shōtai O Oe!)
  • 181. The 'Horrible!' Hand Signal (「戦慄!」のハンドシグナル 'Senritsu!' no Hando Shigunaru)
Volume 19
Volume 20: The Exploding Orange (JP) Release Date: ISBN:
(爆弾仕かけのオレンジ Bakudan Shikake no Orenji)
Volume 8: Iggy the Fool and the Great God Geb (US)
Flag of Japan February 8, 1991[19]
Flag of the United States August 7, 2007[20]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851220-4
Flag of the United States 978-1-4215-1079-8
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 182. Diamond Molars (ダイヤモンドの奥歯 Daiyamondo no Okuba)
  • 183. The Helping "Fool" (助っ人“愚者” Suketto "Za Fūru")
  • 184. The Scary Water! (水が怖い! Mizu ga Kowai!)
  • 185. The Clock's Ticking (時計の音 Tokei no Oto)
  • 186. Sound vs. Scent (音v.s.臭い Oto v.s. Kusai)
  • 187. Suicide Attack Iggy (特攻イギー Tokkō Igī)
  • 188. The Earth God Ged (大地の神ゲブ Daichi no Kami Gebu)
  • 189. Oingo Boingo Brothers (オインゴ ボインゴ兄弟 Oingo Boingo Kyōdai)
  • 190. The Prediction Is Always Right! (予言は必ずあたる! Yogen wa Kanarazu Ataru!)
  • 191. The Exploding Orange (爆弾仕かけのオレンジ Bakudan Shikake no Orenji)
Volume 20
Volume 21: The Woman's Legs Are Her Weapons (JP) Release Date: ISBN:
(脚がグンバツの女 Ashi ga Gunbatsu no Onna)
Volume 9: The Deadly Sword (US)
Flag of Japan May 10, 1991[21]
Flag of the United States December 4, 2007[22]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851564-9
Flag of the United States 978-1-4215-1080-4
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 192. The Orange Iggy Picked Up (イギーのひろったオレンジ Igī no Hirotta Orenji)
  • 193. The Sword of Anubis (アヌビスの剣 Anubisu no Tsurugi)
  • 194. The One Second Interval (1歩の間合い Ippo no Maai)
  • 195. Take Care When Shaving (ヒゲ剃りに御用心 Higesuri ni Goyōjin)
  • 196. Certainly Desired (たしかに憶えた Tashika ni Oboeta)
  • 197. Anubis + Chariot (アヌビス+チャリオッツ Anubisu tasu Chariottsu)
  • 198. Crushed to Death (押し込めば死 Oshikomebashi)
  • 199. That Which Cannot Be Touched (触れてはいけない物 Furete wa Ikenai Mono)
  • 200. A Human Magnet?! (人間磁石!? Ningen Jishaku!?)
  • 201. The Woman's Legs Are Her Weapons (脚がグンバツの女 Ashi ga Gunbatsu no Onna)
Volume 21
Volume 22: Disappearance in a Locked Room (JP) Release Date: ISBN:
(密室で消失 Misshitsu de Shōshitsu)
Volume 10: The Shadow of Set (US)
Flag of Japan July 10, 1991[23]
Flag of the United States April 1, 2008[24]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851565-6
Flag of the United States 978-1-4215-1081-1
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 202. Mariah's Trap (マライヤのワナ Maraiya no Wana)
  • 203. Cornered?! (追いつめられた!? Oitsumerareta!?)
  • 204. Pincer Attack! (はさみうちッ! Hasamiuchi!)
  • 205. I Don't Want to Be a Child Again (若がえりは御免 Wakagaeri wa Gomen)
  • 206. The Boy Chariot (少年チャリオッツ Shōnen Chariottsu)
  • 207. Where'd That Chick Go?! (お姉ちゃんがいない!? Oneechan ga Inai!?)
  • 208. Disappearance in a Locked Room (密室で消失 Misshitsu de Shōshitsu)
  • 209. Jotaro as a Child (子供の承太郎 Kodomo no Jōtarō)
  • 210. Shooting DIO?! (DIOを撃つ!? DIO o Utsu!?)
Volume 22
Volume 23: D'Arby's Collection (JP) Release Date: ISBN:
(ダービーズコレクション Dābīzu Korekushon)
Volume 11: D'Arby the Gambler (US)
Flag of Japan September 10, 1991[25]
Flag of the United States April 7, 2009[26]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851566-3
Flag of the United States 978-1-4215-1632-5
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 211. The Soul-Stealing Gamble (魂を奪うギャンブル Tamashi o Ubau Gyanburu)
  • 212. Joseph's Bet (ジョセフの賭け Josefu no Kake)
  • 213. Extremely Dangerous Poker (最も危険なポーカー Mottomo Kiken na Pōkā)
  • 214. The Fraud's Punishment (イカサマの罰 Ikasama no Batsu)
  • 215. The Fraud and the Bluff (イカサマとハッタリ Ikasama to Hattari)
  • 216. Call or Fold (賭ける(コール)降りる(ドロップ) Kōru ka Doroppu ka)
  • 217. A New Team Is Formed (新コンビ誕生 Shin Konbi Tanjō)
  • 218. Sticking You Finger in a Nose (鼻に指をつっこめ Hana ni Yubi O Tsukkome)
  • 219. My Predictions Are Infallible (予知は絶対 Yochi wa Zettai)
Volume 23
Volume 24: The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop (JP) Release Date: ISBN:
Jigoku no Monban Petto Shoppu

