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This story relates how I got up on my feet. Not in the physical term, but how I went from adolescence to adulthood.

—Johnny Joestar, SBR Chapter 3

Steel Ball Run (スティール・ボール・ラン Sutīru Bōru Ran?) is the seventh part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2004 and in Ultra Jump between 2005 and 2011.

Set in the U.S. in 1890, the story follows Johnny Joestar, a paraplegic ex-jockey, and Gyro Zeppeli, master in a mystic art named the Spin, as they compete with a vast number of others in the Steel Ball Run race: a mad-dash across America for a grand prize of 50 million dollars.


The Steel Ball Run Universe

Steel Ball Run describes a new continuity apart from that detailed in Part 1-6 of the series.

On top of core features to JoJo such as Stands, the story is marked by many references to the original series.

Transition to Ultra Jump

After Chapter 23, Steel Ball Run transferred publication from Weekly Shonen Jump to seinen magazine Ultra Jump.

In the monthly Ultra Jump, chapters are much longer. Perhaps coincidentally, between those chapters included in Volumes 7 – 8, Araki's style takes on greater realism.

Plot Summary


Press Conference

The Steel Ball Run: Press Conference

For keeping English literature, Sandman is forced to flee his tribe. Momentarily outrunning pursuing horsemen; whilst escaping, another hand is seen separating from his right.

Away, in conversation with his sister, he indicates a multitude of perfectly hemispherical hand-sized depressions in a rock face; evidence of an impossible horseback leap; and the tool with which it is suggested that a white man made them.

He shows his sister a newspaper headline regarding the imminent Steel Ball Run race, with a grand prize of $50,000,000; as Steven Steel holds a press conference, giving the race's basic rules.

Corroborating several substantial cash prizes; starting September 25, 1890, there, on the Pacific San Diego beach; the race's goal is New York, at a distance of ~6000 km, and a projected duration of ~70 days. The rules include that changing horses is not allowed; and though crime is not, weapons may be kept.

Gyro Zeppeli is introduced as he registers his entry. A man reaches and touches a Steel Ball at Gyro's waist before he is somehow forced to the ground, and it is revealed that he had taken $20 from Gyro's entry fee.

Gyro Zeppeli

SBR Chapter 3

Gyro Zeppeli and Johnny Joestar, deuteragonists

Pocoloco is introduced as he notices the news of the race.

While he is being arrested, the thief continues to harass Gyro. Gyro offers a duel; and after striking his shoulder with a Steel Ball, when the thief attempts still to shoot him, his arm twists, and he shoots himself dead.

A man in a wheelchair observes that, incredibly, the Steel Ball was spinning throughout the event; and as he reaches and touches the same, still spinning Ball in Gyro's holster, he is raised to his feet.

In narration, the man introduces himself as Johnny Joestar; continuing, "This story is the tale of my beginning to walk"; or his growing into maturity.

Johnny Joestar


The Spin in action

Johnny reflects on his reason for coming to the race start line, and on his youth as a new horse-racing talent.

An episode is recounted when he takes a date to see a play, and he cuts to the front of the queue. The man who had been waiting all night in there protests, and after Johnny bribes the doormen to remove him, he returns to shoot Johnny in the back.

Johnny awakens in a dark hospital, and after crying out, an orderly beats him; revealing that his legs are paralyzed and that no one has visited, as the end of his fame.

In the present; Johnny is amazed as he stands and then falls back into his wheelchair. Gyro leaves, and Johnny desperately pursues, demanding an explanation. Gyro tells him that it was a simple reflex; but, reaching out, just before or just as Johnny again touches a Steel Ball, his arm twists, and he is hung at his fingers on a nearby rafter.

Johnny resolves to discover the truth of this "Spin", and to enter the race in Gyro's pursuit.

3 Hours to Start

September 25, 1890 - 3 Hours to Start

Several hours before the beginning of the race, Gyro finishes preparing his backpack. Going out of his tent, he witnesses Johnny trying without success to mount a horse he bought. Despite being hurt and battered, he persists, picking Gyro's interest.

Gyro then meets Sandman and indicates him where to go to subscribe to the race. Sandman participates to the Steel Ball Run claiming he win will the race by the strength of his legs alone.

The last preparations for the race begin. Steven Steel presents to the crowd the Steel Ball Run trophy, and all the 3,652 riders align at the start line.

Two minutes before the start of the race, Gyro sees Johnny's horse approaching him, Johnny dragged off on the ground. Impressed by his determination, Gyro then gives Johnny a hint to mount his horse without legs, Johnny makes Slow Dancer lower his head, and does a backflip along its neck. Just as the announcer declares the start of the race, Johnny is now properly mounting Slow Dancer.

(First race)

First Stage: 15,000 Meters

At 10 A.M., September 25, 1890 the transamerican horse race Steel Ball Run begins.

Steven invites his special guests to follow the first stage of the race in a specially prepared train. As the racers begin to move, Steel explains the particular rules of the race: the Steel Ball Run is divided into nine stages, separated by checkpoint cities, where the staff can record the order at which the horseriders arrive, and for illegal activity during the race; the first racer to finish a stage is granted a bonus in cash and a time bonus of one hour which he can use at the final stage, rewarding their skill during that stage.

Gyro quickly jumps ahead of the group, following him closely are Diego Brando and Urmd Avdol, the latter of which confronts him physically with his camel, trying to push Gyro's horse Valkyrie down. Gyro throws one of his Steel Balls and lures Avdol into a cluster of cacti, causing him to fall off his camel and be disqualified from the race. Johnny watches the Steel Ball and sees that it revealed the cacti to Gyro well ahead, allowing Gyro to use them to his advantage.

The Dried-Up River: Diego Brando

Diego is the next racer to challenge Gyro's first place. At the public's amazement, Diego closes up to Gyro without accelerating. Johnny soon notices that he in fact decrypted Valkyrie's weakness. As Gyro watches behind him to his right, he's surprised not to see Diego anymore. Diego suddenly reappears right to Valkyrie's left. As Diego slowly gets ahead, he explains that Valkyrie, like all horse, has notable tics, in this case, every eight breaths, the horse deviates to the left, thus slowing down a bit. By only accelerating in that precise moment, Diego managed to catch up without exhausting his horse. Without the required expertise in horseracing, Gyro is then condemned to stay behind. However, as they pass a bridge over a dried up river, Gyro instead uses his Spin ability to stimulate Valkyrie's legs, making it leap forward beyond the normal capacity of a horse, getting ahead once again and destroying the bridge. Diego now unable to cross the bridge, falls behind as other racers get past him by going down the dried up river instead.

Meanwhile, Pocoloco wakes up from a deep sleep, and realizes that he's late to the race. Quickly mounting his horse, his anxiety is shadowed by his amazement at how smooth the terrain was rendered by the thousands of horse racing on it.

Pocoloco and the Sandman

Pocoloco is worried that despite the prediction of his incredible luck, him waking up late contradicts that prediction. He is however reassured as random strokes of luck happen to him and he joins the bottom racers. A group of racers stands before a canyon, having blindly followed Sandman. Being a risky shortcut, only Sandman and Pocoloco dare leap across it and both succeed, Sandman due to his climbing skills and Pocoloco thank Sandman's advice of using the lasso as a climbing rope. He then joins the bulk of the racers.

At the 6,000 meters mark, Gyro decides to take a shortcut through a forest nearby, potentially gaining 800 to 1,000 meters at the risk of colliding with the trees and branches. Pocoloco and Johnny, as well as a group of racers, follow Gyro into the forest. As they enter it, Pocoloco chooses to close his eyes and accelerate.

Crossing the Forest

Pocoloco has now an absolute trust in his luck and is convinced it will protect him as he crosses the forest. Several horseriders are thrown out of their horses, but Johnny and Pocoloco remains unharmed. His horse going at a higher pace, Pocoloco is in front of Johnny, who wrongly theorizes that Pocoloco trusts his horse's instincts not to collide with the branches. However, Johnny's superior horseriding skills allow him to get ahead. Disturbed, Pocoloco opens his eyes, only to have a branch apparently dismounting him.

Yet, Gyro sees a horse slowly gaining terrain against him, Pocoloco, only partially dismounted, is being dragged on the ground, and his horse navigates all the more easily within the forest without its rider on it. Thus Pocoloco catches up to the frontrunner.

Gyro uses his Steel Ball again to make a small tree spread open out of his path. The branches then return to their initial position, propping Pocoloco back on his horse in the process. Now out of the forest, Gyro is now challenged by Pocoloco as they begin to go down a natural inclination.

Long, Long Downhill

The steep slope naturally forces any horse rider to slow down for fear of their horses tripping. Yet Pocoloco accelerates, confident in his luck and beginning to see his stand Hey Ya!. His horse does trip, only to land on a cow's corpse, and sliding down the slope on it. Since Pocoloco is now ahead of Gyro and gains ground without tiring his horse, preserving stamina which will be crucial in the final stretch, Gyro tries to stop Pocoloco toward a nearby cliff, hoping that the ensuing rockslide will be in Pocoloco's way. He fails, and also makes Sandman nearly trip, as the Indian suddenly appears ahead of the group climbing down the cliff. Another turnabout ensues as now Sandman takes the first place in that stage.

The Final Stretch

2,000 Meters Left

Until now blocked by a rock formation, Steven Steel and his guests' view of the race is restored. And they discover with incredulity that Sandman is the frontrunner, going at a speed comparable to that of a horse, and using his superior mobility in rocky terrain to take shortcuts. Steven provides an explanation of Sandman's running technique, which allows him to recycle the impact of his feet against the ground into energy for propelling himself forward, without damaging his legs.

Now at the 3rd place, Gyro decides to make his horse sprint well ahead of the recommended distance after such a race, 1,500 meters from the finish line, surprising Pocoloco and taking second place.

As the finish line appears on the horizon, the front runner's group forms itself. Johnny is caught up by Diego, who was using the other racer as air pressure shields and get ahead without tiring his horse. Johnny forcefully breaks the pressure barrier, to Diego's surprise at seeing a horserider of comparable skill of his.

1,000 Meters Left

Diego stay close to Johnny, using him as an air pressure shield, but Johnny forcefully breaks away from him, using his horse to throw rocks at Diego while accelerating.

The race is now a mad dash in which only the horse's power counts. From the rocky hills emerges Sandman, visibly tired but well ahead of the rest of the racers, who nonetheless catch up. Counseled by Hey Ya!; Pocoloco drifts to the left, using a branch as a springboard and leaping ahead of the group. Still, Gyro inexorably catches up to then seizes the first place, using his cape as a sail to catch the Santa Ana wind as a rear wind. The first stage finishes, a triumphant Gyro crossing the finish line first, in 18 minutes and 7 seconds.


(Bonus) How the Race Got Started

Steven Steel's colorful past is explored. It is revealed that the Steel Ball Run race was first imagined by Lucy Steel, then a young girl who suggested the idea to a down-on-his-time Steel. Waking up from a drunken stupor, Steven is then approached by a group of sponsors who were interested in the event, and proposed to finance it, making Steven rich again. Grateful for Lucy, and realizing she looked like his first love, he proposes successfully to her.

