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Part VII: Steel Ball Run

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Part VII: Steel Ball Run
Volume 104
Japanese Name
Alternate Names
Steel Ball Run
Years Released
2004 - 2011
(JP 24 volumes, Vol. 81 - 104)
(SBR Vol. 1 - 24)
95 chapters, SBR Ch. 1 - 95
Anime Episodes
Part Chronology
← Previous
Part VI: Stone Ocean
Next →
Part VIII: JoJolion

Steel Ball Run (スティール・ボール・ラン Sutīru Bōru Ran?) is the seventh part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2004 and in Ultra Jump between 2004 and 2011.

Set in the U.S. in 1890, the story follows Gyro Zeppeli, master in a mystic art named the Spin, and Johnny Joestar, a paraplegic ex-jockey, as they compete with a vast number of others in the Steel Ball Run race: A mad-dash across America for a grand prize of 50 million dollars.

The Steel Ball Run UniverseEdit

Steel Ball Run describes a new continuity apart from that detailed in Parts I-VI of the series.

On top of features core to JoJo such as Stands, the story is marked by many references to the original series.

Transition to Ultra JumpEdit

The story originally described as a "standalone alternative universe", after Chapter 23, Steel Ball Run transferred publication from Weekly Shonen Jump to seinen magazine Ultra Jump, upon which it was declared part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure canon.

In the monthly Ultra Jump, chapters are much longer. Perhaps coincidentally, between those chapters included in Volumes 7 – 8, Araki's style takes on greater realism.

Characters & Stands in Steel Ball RunEdit

Character Name Stand Name Role
Gyro Zeppeli Scan (with Left Eye only)
Ball Breaker (while using Super Spin)
Johnny Joestar Tusk Protagonist
Lucy Steel Ticket to Ride Ally
Hot Pants Cream Starter Ally (Previously Neutral)
Mountain Tim Oh! Lonesome Me Ally
Wekapipo N/A Ally (Previously Villain)
Stephen Steel N/A Ally (Previously Neutral)
Urmd Avdol N/A Neutral
Gaucho N/A Neutral
Pocoloco Hey Ya! Neutral
Norisuke Higashikata N/A Neutral
Mrs. Robinson N/A Villain
Fritz von Stroheim N/A Villain
Andre Boom Boom Tomb of the Boom Villain
Benjamin Boom Boom Tomb of the Boom Villain
L. A. Boom Boom Tomb of the Boom Villain
Pork Pie Hat Kid Wired Villain
Oyecomova Boku no Rhythm wo Kiitekure Villain
Dr. Ferdinand Scary Monsters Villain
Ringo Roadagain Mandom Villain
Blackmore Catch the Rainbow Villain
Mike O. Tubular Bells Villain
Soundman In a Silent Way Villain (Previously Neutral)
Magenta Magenta 20th Century Boy Villain
11 Nameless Men Tatoo You! Villains
Sugar Mountain Sugar Mountain Neutral
Axl Ro Civil War Villain
Disco Chocolate Disco Villain
Diego Brando Scary Monster Neutral (Previously Villain)
Diego Brando (2nd) The World Villain
Funny Valentine Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Main Antagonist