Volume 12: The Claws of Horus (US)
Flag of Japan November 8, 1991[27]
Flag of the United States August 4, 2009[28]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851567-0
Flag of the United States 978-1-4215-1633-2
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 220. Striking at Exactly Midday (正午キッカリに命中 Shōgo Kikkari ni Meichū)
  • 221. My Predictions Are Never Wrong (予知にまちがいはなかった Yochi ni Machigai wa Nakatta)
  • 222. The Ice Bird (氷の鳥 Kōri no Tori)
  • 223. The Child Who Likes Dogs (犬好きの子供 Inu Suki no Kodomo)
  • 224. Pet Shop's Laugh (ペット・ショップの笑い Petto Shoppu no Warai)
  • 225. The Ice Missile (氷のミサイル Kōri no Misairu)
  • 226. Iggy Dies in Vain?! (イギー、犬死に!? Igī, Inushi ni!?)
  • 227. The Boundless Room (果てしない館 Hateshinai Kan)
  • 228. The Spare World (とっておきの世界 Totteoki no Sekai)
Volume 24
Volume 25: D'Arby the Player (JP) Release Date: ISBN:
(ダービー·ザ·プレイヤー Dābī za Pureiyā)
Volume 13: D'Arby the Player (US)
Flag of Japan February 10, 1992[29]
Flag of the United States December 1, 2009[30]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851568-7
Flag of the United States 978-1-4215-2406-1
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 229. The Soul Video Game (魂のTVゲーム Tamashii no Terebi Gēmu)
  • 230. The F-Mega Soul Race (F-MEGA魂のレース Efu Mega Tamashii no Rēsu)
  • 231. Go in the Accelerator Tunnel (加速トンネルへGO Kasoku Tonneru e GO)
  • 232. Victory Towards Acceleration (勝利への加速 Shōri e no Kasoku)
  • 233. I Know the Rules (ルールは知っている Rūru wa Shitteiru)
  • 234. Remember How to Bat (バッティングはおぼえた Battingu wa Oboeta)
  • 235. D'Arby's Unknown Ability (ダービー謎の能力 Dābī Nazo no Nōryoku)
  • 236. Jotaro's Pitching Announcements (承太郎の投球予告 Jōtarō no Tōkyū Yokoku)
  • 237. Is It Yes or No?! (YESかNOか!? Yesu ka Nō ka!?)
Volume 25
Volume 26: The Mist of Emptiness, Vanilla Ice (JP) Release Date: ISBN:
(亜空の瘴気 ヴァニラ·アイス Akū no Shōki Vanira Aisu)
Volume 14: Showdown (US)
Flag of Japan April 10, 1992[31]
Flag of the United States April 6, 2010[32]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851569-4
Flag of the United States 978-1-4215-2407-8
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 238. Resolved to Die (死の覚悟 Shi no Kakugo)
  • 239. Can't Find the Weakness (探知不能 Tanchi Funō)
  • 240. A Shapeless Stand (姿なきスタンド Subata Naki Sutando)
  • 241. Look Out Behind You!! (背後を見張れッ!! Haigo o Mihare!!)
  • 242. The Paths of the Dark Void (暗黒空間の軌跡 Ankoku Kūkan no Kiseki)
  • 243. The Number of Hits?! (数撃ちゃ当たる!? Kazu Ucha Ataru!?)
  • 244. The Answer Is '3' (答えは③ Kotae wa 3)
  • 245. DIO's Vampire (DIOの吸血鬼 DIO no Kyūketsuki)
  • 246. Suzi Q Comes to Japan (スージーQ来日 Sūjī Kyū Rainichi)
Volume 26
Volume 27: DIO's World (JP) Release Date: ISBN:
(DIOの世界 DIO no Sekai)
Volume 15: Dio's World (US)
Flag of Japan June 10, 1992[33]
Flag of the United States August 3, 2010[34]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851570-0
Flag of the United States 978-1-4215-2408-5
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 247. Immortal Nukesaku?! (不死身!?のヌケサク Fujimi!? no Nukesaku)
  • 248. Ascend the Stairs! (階段を登れ! Kaidan o Nobore!)
  • 249. In the Coffin?! (棺桶の中に!? Kan'oke no Naka ni!?)
  • 250. The Time Has Come! (ヤツの時間がきた! Yatsu no Jikan ga Kita!)
  • 251. The Senator's Misfortune (上院議員の災難 Jūketsukiingiin no Sainan)
  • 252. The Threat of The World (世界(ザ・ワールド)の脅威 Za Wārudo no Kyōi)
  • 253. The Stand That Rules the World (世界を支配するスタンド Sekai o Shihai Suru Sutando)
  • 254. A Message in His Final Breaths!! (命をふりしぼったメッセージ!! Inochi o Furishibotta Messēji!!)
  • 255. The Bloodstained Battle!! (血で血を洗う戦い!! Chi de Chi o Arau Tatakai!!)
  • 256. The Same Type of Stand! (同じタイプのスタンド! Onaji Taipu no Sutando!)
Volume 27
Volume 28: The Faraway Journey,
Farewell Friends
Release Date: ISBN:
(遥かなる旅路 さらば友よ
Haruka naru Tabiji Saraba Tomo yo