Disqualified from Victory

The first stage ended, Gyro suddenly receives a penalty due to having endangered Sandman's life earlier in the race. He is relegated to the 21st place, receiving no points despite his victory. Steven Steel's agent also informs him that Gyro came from Italy, on a ship owned by a famous rich family, raising further questions about him. After exacting a petty revenge by ruining the party's campaign, Gyro accepts to have Johnny follow him and teaches him the first lesson of the Spin: what matters is the ball's rotation, the rotation is what caused the various effects witnessed up to this point; Gyro also teaches him to get down from his horse using the Spin.

Meanwhile, Steven and his wife Lucy are brought to a crime scene, where three racers were violently eviscerated in the middle of the first stage. The Steel Ball Run's prize money has made the race a dangerous endeavor as an unscrupulous racer seems to target rival horse races in order to win.

Sheriff's Request to Mountain Tim

The local Sheriff has called Mountain Tim, a bounty hunter, to help. A short investigation leads Tim to suspect that the murderer didn't employ any ordinary method to kill the victims, and identifies their horseshoes.

The second stage of the Steel Ball Run begins, this time, the racers have to cross 1,200 km of nothing but desert, where they will face the temperature and dehydration, how they cross it is up to them. Gyro diverts from the expected path, instead choosing to cross 150 km of the desert bypassing the first of the indicated water sources in order to win. Johnny has no choice but to follow him. The duo are then followed by fellow racer Mrs. Robinson.

Across the Arizona Desert

In the middle of the Arizona Desert, Gyro and Johnny are stalked by Mrs. Robinson. Without any reason to think he's trying to attack them, they let him be. Suddenly Gyro and Johnny are attacked by chollas, explosive cacti which can propel their thorns at high speed. Slowly cornered by the attack, Johnny is violently dismounted and Gyro confronts Mrs Robinson, defeating him promptly with the same chollas.

After finding Mrs Robinson's horse, Tim sees that he isn't the murderer as the horseshoes don't match.

The Desert Born Outlaws

Marco's history is revealed, he was a humble servant caught when his lord was arrested and is to be executed for false charges of treason.

At night, Johnny and Gyro make camp. Johnny manages to reproduce the rotation with the cork then accidentally discovers newspapers linked to Marco's execution. They are approached by Andre Boom Boom, who claims he's been bitten by a poisonous lizard and needs help. When Andre apparently dies, Gyro kicks his knife away. They are soon joined by Andre's father and brother Benjamin and L. A., and Gyro realized that his leg was magnetized by the stand Tomb of the Boom. After a brief fight, Gyro and Johnny manage to flee but are sprayed with Andre's blood.

Benjamin disguises himself as Johnny Joestar, confronting Mountain Tim who reveals his Stand Oh! Lonesome Me. Benjamin successfully plants some of his blood on Tim and pushes him to think Johnny is the murderer.

The Devil's Palm

Mountain Tim catches up to Johnny and Gyro, and the three of them realize that they are affected by the magnetism. Tim presents his power he calls a Stand, which he acquired by stepping into a Devil's Palm, a moving phenomenon granting people Stands. Benjamin Boom Boom uses his Stand to immobilize them and kill them. But Johnny then awakens his own Stand Tusk, as they were in the Devil's Palm without realizing it. Johnny kills Benjamin and incapacitates L.A., who reveals that they were hired to kill Gyro and is promptly left in the desert.

At Johnny's insistence, since Gyro is the cause of their troubles. He reveals his past to him. Gyro is a citizen of Naples, who learned the Spin from his father and worked as an executioner.

Gyro Zeppeli's Mission

Gyro objected at Marco's execution since he was unrelated to the crime, but he didn't have any way to stop it. One of the counselors he knew proposed him to participate to the Steel Ball Run race, as winning could bring Naples enough glory for the King to proclaim a general amnesty, otherwise the prize money was enough to pay for Marco's appeal. Gyro accepted.

Oyecomova arrives at a relay village where the racers are supposed to register themselves. He realises that Gyro, Johnny and Mountain Tim have arrived before him. Mountain Tim confronts Oyecomova but is incapacitated by his Stand Boku no Rhythm wo Kiitekure's explosive power. Oyecomova reveals then that he is after Gyro's head.

The Terrorist from a Faraway Country

Oyecomova's past is discussed: he was a terrorist from Gyro's country and managed to escape to America. Upon hearing that Gyro would enter the race to represent Naples, he began to chase him down. The fight becomes a race toward the Zombie Horse, a healing item sent for Gyro. After a long pursuit up a river, a combination attack from Johnny and Gyro manages to take Oyecomova down, and the duo continue the race.


The exact circumstances leading Gyro to wanting to appeal to Marco's execution are unveiled. After a prisoner revolts and Gyro was forced to restrain her, Marco took his pouch and tried to fix it, at the other executioner's anger but Gyro realized that Marco didn't deserve his sentence, leading him to him participating to the Steel Ball Run race.

In the present, Gyro and Johnny retrieve the Zombie Horse, and heal Gyro's leg injury with it.


A flashback presents Joseph of Arimathea, a man who descended Jesus Christ from the Cross. Joseph of Arimathea drew a map depicting an unknown land and several points of interest, said map remained hidden in an abbey until it was stolen during the 16th century and its whereabouts became unknown.

Johnny and Gyro are attacked by Fritz von Stroheim, who is quickly disposed of. Johnny is appalled at the frequency and violence of the attacks against them, saying that the money prize alone cannot justify these. Johnny suddenly realizes that his left arm contains a mummified arm.

Corpse Part edit

The Corpse Parts everyone chases after: The Skull, the Thorax, the Heart, the Spine, the Left Arm, the Right Arm, the Legs, the Eyes and the Ears.

Meanwhile Steven Steel inquires about Johnny and Gyro's whereabouts, especially if they have found a mummified corpse. Funny Valentine, President of the United States, assures that Gyro Zeppeli must have found it, even unknowingly, declaring that the Corpse is a treasure worth any riches in the world. Valentine also shows that Joseph of Arimathea's Map is in his possession. Lucy Steel barges in, inadvertently spilling coffee on Valentine. However, coffee and coffee pot briefly disappear before an empty coffeepot falls from the roof, revealing that one of Valentine's henchman was sitting on the train.

As they are about to reach Monument Valley, Gyro, then his horse and his bags suddenly disappear, leaving Johnny alone and attacked by an unknown ability. Johnny realizes that two hooks are appearing from feathers falling off and seek to hook him up. The hooks only manage to take his bags as Johnny takes shelter under a rock. Johnny realizes that this aggressor, as well as every other terrorist attacking him and Gyro, were after the arm he had with him.

Pork Pie Hat Kid, one of Valentine's henchmen, is revealed. He searches Johnny's bags and concludes that the left arm is with Johnny. Pork Pie Hat uses beetles to hook Johnny up but before he can do anything, Tusk appears before Johnny and repels the attack with Johnny's spinning toenails, to his amazement. Tusk also tells Johnny the enigmatic phrase: "Movere Crus", before disappearing. Johnny concludes that the left arm was acting on its own, uncovers the Steel Ball Run's true purpose: retrieving the parts of someone's corpse. A small ditch thrown by Gyro through the feathers indicates to Johnny his enemy's position.

Johnny slowly crawls to Pork Pie Hat's camp, hidden by dirt. Pork Pie Hat tries to make Johnny reveal himself, by hurling rocks at his general location, but finally, uses his horse Slow Dancer so that it can smell Johnny. Localizing him, Pork Pie Hat set the zone on fire, and attacks a bait set up by Johnny. He sends his spinning nails through the feathers, beating Pork Pie Hat.

When Johnny reaches Gyro, Pork Pie Hat hooks Johnny through Gyro, incapacitating both. Johnny is forced to give Pork Pie Hat the left arm, but the latter realizes too late that Gyro made the arm's nails spin too, killing him for good.

Johnny asks if Gyro is interested in the Corpse too, but Gyro denies it. Asked about what the corpse is, Gyro theorises that it must belong to a Saint, as their relics have often been sought after, blessing their proprietors and the nations which owned them. As they seal their partnership, the duo see Diego and Sandman racing toward Monument Valley too.

Scary Monsters

As the final dash of the second stage between the top racers begins, Johnny witnesses the photograph of a mountain bearing the same form as the letters engraved on his arm, he distracts Gyro with it, leading to Diego taking the first place, Johnny the second place, Sandman the third place, and Gyro the fourth. Gyro's angry, but he cannot do anything about it as the race immediately moves on to the third stage: 517 km through the Rocky Mountains.

Valentine examines a tissue Pork Pie Hat Kid rolled the left arm within, deduces which limb it was and that Johnny was, in fact, sheltering it the whole time. Valentine reveals the Corpse's heart within him, which is seen by Lucy Steel. Valentine, however, doesn't know he's been watched.

Gyro and Johnny see Diego who's fallen off his horse and is visibly hurt. They are however violently rebuked. Later Diego joins them, surprisingly jovial toward them, and exhibiting surprising abilities such as an inhuman sense of hearing. As night falls the three of them take shelter in a village. Gyro wanders off from the group looking for food. Diego shows more and more strange symptoms, such as eating rocks or having his vision altered. Gyro alerts Johnny of a bear corpse just under their home's window, and they realize that Diego transformed into a dinosaur.

The raptor's kinetic vision gives him an edge against Gyro and Johnny's projectile based attacks, and they can only flee from the transformed Diego. However, the whole village has transformed into various dinosaurs. A tyrannosaurus attacks Johnny but Gyro managed to hide him in a sewer by flattening his body with the Spin. They both realize that the next corpse part is hidden in the next mountain and resolve to go look for it.

Diego's backstory is revealed: at first buried alive as a baby then washed down into a river by a flood, his mother saw him and changed her mind, deciding to raise him as she runs to the river to pick him up. Swept away by the flooded river's flow, both were left to die by Diego's father but survived. Then Diego passed his youth working at a farm, the bad treatment he and his mother received, notably his mother dying from an infection, left Diego resenting humanity as a whole and becoming ambitious to one day rule over those he hated. That ambition led him to search for glory in the Steel Ball Run.

In the sewer, Johnny and Gyro are marked by small dinosaurs, setting the whole village on their trail. As they exit the sewer on the side of a cliff, they see the whole village climbing or descending the cliff toward them. They realize that Gyro is slowly transforming into a dinosaur, and only the next corpse part's energy can counter the effect of that transformation. Johnny and Gyro jump over the ravine to the other side, discovering a Stand holding the Corpse's eyes but Diego catches up to them and seizes the eyes before them.

Diego having both Corpse eyes, Gyro now working with him as a semi-transformed dinosaur, Johnny is left alone. The Stand also informs Diego's of the next Corpse part's location. Dr. Ferdinand makes his appearance and reveal that his Stand Scary Monster was controlling every dinosaur so far. Dr. Ferdinand hints at the Corpse's true identity, which is whose of someone even the Pope would have to defer to. Johnny abandons his left arm temporarily, and before he's controlled by Dr. Ferdinand, manages to toss one of the eyes to Gyro. Gyro is then cured and acquires the new ability Scan. Both manage to incapacitate Dr. Ferdinand, who's eaten by cougars he transformed into raptors. However, Diego escapes with one of the eyes and retains his dinosaur abilities.