Chapters Release Date ISBN Cover
SBR Volume 1(81): September 25, 1890 Sand Diego Beach
(1890年9月25日 サンディエゴビーチ Issen Happyaku Kyūjū Nen Kugatsu Nijūgonichi San Diego Bīchi)
(JP) May 20, 2004[1] (JP) ISBN 4-08-873601-X Volume 81
SBR Volume 2(82): First Stage, 15,000 Meters
(1st. STAGE 15,000メートル Fāsuto Sutēji J'ūgosen Mētoru)
(JP) May 20, 2004[2] (JP) ISBN 4-08-873613-3 Volume 82
SBR Volume 3(83): 2nd Stage Arizon Desert Crossing
(2nd. STAGE アリゾナ砂漠越え Sekondo Sutēji Arizona Sabaku Goe)
(JP) November 4, 2004[3] (JP) ISBN 4-08-873673-7 Volume 83
SBR Volume 4(84): Gyro Zeppeli's Mission
(ジャイロ・ツェペリの宿命 Jairo Tseperi no Shukumei)
(JP) November 4, 2004[4] (JP) ISBN 4-08-873689-3 Volume 84
SBR Volume 5(85): The President's Conspiracy
(大統領の陰謀 Daitōryō no Inbō)
  • 24. Interlude (インタールード (間奏曲) Intārūdo (Kansōkyoku)?)
  • 25. Tusk (1) (牙(タスク) その① Tasuku Sono 1?)
  • 26. Tusk (2) (牙(タスク) その② Tasuku Sono 2?)
  • 27. Tusk (3) (牙(タスク) その③ Tasuku Sono 3?)
(JP) August 4, 2005[5] (JP) ISBN 4-08-873845-4 Volume 85
SBR Volume 6(86): Scary Monsters
(スケアリー モンスターズ Sukearī Monsutāzu)
  • 28. Scary Monsters (1) (スケアリー モンスターズ その① Sukearī Monsutāzu Sono 1?)
  • 29. Scary Monsters (2) (スケアリー モンスターズ その② Sukearī Monsutāzu Sono 2?)
  • 30. Scary Monsters (3) (スケアリー モンスターズ その③ Sukearī Monsutāzu Sono 3?)
  • Bonus. The Story of F. Valentine (ザストーリーオブファニー・ヴァレンタイン Zasuto Ri Obu Fani Varentain?)
(JP) November 4, 2005[6] (JP) ISBN 4-08-873890-X Volume 86
SBR Volume 7(87): A Little Grave on the Wide, Wide Prairie
(広い広い大草原の小さな墓標 Hiroi Hiroi Daisōgen no Chiisana Bohyō)
(JP) March 3, 2006[7] (JP) ISBN 4-08-874117-X Volume 87
SBR Volume 8(88): To a Man's World
(男の世界へ Otoko no Sekai e)
(JP) May 2, 2006[8] (JP) ISBN 4-08-874119-6 Volume 88
SBR Volume 9(89): A Stormy Night is Coming
(嵐の夜がやってくる Arashi no Yoru ga Yatte Kuru)
(JP) September 4, 2006[9] (JP) ISBN 4-08-874147-1 Volume 89
SBR Volume 10(90): Illinois Skyline, Michigan Lakeline
(イリノイ・スカイライン ミシガン・レイクライン Irinoi Sukairain Mishigan Reikurain)
(JP) November 2, 2006[10] (JP) ISBN 4-08-874285-0 Volume 90
SBR Volume 11(91): Make the Golden Rectangle!
(黄金長方形をつくれ! Ōgon Chōhōkei o Tsukure!)
(JP) March 2, 2007[11] (JP) ISBN 978-4-08-874336-3 Volume 91
SBR Volume 12(92): Conditions for the Body, Conditions for Friendship
(遺体への条件 友情への条件 Itai e no Jōken Yūjō e no Jōken)
(JP) May 2, 2007[12] (JP) ISBN 978-4-08-874362-2 Volume 92
SBR Volume 13(93): Wrecking Ball
(壊れゆく鉄球 Koware Yuku Tekkyū)
  • 49. Tubular Bells (2) (チューブラー・ベルズ その② Chūburā Beruzu Sono 2?)
  • 50. Tubular Bells (3) (チューブラー・ベルズ その③ Chūburā Beruzu Sono 3?)
  • 51. Wrecking Ball (1) (壊れゆく鉄球 レッキング・ボール その① Koware Yuku Tekyū Rekkingu Bōru Sono 1?)
(JP) September 4, 2007[13] (JP) ISBN 978-4-08-874420-9 Volume 93
SBR Volume 14(94): The Victor's Rights
(勝利者への資格 Shōrisha e no Shikaku)
  • 52. Wrecking Ball (2) (壊れゆく鉄球 レッキング・ボール その② Koware Yuku Tekyū Rekkingu Bōru Sono 2?)
  • 53. Wrecking Ball (3) (壊れゆく鉄球 レッキング・ボール その③ Koware Yuku Tekyū Rekkingu Bōru Sono 3?)
  • 54. Wrecking Ball (4) (壊れゆく鉄球 レッキング・ボール その④ Koware Yuku Tekyū Rekkingu Bōru Sono 4?)
  • 55. The Victor's Rights (勝利者への資格 Shōrisha e no Shikaku?)
(JP) December 4, 2007[14] (JP) ISBN 978-4-08-874438-4 Volume 94
SBR Volume 15(95): A Dream of Gettysburg
(ゲティスバーグの夢 Getisubāgu no Yume)
(JP) May 2, 2008[15] (JP) ISBN 978-4-08-874518-3 Volume 95
SBR Volume 16(96): Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
(いともたやすく行われる えげつない行為 Itomo Tayasuku Okonawareru Egutsunai Kōi)
(JP) September 4, 2008[16] (JP) ISBN 978-4-08-874574-9 Volume 96
SBR Volume 17(97): D4C (Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap)
(D4C Dī Fō Shī)
(JP) March 4, 2009[17] (JP) ISBN 978-4-08-874648-7 Volume 97
SBR Volume 18(98): Ticket To Ride
(涙の乗車券(チケット・トゥ・ライド) Chiketto Tu Raido)
(JP) July 3, 2009[18] (JP) ISBN 978-4-08-874725-5 Volume 98
SBR Volume 19(99): You Can't Get Rich
(お金持ちにはなれない Okanemochi ni wa Narenai)
(JP) November 4, 2009[19] (JP) ISBN 978-4-08-874769-9 Volume 99
SBR Volume 20(100): Love Train - The World Is One
(ラブトレイン-世界はひとつ Rabu Torein - Sekai wa Hitotsu)
(JP) March 9, 2010[20] (JP) ISBN 978-4-08-870060-1 Volume 100
SBR Volume 21(101): Ball Breaker
(ボール・ブレイカー Bōru Bureikā)
(JP) July 2, 2010[21] (JP) ISBN 978-4-08-870099-1 Volume 101
SBR Volume 22(102): Break My Heart, Break Your Heart
(ブレイク・マイ・ハート ブレイク・ユア・ハート Bureiku mai hāto Bureiku yua hāto)
(JP) November 4, 2010[22] (JP) ISBN 978-4-08-870160-8 Volume 102
SBR Volume 23(103): High Voltage
(ハイ・ヴォルテージ Hai Vorutēji)
(JP) May 19, 2011[23] (JP) ISBN 978-4-08-870206-3 Volume 103
SBR Volume 24(104): The Stars and Stripes Forever
(星条旗よ 永遠なれ Seijōki Yo Eien Nare)
(JP) June 3, 2011[24] (JP) ISBN 978-4-08-870253-7 Volume 104


  • Part VII marks the first time since Part II: Battle Tendency that a Zeppeli is featured, and the first in which a character besides a JoJo is purported to be the main protagonist.
  • This arrangement changes when Part VII is revealed to stand within the JoJo continuity and Johnny Joestar's role expands.
  • Steel Ball Run (and its eponymous race) appears to be named after the film The Cannonball Run; also characterized by an American cross-country race populated by eccentrics.
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