Volume 16: Journey's End (US)
Flag of Japan August 4, 1992[35]
Flag of the United States December 7, 2010[36]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851634-9
Flag of the United States 978-1-42-153084-0
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 257. The World Seen Frozen in Time?! (時の止まった世界で見える!? Toki no Tomatta Sekai de Mieru!?)
  • 258. Dozens of Knives! (何十本ものナイフ! Nanjūhon mo no Naifu!)
  • 259. The Perfect End (完全なるとどめ Kanzen Naru Todome)
  • 260. Confirming Death (死の確認 Shi no Kakunin)
  • 261. Escape Route (逃走経路 Tōsō Keiro)
  • 262. Joseph's Will (ジョセフの遺言 Josefu no Yuigon)
  • 263. DIO's Total Victory?! (DIOの完全勝利!? DIO no Kanzen Shōri!?)
  • 264. The Break of Dawn! (暁に果つ! Akatsuki ni Hatetsu!)
  • 265. A Century's Obligation (100年間の貸し Hyakunenkan no Kashi)
Volume 28


Volumes are published in English by VIZ Media, and in Italian by Star Comics (Italy).

English Language Edition

Stardust Crusaders was the first part to be officially released in English. The series is edited by Jason Thompson, author of Manga: The Complete Guide.

Some names were altered for the English release, presumably for copyright reasons. Additionally, the character Devo was changed entirely.[citation needed]

Minor edits were made to artwork where certain scenes of animal violence were redrawn by Hirohiko Araki for the English release. Japanese volume 15 (English volume 3) featured a single panel of a dog being decapitated which was redrawn from an alternate angle, and Japanese volume 18 (English volume 6) has several redrawn panels where a mutilated dog was changed into a large rat.

Due to a controversy regarding one scene involving DIO apparently reading the Qur'an in the OVA, Viz Media and Shueisha paused publication for a year, even though the manga did not feature that specific scene. However, Shueisha had Araki (or his assistants) redraw scenes that depicted characters fighting on top of or destroying buildings resembling mosques. Viz resumed publication on April 7, 2009 with Volume 11.



Video Games




  • This story was initially titled "Dai San Bu Kūjō Jōtarō: Mirai e no Isan" / "第三部 空条承太郎 ―未来への遺産" / (lit.) "Part 3 Kūjō Jōtarō: Heritage for the Future".
  • With Part III, chapters began to be formally separated into "Part"s.
  • Stardust Crusaders contains the most popularly known characters and episodes of the series; introducing JoJo's distinctive Stand phenomenon, and the emblematic protagonist Jotaro Kujo.
  • Many characters were not named until the release of additional materials like the artbooks.
  • Araki describes the basis for Part III as like a board game, travelling between a series of stops; and further inspiration from the film Around the World in 80 Days.[3]
  • While he began plotting for this part, Araki first pitched it as a modern retelling of Dracula. There was only one person in the room who thought it was a good idea; the rest were utterly confused. His editors told him to have at least one Japanese character/story arc prior to this part, as they felt the story had too many foreign characters and settings for the comic's target audience.[4]
  • Clamp in Wonderland represents a popular, classic tribute/doujinshi to Part III.
  • Part III is the last part to feature any vampires or the Hamon ability.


  1. SO Chapter 152: Made in Heaven (4) (Note: Originally 1987-1988; Changed in later chapters)
  2. Volume 12 to 20[1] and Volume 21 to 28[2]
  4. 2007 Eureka issue

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