Later Gyro and Johnny join the top racers in yet another final rush to finish the third stage.

(Bonus) The Story of F. Valentine

During the Scary Monsters arc, a flashback reveals some of Funny Valentine's past. After surviving a trip into the desert, Valentine rose through the political class of the United States, and while serving in the Congress, discovered Joseph of Arimathea's map. He then uncovered the meaning of this map, which indicated the whereabouts of the nine Corpse parts: the Torso, the Heart, the Left Arm, the Right Arm, the Spine, both Eyes, both Ears, both Legs and the Head. Then, President of the United States, he sponsored Steven Steel's race to secretly uncover every Corpse part from the many racers who would be likely to come across them during the race.

Third Stage: Cannon City

During the final dash, three ways present themselves, one a safe one alongside a lake, another alongside the rocky cliff on the other side of the lake, the last being through the lake itself, the shortest but which will exhaust the horses. Using his dinosaur senses, Diego analyses Valkyrie's behaviour and weaknesses. Gyro chooses to cross the lake, so does Diego, setting a duel between the two.

Johnny having known Gyro for a certain amount of time, declares that Gyro won't be the first of this stage, as Gyro lacks a proper drive for the race, unlike Diego. Gyro angrily rebukes Johnny, and desperately races behind Diego, abandoning baggage and even the water within his body to stay in the race. Diego cripples Valkyrie by spitting a gastrolith, the distraction allows Johnny to overtake Diego. However, Johnny isn't the first of the third stage. another racer, Hot Pants, crossed the line long before everyone else. Defeated, Gyro admits that he does lack the drive to win, relying too much on the power of the Spin alone.

A Man's World

The fourth stage begins 1250 ;km from the Colorado river to Kansas City. At 650 ;km from Kansas City, Gyro and Johnny meet Hot Pants in a forest. Having taken some meat from a cow's corpse which belonged to Hot Pants, he accuses them of being cattle thief and attacks them, revealing his Stand Cream Starter. Johnny defuses the situation but Hot Pants doesn't apologize for the attack. Gyro used the occasion to scan Hot Pants' back, seeing the Corpse's Spine, and the world "Turbo". Coordinates are hidden in the word, leading Gyro and Johnny to locate the next Corpse's part in Kansas City.

After a while, Gyro and Johnny realize that they are lost. Hot Pants approaches them and proposes a truce, for the time being, they go on to ask whoever inhabits a nearby house the way out of the forest. They cross path with fellow racer Gaucho, enraged at the house's inhabitant, who repeatedly told him that the way out of the forest would only come after he killed him. Gaucho shouts a challenge to him, and Ringo Roadagain comes out of the house.

Gaucho and Ringo begin to shoot at each other, but Ringo manages to land the first hit thanks to his knowledge about guns and finishes Gaucho off to the trio's perplexity. They instead elect to find the way out by themselves. Still unable to get out of the forest, they decide to confront Ringo together, hoping to kill him. Hot Pants notably plants his Cream Starter on the roof of the house.

They meet Ringo burying the remains of Gaucho and ask him one last time to let them out of the forest. Ringo answers by suggesting to duel with Johnny first, finding Gyro to be a mere follower and thus unsuitable for the battles to the death he seeks. Gyro attacks Ringo, but he reveals his Stand Mandom which can rewind time by six seconds when he rewinds the watch on his right wrist, with the memories of the six seconds remaining within everyone. Hot Pants attacks Ringo by surprise but he manages to rewind time, evading Hot Pants' attack. Ensures a shootout in which Johnny receives a bullet to the head, Hot Pants one to the chest, leaving only Gyro seemingly alive. Ringo spares him, but witnessing one of his Steel Ball rolling toward him, Gyro realizes that Johnny's wound isn't fatal, there's hope that he survived the shot and Gyro finds in himself the drive to win.

Ringo Roadagain's backstory is revealed: he was once the sick child of an ostracized and impoverished family. One night, his mother and sister were killed by a deserter and he was nearly raped, only getting away by shooting the deserter. Ringo's sickness disappeared and he became a gunslinger seeking challenges to purify himself. Finally, Funny Valentine employed him to retrieve the Corpse part from Johnny.

Chasing away the last doubts within him, Gyro clearly formulates his goals in this race: to discover whether Marco deserves his death sentence, and to discover the truth behind the Corpse. With a clear objective and not ideals in mind, Gyro challenges Ringo again. This time Gyro reveals that Ringo has a weakness, his left shoulder bearing an old wound which can kill him if the wound were to reopen. Both draw their weapons, and while Ringo kills Gyro, he is hit on the shoulder and nearly dies himself. Rewinding time once again, Ringo protects his shoulder but is then impaled from behind by a splinter Gyro caused to fall the last time and whose trajectory was memorized by him. Gyro led Ringo under the splinter, and the splinter impales Ringo's left shoulder. Acknowledging his defeat and Gyro's growth, Ringo honors him and is finished off by Gyro.

The Green Tomb

At the 20th day of the 4th stage, there are 1920 racers left. Johnny and Gyro are a one day's ride from Kansas City. Johnny reminisces the fight between Gyro and Ringo, Gyro healed himself, Johnny and Hot Pants with Cream Starter, and unceremoniously leaves, as Johnny discovers that Hot Pants was secretly a woman but chooses no to reveal that. The duo crosses path with Pocoloco and Sandman, the latter of which warns Gyro of an incoming storm as a repayment for his technical victory in the first stage. Sandman also tells them that Diego has taken the routes with the least rivers, making Johnny realizes that Diego discovered the location of the next Corpse part, but also that Ringo sent a messenger pigeon to the American government.

Meanwhile Valentine plots with his henchmen in Kansas City. Waiting for the messenger pigeon from Ringo, he covets the Corpse part, revealed to be the Spine, and summons Stand users to the city. Unbeknownst to Valentine, Lucy has been spying on him from across the street and thanks to her lip-reading skills, manages to understand what's happening. Witnessing Ringo's pigeon arriving on the roof, she infiltrates the governmental building under the pretense of giving Steven his mealbox and steals the message it carried. Almost surprised by Valentine and his henchman Blackmore, Lucy tries to hide but they both realizes that someone infiltrated the building and seal it. Trapped, Lucy has no choice but to call Mountain Tim for help and they both escape. Lucy then departs Kansas City to go retrieve the Spine at a local landmark known as the Green Tomb.

Blackmore follows the call to Tim to interrogate him, but Tim attacks Blackmore. Tim is killed by Blackmore after a brief encounter, bested by Blackmore's ability to control to surrounding raindrops: Catch the Rainbow. Blackmore discovers that Lucy was most likely the culprit, and rushes toward her location as she uncovers the Spine.

As Diego, Johnny and Gyro ride toward the Green Tomb, Lucy is discovered by Blackmore.

Catch the Rainbow

Blackmore takes the Spine from Lucy. Calling Valentine from a nearby telephone pole, he is distracted by a vision of Jesus Christ and his own greed toward the Corpse, allowing Lucy to shoot him and escape again. Exalted by the miracles he witnessed around him, Blackmore seals his fatal wounds with raindrops and pursues Lucy.

Meanwhile Gyro and Johnny are unable to get ahead of Diego. In the tempest, Gyro and Johnny struggle to find the optimal path while Diego's enhanced senses help him. Gyro decides to challenge Diego anyway, and using his instincts to follow the path that he decided for himself, Gyro inadvertently gets right behind Diego, having chosen the same path as Diego. Diego aggresses Gyro's horse with transformed fleas, prompting Johnny to shoot at Diego. The British jockey is finally defeated when Gyro throws a Steel Ball at him and Diego's horse Silver Bullet hurts its leg, throwing Diego out of the race. Gyro remains unsatisfied that his victory was made with Johnny's help, as he guesses Diego wasn't utterly defeated and will come back at them.

The duo then meets Lucy and Blackmore almost at the same time and a fight ensues. Catch the Rainbow immobilizes Johnny and Gyro, but the latter manages to throw a steel ball on Blackmore by evaporating some raindrops. Blackmore dies from his wounds, and the Spine enters Johnny's body as the weather calms itself, and the next Corpse part's location reveals itself to the duo.

Silent Way

Johnny and Gyro reach the finish line in Kansas City. The winner of the 4th stage is Norisuke Higashikata, a Japanese racer. Gyro and Johnny witness Diego quietly finishing the 4th stage, and are certain that he hasn't abandoned the race just yet.

Earlier, Johnny, Gyro and Lucy see the next three Corpse parts' location. These are the Ears, the Right Arm, and the Legs. They decide to send Lucy to steal the President's Heart, Gyro abandoning his Eye to enable this.

In the present, Diego meets with one of Valentine's henchmen. He proposes a cooperation between them, revealing that he knows there's a traitor in his staff and that only he can detect him. Valentine reluctantly agrees and Diego is assigned another unknown Stand user.

The 5th and 6th stages begin, the Illinois Sky Line and the Michigan Lake Line which are 780 km from Kansas City to Chicago and then 690 km to Mackinaw City.

At 380 km from Chicago, near the Mississippi, Gyro and Johnny are resting near a barn, figuring out how to cross the Mississippi. Gyro reveals that the Vatican answered to his inquiry about the Corpse part, and they deny any knowledge of its identity. Gyro suspects the Corpse's true identity, but their discussion is interrupted by a Stand Attack. Every item around them is trapped with several effects such as burning or cutting, and several modified dinosaurs attack them, hinting that Diego and someone else are attacking in unison. Both try to flee but they are cornered near the river.

Johnny reminisces his youth, notably how he blames himself for his brother Nicholas' death due to a stray mouse, and how his father never loved Johnny as much as Nicholas. Considering that the universe is making him pay for his assumed unwitting murder, Johnny loses hope as his Stand proves ineffectual. An angry Gyro reminds him that Johnny isn't close to master the Spin and reveals him that there's another stage to it.

Gyro introduces the Golden Rectangle, a natural and ubiquitous proportion which is used as a model to form a perfect an infinite rotation. As constructs corner both in the middle of a river, Johnny insists for Gyro to give him a model of Golden Rectangle to the latter's stubborn refusal. Gyro is gravely wounded and to Johnny desperation, Sandman stabs a nearby Norisuke Higashikata and reveals himself as their aggressor. Sandman reveals his name Soundman and his power to solidify sounds and reproduce what they correspond to. He also reveals that he collaborated with the President in exchange for his ancestor's lands.On the brink of despair, Johnny realizes that the Golden Rectangle is present in the environment and upgrades Tusk to ACT2.

Tusk ACT2 makes his nails spin around his finger like a drill, augmenting their penetrative strength but the nails regrow more slowly, moreover the holes caused by the nails last a while and can target the enemy. Sandman is surprised by the new power. A shootout ensues, Johnny trying to kill Sandman before he runs out of nails and Sandman rushing toward Johnny to kill him. A gravely wounded Sandman is then shot in the neck with a steel ball Johnny made from Gyro's belt and dies.

Johnny is victorious, but in his weakened state, he cannot defend himself against Hot Pants. She steals all the Corpse parts but is kind enough to heal both and leave Johnny with a fraction of the Spine.

(Bonus) Untitled Stand Chapter

The bonus chapter is an explanation about Stands and their rules. Araki links the spontaneous apparition and dispersion of particles as a potential in the universe. Humanity fulfills that potential by materializing their spiritual energy into Stands. Some of the property of Stands, such as their possible appearances and the rules they are subject to are explained.

Lastly, Araki explains that items and techniques such as the Stone Mask, the Ripple, or the Spin were tools who emulate the power of the Stands.

Sugar Mountain

At the beginning of the 6th stage, Gyro wakes up covered in snow. As Johnny discovers new properties of Tusk ACT2 and resume their conversation about the Corpse, Gyro notices that 11 horses are nearing them, with unnatural synchronization. Gyro notices that the Steel Ball he used to detect the horses disappeared. A young girl appears before them, with the Steel Ball in hand, and runs off. Johnny and Gyro follow her up to a massive tree in which the girl, named Sugar Mountain, has made a home. Sugar Mountain propose them various items the duo made fall into various ponds earlier with a more precious version of each such as gems instead of the Steel Ball. Gyro understands the meaning of these propositions and manages to seize the Ears plus various precious good. However, before they leave, Sugar Mountain warns the horse racers that they have to spend or exchange fairly everything they have before the sun sets lest they are absorbed into the tree and will serve as guardians, liberating the next imprisoned people which happen to be Sugar Mountain's parents. Gyro and Johnny decide to head to the city and acquire the Right Arm.

In the city, the duo has difficulty spending everything, and the amount of goods they receive only increases with time. Besides the Eleven Men are closing on them. Gyro decides to spend everything in a shady casino. Their game is interrupted by the 11 men who initiate a shootout inside the casino. They all wield the same stand which allows them to transfer themselves between each other's bodies. Johnny's ten nails and Gyro's two steel balls aren't enough to overcome all Eleven, but Gyro gets both out of their predicament by paying the gangsters they were playing against for protection, which costs them all of their money and goods.

The sun sets and Gyro suddenly transforms himself into branches, Johnny realizes he has to give the Corpse Parts away. Johnny hesitates between his friend and the Corpse he's coveted for so long, but gives them to the sole surviving member of the Eleven Men for a bottle of wine, spending everything whilst weeping at such an unfair trade. Sugar Mountain and her parents prepare to leave the tree, she notes that Johnny and Gyro have proven themselves worthy of the Corpse, having been able to give up everything, even the most precious goods they had. Defeated, Gyro and Johnny have a toast to the next Corpse part and victory.

Tubular Bells

Near the Michigan Lake, Diego meets with a mysterious man from the Government, asking him the traitor's description. Diego reveals that the traitor is a woman weighing 51 kg, At the governmental residence in Chicago, the man, Mike O., head of Valentine's security staff, reveals everything to Valentine, who authorizes the questioning of every woman associated with the government and the Steel Ball Run race.

Lucy sees that the search is closing in on her, and takes the initiative by approaching the First Lady Scarlet Valentine. With soporifics given by Hot Pants, Lucy manages to approach Valentine while he's asleep, but Mike O.'s Tubular Bells, automatic scent tracking balloon animals made from nails, intercept her. A furious Scarlet tries to kill Lucy too, but Lucy manages to use Scarlet as a decoy, making the balloons kill her instead.

As Hot Pants come to the rescue, Lucy is discovered by Mike O. and a fight ensues between the two Stand users, in which Mike explodes his throat trying to blow up more balloons while infected with Cream Starter. Hot Pants cannot make Lucy escape and Lucy is forced to disguise as Scarlet and Hot Pants departs with the Ears and Heart, leaving the Right Arm which was too big for her escape.

Wrecking Ball

Two agents of the US Government are introduced watching over the frozen straits which separate the two sides of the Michigan Lake.

Wekapipo's past is explored: once a member of the royal guard of the Kingdom of Naples, Wekapipo broke his sister's marriage on the premise that she was beaten blind. Furious, her husband challenges Wekapipo and is subsequently killed in their duel. However, Wekapipo is forced into exile by Gregorio Zeppeli and enters Valentine's service a broken man, having heard of his sister's death.

Johnny and Gyro are looking over the frozen strait, searching for the Indian's path, a path made by the locals consisting a reinforced ice and wood. Unable to find it, they nonetheless cross the strait over a dangerously thin ice, a wolf following them for seemingly no reason. In the middle of the strait, they are attacked by Wekapipo with a Steel Ball in which several other smaller spherical satellites are encased named Wrecking Ball: its effect is to make everything's left side disappear.

The next part of the fight consists of Gyro and Johnny defending themselves from both Wekapipo and Magent Magent sneaking in their dead angle. Their ordeal is complicated by Magent's invulnerability power 20th Century Boy. While Wekapipo suspects that the wolf is hosting the Legs, Johnny and Gyro realize that in the frozen environment, they cannot see the Golden Rectangle. Moreover, Gyro's hands which are able to reproduce it are targeted by Wekapipo. When Magent kills the wolf, they realizes that the Legs are nearby.

Using one of Magent's pistol bullet, Gyro is able to critically injure Magent and take him out of the fight, however, Gyro and Johnny's Spin energy are inferior to Wekapipo's, giving him the edge in the battle. Gyro closes in on the wolf's corpse to use it or the Legs as models for the Golden Spin, but Wekapipo sinks the body into the lake. Johnny is unable to shoot all of the satellites, and Gyro must face Wekapipo with effectively one Steel Ball and no Golden Rectangle. At the last moment, snowflakes appear before Gyro and he is able to use them to reproduce the Golden Spin, winning the duel.

Several flashbacks have been reminding Gyro of the uncertainty of life, notably the possibility of both failing and succeeding, as well as of miracles happening. Gyro was a doctor for Wekapipo's sister and saved her life. She was left alone by the husband's family who thought she was dead. The revelation that his sister lives prompt Wekapipo to help them find Lucy. Moreover, Johnny finds the Indian's path which will facilitate their crossing, and they obtain the legs.

The Victor's Rights

The chapter's first part consist of a thorough description of Johnny and Gyro's daily routine in the Steel Ball Run and how they race across different weather condition and landscapes. The description transitions into the last dash of the 6th stage, in which Johnny and Gyro are racing against Pocoloco. Hey Yah! guides him out of the way of a rift, but Gyro and Johnny cooperate to cross it directly with a makeshift steel rope made from a ball, effectively beating Pocoloco's luck.

Gyro finishes the 6th stage at the first place and Johnny at the 2nd place.

Meanwhile, Magent Magent, who was left for dead in the straits, crawls back to civilization. Having overheard Wekapipo and Gyro's conversation, he knows that the traitor is Lucy Steel.

Civil War

A flashback details the discovery of "Lucy Steel" 's body from the Fox River. A distraught Steven Steel sees her corpse but is convinced that the woman before her isn't Lucy.

At the 12th day of the 7th stage, 145 km West of Philadelphia, Gyro and Johnny spot Hot Pants racing toward a nearby city. Leaving some of their luggage behind, notably Gyro's teddybear and Johnny's damaged knife, they pursue Hot Pants up to a local garbage dump inside a building. They meet a nun instead, and while Gyro checks the next room, Johnny recognizes Hot Pants, who warns him "not to abandon anything".

Gyro and Johnny are attacked simultaneously by various objects they have left behind, notably the teddy bear and knife, who fuse with them and covering them both with a membrane. A flashback exposes Hot Pants' past, in which having secretly let her brother being devoured by a bear deeply traumatized her and made her covet the Corpse to absolve herself of her sin. Hot Pants is then completely covered in the membrane and disappears. Johnny is warned to purify himself with water to dissolve the membrane, and manages to escape the first attack. At the same time, an accusing apparition of Nicholas Joestar and Danny attacks Johnny who wards them off.

Suddenly, Jesus warns Johnny "not to shoot if he doubts, then a new path will open to him". A puzzled Johnny realizes that his legs are twitching and goes back to the garbage dump.

Axl RO, a government agent, lured Gyro and Johnny with Hot Pants, from whom he stole every Corpse part and with his Stand: Civil War, materializes the object of their guilt, among others things they've left behind. Johnny realizes he is witnessing an apparition of Jesus Christ, but at the same moment, George Joestar attacks him. Johnny is unwilling to attack him, and on the verge of being overwhelmed, Gyro warns him of Axl RO's location thanks to a Steel Ball, and Johnny manages to fatally shoot Axl RO through the garbage.

Surprisingly, Axl RO is satisfied, the last property of Civil War is transferred someone's sin to their killer, resuscitating them in the process. Axl RO's sin of letting an entire town and garrison perish because he failed in his watch is transferred to Johnny. Dismembered by the apparitions of soldiers, Johnny realizes who he has to shoot and shoot himself, entering the hole his nails create.

A Dream of Gettysburg

Combining the penetrative property of his shooting nails and the Spin, Tusk ACT3 creates a space within the hole in which Johnny can travel through, widening the ways he can attack. Axl RO has nonetheless reconstituted the Holy Corpse save from the Head and the Eyes, having stolen Johnny's Legs and the remnant of the Spine, and proceed to flee the dump. Thanks to ACT3, Johnny grabs the Corpse and tries to wrestle it out of Axl RO's hands, forcing him to stab Johnny in the throat. Johnny is then absolved of his sins.

Before Johnny can force Axl RO to give him the Corpse, the latter is shot in the chest, and Valentine reveals himself. Having non-fatally attacked Axl RO outside of the garbage dump, no sin is transferred to him and Valentine seizes the Thorax, the Heart, the Spine, both Legs, both Arms, and both Ears.

Johnny tries to shoot Valentine but the latter is already long gone. Diego having the Left Eye, and the Head's whereabouts being still unknown, Valentine deduces that the traitor who infiltrated his residence is still alive with the Right Eye.

Both Sides Now

The 28th of December 1890 3:51 PM, Gyro and Johnny enter Philadelphia and finish the 7th stage at the 6th and 7th place. Seeing that Diego is once again a serious contestant, having finished that stage at the 1st place, they decide to confront him and steal the Left Eye from him. The 8th stage begins, a 140 km race from Philadelphia to New Jersey.

A little before 2:45 PM, Steven Steel ruminates in his coach, still convinced that his wife isn't dead. Comparing a recent photo of the First Lady and one of Lucy, Steven concludes that somehow she disguised herself as Scarlet Valentine. However he is immediately shot in the chest by Magent Magent, as Steven is no longer of any use to Valentine's plan. Soon after Wekapipo approaches Steven's coach in the hopes that he can help him find Lucy. He discovers instead Steven gravely, but not fatally wounded. Magent tries to ambush Wekapipo but fails, and a fight at the top of the coach ensues as the startled horses begin to gallop in the streets. Wekapipo discovers too that Lucy is disguised as the First Lady, and resolves to kill Magent before going to the Independence Hall.

Meanwhile, Valentine and a disguised Lucy play violin in the Independence Hall. Valentine forces himself on "Scarlet", commenting of her charming manners, but unbeknownst to him, the Right Eye is rolling toward a room next to theirs.

A flashback details the past of Lucy Steel née Pendleton. Her father was a farmer who indebted himself with the mafia. The mafia had the policy to take only one thing from his clients and the father chose to sell them a then 12-years-old Lucy. At the same time, Steven Steel came before him and proposed Lucy in marriage. Being told that Lucy was the Mafia's property, Steel proceeds to bluff them by telling them he took her virginity already and marries Lucy at the price of a small scandal about their age difference. Grateful, Lucy developed a deep emotional yet platonic bond with Steven.

Intrigued by his wife's strange behavior, Valentine decides to check the next room. For fear that he discovers the Right Eye, Lucy tries to distract Valentine by asking him why he's following the race so closely. Valentine then exposes his philosophy that one needs the respect of the people to have power, and that by the end of the race he will have the means to force the respect of the entire world. Aroused, Valentine tries to rape his wife's impersonator, not caring who they really are, but when Lucy reveals herself, Valentine is stunned and is stabbed in the throat with a knife. Agonizing in pain, Valentine suddenly disappears mysteriously when a chair falls over him. He then reappears fine and healthy, much to Lucy's horror.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Lucy tries to hide from Valentine in the next room, and accidentally finds the Corpse, which fuses with her. When Valentine breaks into the room, he realizes Lucy is the host for the Head.

Meanwhile, Wekapipo and Magent's fight continues. When Magent Magent tries to blow himself up, both are thrown into the Delaware, hurting Wekapipo but not Magent thanks to his powers. However, Magent is tied up by Spin-imbued cables, and sinks at the bottom of the river, unable to move since he would drown. Wekapipo having seen a dinosaur come out of Magent's clothes, realizes that Diego will learn of Lucy's identity.

Seven Days in a Week

Gyro tells Johnny a joke, reciting the days of the week while acting progressively crazier, at Sunday, he regains his calm. Johnny notes the jokes and comments that it's really good.

Chocolate Disco

At 15h59 near a park south of the Independence Hall, Johnny and Gyro spot Diego and Wekapipo following him. Johnny notices an unidentified horseshoe trail but doesn't suspect anything. While Gyro tries to approach Diego's position and Johnny watches from afar, Johnny sees that Gyro, at the corner of a building, is being surrounded by both President Valentine and his henchman D-I-S-C-O. Johnny tries to warn Gyro but mysteriously, Gyro doesn't hear him. Suddenly Johnny is shot by an unknown party and barely escapes in the sewers with Tusk ACT3.

Gyro notices Johnny's absence and sees that one enemy has retreated. Warning D-I-S-C-O not to do anything, Gyro rushes toward his horse and Johnny. A grid appears on the ground and a startled Gyro throws a Steel Ball toward D-I-S-C-O, which mysteriously teleports above Gyro and hits him instead. Disco then opens a bottle of acid and pours it on the ground.

D4C (Part 1)

D4C First

President Funny Valentine and D4C

Using different layers of air as a lens, Gyro manages to evade D-I-S-C-O's attack and quickly disposes of him. Having no idea of what happened, Gyro interrogates some witnesses in the park nearby, but they disagree on the shooter's identity, alternately pointing Diego, Wekapipo or Valentine as the culprit. Meanwhile, Diego approaches Wekapipo

A flashback details the life of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion, resurrected under the care of Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus drew a map of America with the general location of his future Corpse's parts on the ground then traveled west, until he sailed to the American Continent and died here, his cadaver washed away in a flood and his relics scattered across the continent by animals until the Heart was found by Valentine.

At 16h09, Wekapipo follows Diego to the same park near the Independence Hall, he loses him in an alley, and find a revolver laying on the ground. Wekapipo is attacked by a man whose face is hidden in a flag but manages to shoot him with the revolver. Surprisingly, the aggressor is Johnny Joestar, who escapes in the sewers. Then Diego approaches Wekapipo.

At 16h05, near the Independence Hall, Diego infiltrates the Independence Hall, seeing a heavily pregnant Lucy Steel being transported, and Valentine quietly getting out without any escort. Diego opts to follow him and uses Wekapipo, who he knew followed him, as a bait to draw Valentine's power in the open. Diego loses Wekapipo in an alley by jumping to the roofs and observes Wekapipo pick up a revolver. However, Wekapipo shoots Diego. Surprised Diego jumps on Wekapipo to fight him, and manages to shoot him with the revolver. Diego realizes Wekapipo is standing around a corner of the building and that he shot Johnny instead, who escapes in the sewers. Diego begins to suspect Valentine's true power and approaches Wekapipo.

Diego then asks if he saw him shoot Johnny, and proposes to ally with him, certain that if Valentine used his power, it was to take down everyone in one move. As Diego senses the dinosaurs he sent being slaughtered, a puzzled Wekapipo admits he was the one who shot Johnny.

Valentine attacks Diego from above, only to receive Wekapipo's Wrecking Ball in the head, but the ball digs into his head instead of hurting him. Valentine reveals his Stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap or D4C who has the power to transport objects through the alternate universe by putting them between two surfaces and allow different universes to coexist without being in contact. Diego slams Valentine on a wall, only for him to disappear and return out of Diego's body. Valentine is however incapacitated by the Wrecking Ball's left side ataxia and Diego attacks him. Valentine grabs the flag and covers himself in it, disappearing once again. Valentine then drags Diego through the flag, and Diego sees another Diego, Wekapipo and Valentine battling in the same street. Unable to move because his legs are still on the other side, Valentine steals the Left Eye and both Diego's body begin to disintegrate in Menge sponges.

At 16h08, Valentine lured Diego and Wekapipo near the park, disappearing and reappearing through objects and using alternate selves as decoys, he shot Johnny and reenacted Johnny's shooting in other two different versions with Wekapipo and Diego as shooters in three co-existing parallel universes. These three events are separately witnessed by the bystanders in the park, leading to the later confusion.

In the parallel universe, Valentine quietly goes away but is shot by Johnny, who was guided by Diego's dinosaurs in the sewers. Gravely hurt, he seemingly dies, but Diego knows the original got away with the Left Eye when he closed a door on him. Before disintegrating himself, Diego lures Wekapipo near the flag who still functions as a portal between universes, when he drags one in the other's universe. As both disintegrate into Menger sponges, Diego gets away in the universe hosting the Holy corpse where "everything is based". Diego theorizes that his universe is the only one hosting the Holy Corpse otherwise Valentine would have looked for it in other universes and confidently pursues Valentine.

Ticket to Ride

In the Independence Hall, a heavily pregnant Lucy is contacted by a mysterious voice compelling her to get away. Witnessing a wounded Steven in the next room, she begs her guards to heal him, only for them to try to sedate her. Due to a series of coincidences, the guards are all incapacitated or killed, allowing Lucy to act.

Meanwhile Gyro meets a wounded Johnny. Johnny explains Valentine's power to Gyro, who asks him to abandon the chase for the Corpse Parts, considering that they've lost. However, Johnny stands up briefly, showing the evolution of his legs, and reaffirms his will to get hold of the Corpse. Gyro accepts to help him and reveals a last level of the Spin, which can be used only by the most skilled horse riders, harnessing a power which can beat Valentine. Unable to locate the Corpse Parts, they resolve to chase Lucy's trail instead.

In the Independence Hall, Lucy manages to force a coach driver to drive her and Steven up to the Delaware in which a boat awaits them. To Lucy's horror, she realizes the voice was Valentine's and that he lured them in the U.S.S. Blue Hawaii.

D4C (Part 2)

Lucy has no other choice but to embark the U.S.S Blue Hawaii with her husband, with Valentine's promise that he won't kill Steven, despite noticing Lucy's attempt at leaving a clue of their location. They are to go to the East Coast, at the last "X" mark on Joseph of Arimathea's map.

Diego followed Valentine's scent up to the Delaware but has now lost its trace. He is ambushed by Hot Pants but soon both agree to cooperate to get the Holy Corpse, Diego being coerced into cooperation by Hot Pants' promise of Diego's biological father's whereabouts. Now following Lucy Steel's scent, they spot Lucy's message. Both are followed from afar by Johnny and Gyro. Diego and Hot Pants arrive at a trainyard in which a departing train shelters Lucy, Steven and Valentine.

Diego and Hot Pants give chase but Valentine slows them down by dragging alternate versions of both from a parallel universe and throwing both at his pursuers. Diego nonetheless uses D4C's power to his advantage and slams both between a door and a wall, sending them back. A vicious fight ensues as Diego and Hot Pants try multiple times to kill Valentine before he can travel to an alternate universe and switch himself, culminating in both being thrown out of the train a Valentine narrowly surviving while Diego is cut in half by the train's wheels.

Meanwhile, Gyro and Johnny notice that strange space distortions keep happening around them, Gyro gets a small cut in the finger and notices that the wound is moving. In the train, Hot Pants contemplates a metamorphosing Lucy Steel, who is becoming the Corpse. The same space distortions cause Hot Pants to fuse with miscellaneous object converging toward her heart and killing her. Valentine concludes that everything is drawn toward Lucy and then declares the Corpse as his ally, which is manifesting a new ability.

D4C -Love Train-

Valentine Powered

Valentine and D4C - Love Train

Valentine uncovers the true nature of this power, there is a pocket dimension, a gap into space in which only Valentine can enter and manipulate.

Gyro and Johnny catch up to the locomotive and realize the train engineer, whom they suspected to be another Stand user, is just a normal man Valentine forced to drive the train. Half-caught in a mirror, there is nothing the engineer can do but hold on the lever.

Johnny tries to shoot Valentine, who is unable to transport the Tusk holes into another universe but can transfer his wounds to a passerby when he enters the gap in space. Ecstatic, Valentine enters the gap entirely. At the same time, the small wound Gyro received moved to his carotid and transformed into a grace cut on a major artery. Gravely hurt, Gyro witnesses from the locomotive Valentine attacking Johnny from within the gap.

Johnny's spinning nail are now ineffective against the dimensional wall of the gap, harm being transferred to other people around the world. At the same time, a forest drawn to Lucy corners Johnny, who cannot evade D4C's next attack. As Valentine's Stand exits the pocket dimension to attack, Gyro's Steel Ball stops its movement and Valentine retreats back into his pocket dimension. In retaliation, D4C inflicts a small cut on Gyro's hand and Johnny separates the locomotive and the train wagons at the last moment before D4C can reach him. Gyro realizes the cut moved to his heart and is fatally wounded.

Johnny desperately declares that Valentine is now unbeatable, but Gyro picks up the steel ball he threw at D4C, on which some of Valentine's hairlock remained. Under the right condition, the Spin can hurt Valentine from beyond the dimensional wall: harnessing the rotational energy of their horses when they run according to the Golden scale, Gyro and Johnny can use an energy which will reach Valentine. Both then face the wagon, in which Valentine is perplexed at them not fleeing.

The duo begins riding toward the train wagon, but Valentine hides in the gap between space, molding it as a flat surface on the ground to make himself a small target. Valentine then pursues Johnny who tries to reproduce the Golden scale with his horse but at the crucial moment, his head crashes on nearby tree branches and Valentine cuts his left hand.

Johnny falls off his horse and is held by the throat by D4C. Gyro throws a steel ball at Valentine to no avail, and Valentines goes in for the kill. Suddenly he is pulled away from Johnny, despite Lucy being unable to move in her condition; it is, in fact, Steven Steel who transported Lucy out of the train and entrusted Lucy to Gyro in order to get her away from Valentine, whose proximity seems to harm Lucy. Valentine rushes toward her, but barely miss Lucy who's taken away on Gyro's horse. A frustrated Valentine knocks Steven out before pursuing Gyro, who is riding toward the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile, Johnny manages to transfer the wound with his Spin holes away from his heart, and picks up Gyro's steel ball. He sees Valentine's hair stuck on it, and realizes that Valentine didn't notice his wound.

Near the Atlantic Ocean, Gyro sees that Lucy's transformation into the Corpse is effectively halted when she's far away from Valentine. The ocean beginning to surround him, Gyro plans to corner Valentine on the slim area of ground both will be as Valentine can still drown in the water, and hit him when he's got nowhere to escape. A wind gust makes Valentine realizes that he's missing his ear, and as Gyro rushes toward him, the President finally takes measures the scope of the danger the Spin against him. Valentine changes his strategy and instead of attacking Gyro aims at his horse.

Ball Breaker

Valentine disappears on the ocean floor, while Gyro harness the Super Spin with Valkyrie. Valentine tries to waste Gyro's only shot with decoys alternate selves but Gyro correctly deduces Valentine's next move, who attacked from the other side the decoys appeared. D4C is hit by the Steel Ball imbued with the Super Spin.

The Ball hits the dimensional wall, and Gyro's new stand Ball Breaker passes through the wall with the Spin energy. Ball Breaker induces senescence in Valentine's cells, greatly aging him and Valentine falls to the ground, his decoys being also killed in another steel ball throw. Gyro receives a bullet wound in the process but is alive. However, Valentine reveals himself to be still alive, and Gyro's wound begins to move toward his heart.

As Valentine begins to move, Gyro passes on to Johnny a mysterious speech, his lesson n°5:

"The shortest route was a detour. It was a detour that was our shortest path."

Gyro throws his Super Spin imbued Steel Ball at Valentine, but Ball Breaker doesn't reach Valentine anymore. D4C cuts through Gyro's chest. Valentine explains that his victory was a stroke of luck: when Gyro threw the ball the first time, it passed through the dimensional gap between Lucy and Valentine. An infinitesimal part of it was scraped off, and the sphere became imperfect. Thus despite the Super Spin, it couldn't hit the wall at full power and Valentine survived. As Valentine finishes his explanation, Gyro dies and fell off his horse. Johnny is paralyzed in shock, unable to cope with Gyro's death as Valentine draws close to him.

Valentine empties his revolver on Gyro's corpse just to make sure and attacks Johnny. Johnny is still shocked and nearly waste all of his nail bullets. Valentine disappears into another world and using a blind spot, cuts Slow Dancer's throat, causing it and its rider to fall on the ground. Valentine closing in on Johnny, the ex-horseriding champion ponders on Gyro's last words and understands. Using Gyro's steel ball on Slow Dancer's leg, Johnny reproduces the very first effect of the Spin Johnny witnesses, leg reflexes. Slow Dancer kicks out Johnny in the air in a Golden scale leg movement, and Johnny is imbued with the Super Spin. In midair, Tusk ACT4 appears beside Johnny.


Tusk ACT 4

As Johnny's last fingernail hits the dimensional wall of the gap between space, Tusk ACT4 forces the wall open and goes into the dimensional gap. Tusk then pummels D4C with the signature stand rush "ORAORA", with enough force to form a crater on the ground at the bottom of which Valentine nonetheless escapes by putting himself between the ground and his coat. In another dimension, Valentine finds himself underground but manages to send his Stand to this universe's Valentine. A confident Valentine prepares to confront the original Johnny again. Suddenly his left leg rotates, then soon his whole body and even D4C begins to rotate and being drawn to the same underground spot. Imbued with the Super Spin down to his individual cells, Valentine is forced to remain at the spot in which he was hit with it, which happens to be underground. To his horror, even his alternate selves aren't immune as Tusk hit D4C the stand, meaning the damage will be forever transferred to the user. Despite his effort, the Super Spin truly represents an infinite energy and is facing the fate of suffocating in his hole over and over again.

A flashback details a young Funny's meeting with his future father-in-law Captain Valentine. The soldier narrates the story of Funny's father, which resisted a year of torture thanks to a handkerchief he was hiding in his eye socket, that handkerchief was embroidered with Funny's birth date and the soldier praised the father's patriotism, a lesson which deeply engraved itself into Funny. Holding that same handkerchief, Valentine doesn't despair and thinks of a plan to kill Johnny Joestar.

In the base world, Johnny regrows his five nails, and warns a recovering Lucy that the fight isn't over yet. Valentine effectively reappears but admits his loss, and proposes Johnny to bring back Gyro Zeppeli.

Break My Heart, Break Your Heart

The Holy Corpse begins to extract itself from Lucy. Meanwhile Valentine proposes to bring back an alternate version of Gyro, to let everyone go unharmed and to never search to harm them in the future, in exchange for Johnny to shoot Valentine with an Infinite Rotation in the inverted sense, which would cancel the rotation of his body. Johnny retorts that the Gyro he knew and loved is dead, but Valentine responses that that fact is irrelevant, since what will matter is that Gyro Zeppeli walks in Johnny's world.

Valentine adds that his motives for gathering the Holy Corpse stem from patriotism and that he wants to put the United States at the forefront of the world. This argument nearly convinces Johnny, who wants an insurance for Valentine's good faith; Valentine pulls out an alternate Cream Starter to heal everyone with. It works on Slow Dancer, and Valentine uses one last argument. He uses his father's handkerchief and vows upon it, using his deep love of his father to persuade Johnny of his good will. Johnny resonates with that last argument, thinking back that he and his father didn't love each other, and is convinced of Valentine's moral high ground.

Johnny nonetheless throws the gun Valentine emptied earlier back at him, daring him to pick it up as a test in order to see if Valentine isn't hiding an alternate revolver. Valentine's plans are foiled, he then suddenly attacks Johnny with both D4C and his own revolver. A final shootout ensues between the jockey and the President, which Johnny wins. Johnny witnesses a final apparition of Gyro's ghost and says his farewell. He then puts a final nail bullet in Valentine's head, killing him. Valentine's body is dragged underground by the Spin, and all traces of him disappears.

High Voltage

Diego's World

An alternate Diego attacks Johnny

After healing Steven, Lucy, and himself, Johnny contemplates the end of his search for the Holy Corpse. After observing the last horseriders still in the race pass by, Johnny realizes that the Corpse has been stolen by a last unknown enemy. It went totally unnoticed and Johnny spots familiar horseshoe prints, leading to him identifying the culprit as at least a Steel Ball Run contestant. Being informed by Steel that he Corpse is probably headed to the final stage of the race in Manhattan Island and determined to take back the Corpse, Johnny continues the race and pursues whoever stole the Corpse. The final stage: the Manhattan Rhapsody, a 15 km dash through New York's streets.

Before the 9th stage, the racers still have to reach Union Beach. In the way, Johnny catches up to the mysterious culprit, but as Johnny shoots him, the rider and his horse disappears and reappears behind him. Johnny turns back, only to see Diego Brando, alive and well, now wielding a Stand called THE WORLD, who attacks him.

A flashback reveals that Valentine continuously searched for a Stand user he could entrust the Corpse to, and who could beat the Super Spin and met Diego. Convincing him to follow him to the base world, he hid Diego underground in case his initial plan wouldn't work. Johnny is unsaddled and shoots several nail bullets at Diego. Both realizes what the other is capable of, and aim to devise a plan which will counter the other's power.

Johnny finishes the 8th stage in 5th place, and as the announcer declares that even at the last stage, anyone among Johnny, Diego, Pocoloco and Norisuke Higashikata can seize victory. In the ferry used as a transitional rest between the 8th and 9th stage, Johnny analyzes Diego's timestop and concludes that Diego mustn't see the attack coming. Disembarking, Johnny meets with his father George, and they silently reconcile, George publicly apologizing for his son, who rode through America. It is a Johnny with renewed will who pursues Diego.

Another shot of the Super Spin nails throws Diego off, who sees that the timestop doesn't completely affect Tusk. Using gas and matches, Diego tries to light Johnny and his horse up from afar, but Johnny opens the ground with Tusk ACT4, disappearing in the sewers. Diego is now in a weak position, unable to see the next attack. He then lets his fangirls hug him, who are killed in Diego's stead by the rotation. Johnny joins the rest of the racers on the Brooklyn Bridge, for one final attack. Johnny shoots his Super Spin nail as Diego stops time.

The World of the Stars and Stripes

In the stopped time, Diego positions himself and THE WORLD in order to attack from two directions. Diego shoots Johnny in the neck as The World punches him out from Slow Dancer. Diego then rides his own Stand, only leaving one leg touching the ground as the remaining Spin Energy converges toward THE WORLD. As THE WORLD's leg being invaded by the rotation, THE WORLD cuts it and throws it at Johnny who's imbued with the rotation. Incapacitated, Johnny cannot do anything as Diego wins the Steel Ball Run and head to the safe in which the Holy Corpse will be put.

Stars and Stripes - Outro

Part7 Endpicture

Johnny departing for Europe to bury Gyro

In the shelter Diego meets with Lucy. Held by THE WORLD, Lucy reveals that she had been waiting for Diego. Before the end of the 8th stage, Lucy learned of the culprit's true identity and went to the train tracks to recover Diego's head. Giving it to Diego, Lucy kills Diego by fusing his head with the original head.

At the same time, Steven rescues Johnny by taking him on his horse, so that Johnny can shoot himself.

After a brief narration of the after effects of the race, Johnny embarks on a boat to give Gyro's corpse back to his family, in which he meets his future wife Rina Higashikata. We last see Johnny giving one last prayer, and smiles as he goes to Europe to bury his friend.

Characters & Stands

Character Name Stand Name Role
Gyro Zeppeli Ball Breaker Main Protagonist
Johnny Joestar Tusk (ACT1 , 2 , 3 & 4) Main Protagonist
Lucy Steel Ticket to Ride Ally
Hot Pants Cream Starter Ally (Prev. Neutral)
Mountain Tim Oh! Lonesome Me Ally
Wekapipo N/A Ally (Prev. Villain)
Steven Steel N/A Ally (Prev. Neutral)
Pocoloco Hey Ya! Neutral
Norisuke Higashikata N/A Neutral
Mrs. Robinson N/A Villain
Andre Boom Boom Tomb of the Boom Villain
Benjamin Boom Boom Tomb of the Boom Villain
L. A. Boom Boom Tomb of the Boom Villain
Pork Pie Hat Kid Wired Villain
Oyecomova Boku no Rhythm wo Kiitekure Villain
Dr. Ferdinand Scary Monsters Villain
Ringo Roadagain Mandom Villain
Blackmore Catch the Rainbow Villain
Mike O. Tubular Bells Villain
Sandman In a Silent Way Villain (Prev. Neutral)
Magent Magent 20th Century Boy Villain
Eleven Men Tatoo You! Villains
Sugar Mountain N/A Neutral
Tree Sugar Mountain's Spring Neutral
Axl RO Civil War Villain
Scarlet Valentine N/A Villain (Prev. Neutral)
D-I-S-C-O Chocolate Disco Villain
Diego Brando Scary Monsters Neutral (Prev. Villain)
Diego Brando (2nd) THE WORLD Villain
Funny Valentine D4C Main Antagonist

Minor Characters

See also Minor Characters § Part 7: Steel Ball Run and Unnamed Characters § Part 7: Steel Ball Run
Character Name Role
Dot Han Neutral
Gaucho Neutral
Nicholas Joestar Ally
Jesus Neutral

Major Battles


Steel Ball Run consists of 95 chapters, compiled into Volumes 1 to 24 of the Jump Comics collected editions. The left column consists of the titles from the volumes. The right column consists of the titles from the Weekly Shonen Jump release of Part 7 until Chapter 24, when it switches over to Ultra Jump.[3][4]

SBR Volume 1: September 25, 1890 San Diego Beach Release Date: ISBN:
(1890年9月25日 サンディエゴビーチ
Issen Happyaku Kyūjū Nen Kugatsu Nijūgonichi San Diego Bīchi

Flag of Japan May 20, 2004[1]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-873601-3
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 01. San Diego Beach - September 23, 1890 - 2 Days to Start (サンディエゴビーチ 1890年9月23日 スタート2日前 San Diego Bīchi Senhappyakukyūjū Nen Kyū Tsuki Nijūsan Nichi Sutāto Ni Nichi Mae)
  • 02. San Diego Beach - September 23, 1890 - 2 Days to Start, Part 2 (サンディエゴビーチ 1890年9月23日 スタート2日前 その② San Diego Bīchi Senhappyakukyūjū Nen Kyū Tsuki Nijūsan Nichi Sutāto Ni Nichi Mae Sono 2)
  • 03. San Diego Beach - September 23, 1890 - 2 Days to Start, Part 3 (サンディエゴビーチ 1890年9月23日 スタート2日前 その③ San Diego Bīchi Senhappyakukyūjū Nen Kyū Tsuki Nijūsan Nichi Sutāto Ni Nichi Mae Sono 3)
  • 04. San Diego Beach - September 25 - Start (サンディエゴビーチ 9月25日 スタート San Diego Bīchi Kyū Tsuki Nijūgo Nichi Sutāto)
  • 05. 15,000 Meters - Hill Area - 10 a.m. (15,000メートル丘陵地帯 午前10時 Jūgosen Mētoru Kyūryō Chitai Gozen Jū Ji)
Volume 81
SBR Volume 2: First Stage: 15,000 Meters Release Date: ISBN:
(1st. STAGE 15,000メートル Fāsuto Sutēji J'ūgosen Mētoru)
Flag of Japan May 20, 2004[2]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-873613-6
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 06. 15,000 Meters - The Dried-Up River - 10:05 a.m. (15,000メートル 涸れた川 午前10時5分 Jūgosen Mētoru Kare Ta Kawa Gozen Jū Toki Go Bun)
  • 07. 15,000 Meters - Uphill - 10:08 a.m. (15,000メートル 登り坂 午前10時8分 Jūgosen Mētoru Nobori Zaka Gozen Jū Toki Hachi Bun)
  • 08. 15,000 Meters - The Woods - 10:12 a.m. (15,000メートル 雑木林 午前10時12分 Jūgosen Mētoru Zōkibayashi Gozen Jū Toki Jūni Bun)
  • 09. 15,000 Meters - Downhill - 10:14 a.m. (15,000メートル 下り坂 午前10時14分 Jūgosen Mētoru Kudarizaka Gozen Jū Toki Jūyon Bun)
  • 10. 15,000 Meters - The Final Stretch - 10:17 a.m. (15,000メートル 最終直線 午前10時17分 Jūgosen Mētoru Saishū Chokusen Gozen Jū Toki Jūnana Bun)
  • 11. 15,000 Meters - Before the Goal - 10:18 a.m. (15,000メートル ゴール前 午前10時18分 Jūgosen Mētoru Gōru Mae Gozen Jū Toki Jūhachi Bun)
Volume 82
SBR Volume 3: Second Stage: Arizona Desert Crossing Release Date: ISBN:
(2nd. STAGE アリゾナ砂漠越え Sekondo Sutēji Arizona Sabaku Goe)
Flag of Japan November 4, 2004[4]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-873673-0
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 12. First Stage: Order of Arrival Confirmed (1st.STAGE 着順確定 Fāsuto Stēji Chaku Jun Kakutei)
  • 13. Second Stage Start (2nd.STAGEスタート Sekando Stēji Sutāto)
  • 14. Mrs. Robinson (ミセス・ロビンスン Misesu Robinson)
  • 15. Andre Boom Boom (アンドレ・ブンブーン Andore Bunbūn)
  • 16. Boom Boom Family (ブンブーン一家 Bunbūn Ikka)
  • 17. Mountain Tim (マウンテン・ティム Maunten Timu)
Volume 83
SBR Volume 4: Gyro Zeppeli's Mission Release Date: ISBN:
(ジャイロ・ツェペリの宿命 Jairo Tseperi no Shukumei)
Flag of Japan November 4, 2004[5]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-873689-1
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 18. Battle Between Three People (3人の闘い San Hito no Tatakai)
  • 19. The Cursed Power (呪われた能力(ちから) Noroware Ta Chikara)
  • 20. Zeppeli Family (ツェペリ一族 Tseperi Ichizoku)
  • 21. Staging Area (中継地点 Chūkei Chiten)
  • 22. Bombing in the Desert (砂漠の猛爆 Sabaku no Mō Baku)
  • 23. Chase in a Mountainous Area (山岳地帯の追撃 Sangaku Chitai no Tsuigeki)
Volume 84
SBR Volume 5: The President's Conspiracy Release Date: ISBN:
(大統領の陰謀 Daitōryō no Inbō)
Flag of Japan August 4, 2005[6]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-873845-1
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 24. Interlude (インタールード (間奏曲) Intārūdo (Kansōkyoku))
  • 25. Tusk, Part 1 (牙(タスク) その① Tasuku Sono 1)
  • 26. Tusk, Part 2 (牙(タスク) その② Tasuku Sono 2)
  • 27. Tusk, Part 3 (牙(タスク) その③ Tasuku Sono 3)
  • Prologue (プロローグ編 Purorōgu Hen)[7]
  • 01. The President's Orders: 'Search for the Corpse', Part 1 (大統領命令「死体をさがせ」① Daitōryō Meirei 'Shitai o Sagase' 1)[8]
  • 02. The President's Orders: 'Search for the Corpse', Part 2 (大統領命令「死体をさがせ」② Daitōryō Meirei 'Shitai o Sagase' 2)
  • 03. The President's Orders: 'Search for the Corpse', Part 3 (大統領命令「死体をさがせ」③ Daitōryō Meirei 'Shitai o Sagase' 3)
Volume 85
SBR Volume 6: Scary Monsters Release Date: ISBN:
(スケアリー モンスターズ Sukearī Monsutāzu)
Flag of Japan November 4, 2005[9]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-873890-1
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 04. Diego Brando (ディエゴ・ブランドー Diego Burandō)
  • 05. Diego Brando, Part 2 (ディエゴ・ブランドー② Diego Burandō 2)
  • 06. Diego Brando, Part 3 (ディエゴ・ブランドー③ Diego Burandō 3)
Volume 86
SBR Volume 7: A Little Grave on the Wide, Wide Prairie Release Date: ISBN:
(広い広い大草原の小さな墓標 Hiroi Hiroi Daisōgen no Chiisana Bohyō)
Flag of Japan March 3, 2006[11]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-874117-8
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 07. Diego Brando, Part 4 (ディエゴ・ブランドー④ Diego Burandō 4)
  • 08. Cross the Lake (湖を越えろ Mizuumi o Koero)
  • 09. Little Tomb on the Prairie, Part 1 (大草原の小さな墓標① Dai Sōgen no Chīsana Bohyō 1)
Volume 87
SBR Volume 8: To a Man's World Release Date: ISBN:
(男の世界へ Otoko no Sekai e)
Flag of Japan May 2, 2006[12]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-874119-2
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 10. Little Tomb on the Prairie, Part 2 (大草原の小さな墓標② Dai Sōgen no Chīsana Bohyō 2)
  • 11. Little Tomb on the Prairie, Part 3 (大草原の小さな墓標③ Dai Sōgen no Chīsana Bohyō 3)
  • 12. Lucy Steel (ルーシー・スティール Rūshī Sutīru)
Volume 88
SBR Volume 9: A Stormy Night Is Coming Release Date: ISBN:
(嵐の夜がやってくる Arashi no Yoru ga Yatte Kuru)
Flag of Japan September 4, 2006[13]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-874147-5
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 13. The Little Green Tomb (緑色の小さな墓標 Ryokushoku no Chīsana Bohyō)
  • 14. The Little Green Tomb, Part 2 (緑色の小さな墓標② Ryokushoku no Chīsana Bohyō 2)
  • 15. The Little Green Tomb, Part 3 (緑色の小さな墓標③ Ryokushoku no Chīsana Bohyō 3)
Volume 89
SBR Volume 10: Illinois Skyline, Michigan Lakeline Release Date: ISBN:
(イリノイ・スカイライン ミシガン・レイクライン
Irinoi Sukairain Mishigan Reikurain

Flag of Japan November 2, 2006[14]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-874285-4
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 16. Lucy's Determination (ルーシーの決意 Rūshī no Ketsui)
  • 17. Which One Is the Enemy? (敵はどいつだ? Teki wa Doi Tsu Da?)
  • 18. A Further Stage (さらなる段階 Saranaru Dankai)
Volume 90
SBR Volume 11: Make the Golden Rectangle! Release Date: ISBN:
(黄金長方形をつくれ! Ōgon Chōhōkei o Tsukure!)
Flag of Japan March 2, 2007[15]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-874336-3
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 19. The Golden Rectangle (黄金長方形 Ōgon Chōhōkei)
  • 20. To the Golden Spin! (黄金の回転へ! Ōgon no Kaiten e!)
  • 21. Rules of the Lakeside (湖畔のルール Kohan no Rūru)
Volume 91
SBR Volume 12: Conditions for the Body, Conditions for Friendship Release Date: ISBN:
(遺体への条件 友情への条件 Itai e no Jōken Yūjō e no Jōken)
Flag of Japan May 2, 2007[16]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-874362-2
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 22. Rules of the Lakeside, Part 2 (湖畔のルール② Kohan no Rūru 2)
  • 23. Rules of the Lakeside, Part 3 (湖畔のルール③ Kohan no Rūru 3)
  • 24. Rules of the Lakeside, Part 4 (湖畔のルール④ Kohan no Rūru 4)
Volume 92
SBR Volume 13: Wrecking Ball Release Date: ISBN:
(壊れゆく鉄球 Kowareyuku Tekkyū)
Flag of Japan September 4, 2007[17]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-874420-9
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 51. Wrecking Ball, Part 1 (壊れゆく鉄球 レッキング・ボール その① Kowareyuku Tekkyū Rekkingu Bōru Sono 1)
  • 25. Offense and Defense at the President's Residence (政府公邸の攻防 Seifu Kōtei no Kōbō)
  • 26. Offense and Defense at the President's Residence, Part 2 (政府公邸の攻防② Seifu Kōtei no Kōbō 2)
  • 27. Steel Ball VS Steel Ball (鉄球VS鉄球 Tekkyū Bāsasu Tekkyū)
Volume 93
SBR Volume 14: The Victor's Rights Release Date: ISBN:
(勝利者への資格 Shōrisha e no Shikaku)
Flag of Japan December 4, 2007[18]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-874438-4
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 52. Wrecking Ball, Part 2 (壊れゆく鉄球 レッキング・ボール その② Kowareyuku Tekkyū Rekkingu Bōru Sono 2)
  • 53. Wrecking Ball, Part 3 (壊れゆく鉄球 レッキング・ボール その③ Kowareyuku Tekkyū Rekkingu Bōru Sono 3)
  • 54. Wrecking Ball, Part 4 (壊れゆく鉄球 レッキング・ボール その④ Kowareyuku Tekkyū Rekkingu Bōru Sono 4)
  • 28. World of Ice (氷の世界 Kōri no Sekai)
  • 29. Wekapipo's Method (ウェカピポのやり方 Wekapipo no Yarikata)
  • 30. Wekapipo's Coming! (ウェカピポが来る! Wekapipo ga Kuru!)
  • 31. The Sixth Goal (6度目のゴール Roku Do Me no Gōru)
Volume 94
SBR Volume 15: A Dream of Gettysburg Release Date: ISBN:
(ゲティスバーグの夢 Getisubāgu no Yume)
Flag of Japan May 2, 2008[19]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-874518-3
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 32. House of Recollection (追憶の館 Tsuioku no Kan)
  • 33. House of Recollection, Part 2 (追憶の館② Tsuioku no Kan 2)
  • 34. House of Recollection, Part 3 (追憶の館③ Tsuioku no Kan 3)
  • 35. House of Recollection, Part 4 (追憶の館④ Tsuioku no Kan 4)
Volume 95
SBR Volume 16: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Release Date: ISBN:
(いともたやすく行われる えげつない行為
Itomo Tayasuku Okonawareru Egutsunai Kōi

Flag of Japan September 4, 2008[20]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-874574-9
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 36. To the Ground of the Final Battle (決戦の地へ Kessen no Chi e)
  • 37. True Power, Part 1 (真の(パワー) Shin no Pawā 1)
  • 38. True Power, Part 2 (真の(パワー) Shin no Pawā 2)
Volume 96
SBR Volume 17: D4C Release Date: ISBN:
(D4C(ディ・フォー・シー) Dī Fō Shī)
Flag of Japan March 4, 2009[21]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-874648-7
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 67. D4C, Part 2 (D4C(ディ・フォー・シー) その② Dī Fō Shī Sono 2)
  • 68. D4C, Part 3 (D4C(ディ・フォー・シー) その③ Dī Fō Shī Sono 3)
  • 39. True Power, Part 3 (真の(パワー) Shin no Pawā 3)
  • 40. True Power, Part 4 (真の(パワー) Shin no Pawā 4)
  • 41. True Power, Part 5 (真の(パワー) Shin no Pawā 5)
  • 42. The Unexplainable Chain (不可解の連鎖 Fukakai no Rensa)
  • 43. The President's Coming! (大統領が来る! Daitōryō ga Kuru!)
Volume 97
SBR Volume 18: Ticket to Ride Release Date: ISBN:
(涙の乗車券(チケット・トゥ・ライド) Chiketto Tu Raido)
Flag of Japan July 3, 2009[22]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-874725-5
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 69. D4C, Part 4 (D4C(ディ・フォー・シー) その④ Dī Fō Shī Sono 4)
  • 70. D4C, Part 5 (D4C(ディ・フォー・シー) その⑤ Dī Fō Shī Sono 5)
  • 71. Ticket to Ride, Part 1 (涙の乗車券(チケット・トゥ・ライド) その① Chiketto Tu Raido Sono 1)
  • 72. Ticket to Ride, Part 2 (涙の乗車券(チケット・トゥ・ライド) その② Chiketto Tu Raido Sono 2)
  • 44. The President's Coming!, Part 2 (大統領が来る!② Daitōryō ga Kuru! 2)
  • 45. The President's Coming!, Part 3 (大統領が来る!③ Daitōryō ga Kuru! 3)
  • 46. Lucy Imprisoned (囚われのルーシー Toraware no Rūshī)
  • 47. Delaware River, Part 1 (デラウェア(リバー)へ① Derawea Ribā e 1)
Volume 98
SBR Volume 19: You Can't Get Rich Release Date: ISBN:
(お金持ちにはなれない Okanemochi ni wa Narenai)
Flag of Japan November 4, 2009[23]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-874769-9
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 73. D4C, Part 6 (D4C(ディ・フォー・シー) その⑥ Dī Fō Shī Sono 6)
  • 74. D4C, Part 7 (D4C(ディ・フォー・シー) その⑦ Dī Fō Shī Sono 7)
  • 75. D4C, Part 8 (D4C(ディ・フォー・シー) その⑧ Dī Fō Shī Sono 8)
  • 76. D4C, Part 9 (D4C(ディ・フォー・シー) その⑨ Dī Fō Shī Sono 9)
  • 48. Delaware River, Part 2 (デラウェア(リバー)へ② Derawea Ribā e 2)
  • 49. Delaware River, Part 3 (デラウェア(リバー)へ③ Derawea Ribā e 3)
  • 50. Proof of Weakness (弱点の証明 Jakuten no Shōmei)
  • 51. The Final Stronghold (最後の砦 Saigo no Toride)
Volume 99
SBR Volume 20: Love Train - The World Is One Release Date: ISBN:
(ラブトレイン-世界はひとつ Rabu Torein - Sekai wa Hitotsu)
Flag of Japan March 9, 2010[24]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-870060-1
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 77. D4C, Part 10 (D4C(ディ・フォー・シー) その⑩ Dī Fō Shī Sono 10)
  • 78. D4C, Part 11 -Love Train- (D4C(ディ・フォー・シー) その⑪ -ラブトレイン- Dī Fō Shī Sono 11 -Rabu Torein-)
  • 79. D4C, Part 12 -Love Train- (D4C(ディ・フォー・シー) その⑫ -ラブトレイン- Dī Fō Shī Sono 12 -Rabu Torein-)
  • 80. D4C, Part 13 -Love Train- (D4C(ディ・フォー・シー) その⑬ -ラブトレイン- Dī Fō Shī Sono 13 -Rabu Torein-)
  • 52. The Sign to Overtake (追い付く看板 Oitsuku Kanban)
  • 53. The Phenomenon and the Goddess (現象と女神 Genshō to Megami)
  • 54. Justice and Evil (正義と邪悪 Seigi to Jaaku)
  • 55. Justice and Evil, Part 2 (正義と邪悪② Seigi to Jaaku 2)
Volume 100
SBR Volume 21: Ball Breaker Release Date: ISBN:
(ボール・ブレイカー Bōru Bureikā)
Flag of Japan July 2, 2010[25]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-870099-1
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 81. D4C, Part 14 -Love Train- (D4C(ディ・フォー・シー) その⑭ -ラブトレイン- Dī Fō Shī Sono 14 -Rabu Torein-)
  • 82. D4C, Part 15 -Love Train- (D4C(ディ・フォー・シー) その⑮ -ラブトレイン- Dī Fō Shī Sono 15 -Rabu Torein-)
  • 56. Justice and Evil, Part 3 (正義と邪悪③ Seigi to Jaaku 3)
  • 57. Justice and Evil, Part 4 (正義と邪悪④ Seigi to Jaaku 4)
  • 58. Justice and Evil, Part 5 (正義と邪悪⑤ Seigi to Jaaku 5)
  • 59. The Goddess' Jealousy (女神の嫉妬 Megami no Shitto)
Volume 101
SBR Volume 22: Break My Heart, Break Your Heart Release Date: ISBN:
(ブレイク・マイ・ハート ブレイク・ユア・ハート
Bureiku Mai Hāto Bureiku Yua Hāto

Flag of Japan November 4, 2010[26]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-870160-8
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 60. Lesson 5 (LESSON5 Ressun Go)
  • 61. Lesson 5, Part 2 (LESSON5② Ressun Go 2)
  • 62. Lesson 5, Part 3 (LESSON5③ Ressun Go 3)
  • 63. Lesson 5, Part 4 (LESSON5④ Ressun Go 4)
Volume 102
SBR Volume 23: High Voltage Release Date: ISBN:
(ハイ・ヴォルテージ Hai Vorutēji)
Flag of Japan May 19, 2011[27]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-870206-3
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 64. Lesson 5, Part 5 (LESSON5⑤ Ressun Go 5)
  • 65. A New World (新たな世界 Arata Na Sekai)
  • 66. A New World, Part 2 (新たな世界② Arata Na Sekai 2)
Volume 103
SBR Volume 24: The Stars and Stripes Forever Release Date: ISBN:
(星条旗よ 永遠なれ Seijōki Yo Eien Nare)
Flag of Japan June 3, 2011[28]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-870253-7
Volume Titles Ultra Jump Titles
  • 67. A New World, Part 3 (新たな世界③ Arata Na Sekai 3)
  • 68. A New World, Part 4 (新たな世界④ Arata Na Sekai 4)
  • 69. A New World, Part 5 (新たな世界⑤ Arata Na Sekai 5)
  • 70. The Whereabouts of Happiness (幸福の行方 Kōfuku no Yukue)
Volume 104



  • Part 7 marks the first time since Battle Tendency that a Zeppeli is featured.
  • During it's initial serialization in Weekly Shōnen Jump, Steel Ball Run was categorized as a different series without the JoJo' Bizarre Adventure title. The change was a request from the editorial department in an attempt to attract reader attention by introducing a "new series."[29] This was undone when the series moved to Ultra Jump in 2005.
    • Araki has mentioned that, despite the name alternation, he wrote Steel Ball Run as the seventh part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure from the start.[29][30]


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