This is a story about breaking a curse.[...] This mysterious boy buried in the ground, who in the world is he?

—Yasuho Hirose about Josuke, JJL Chapter 1

JoJolion (ジョジョリオン JoJorion) is the award-winning eighth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, published in Ultra Jump starting May 2011.

The story begins in 2011 and follows Josuke Higashikata, a young man afflicted by retrograde amnesia, on his search to uncover his identity in Morioh Town, a coastal Japanese town affected by the Tohoku earthquake.

JoJolion represents the second part of the series set in the "Steel Ball Run Universe".


Welcome to Morioh Town

In this search to find out who he is... we keep running into things beyond comprehension...


Jojolion Protagonist (Chapter 1)

A man buried in the ground

Yasuho Hirose, hiding from Joshu Higashikata near Morioh Town's Wall Eyes, discovers a naked man in a sailor cap half buried underground.

In narration, Yasuho explains how the Wall Eyes rose concurrent with a version of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. Massive, rocky protrusions marked with long, vertical holes, they rise between the coastline and the mainland, blocking highways, waterways, gas and power lines.

Yasuho calls an ambulance. She notices a star-shaped birthmark on his shoulder, surrounded by the fresh mark of a human's bite. The man asks Yasuho whether she knows who he is, before beginning to sink into the ground, prompting her to pull him out, revealing a deep hole. She notices that he has four testicles.

Joshu finds Yasuho and the man, jealously launching a lethal attack; inciting him to initiate a power in the form of a bubble emerging from his birthmark that turns Joshu blind. The man faints, before they are all taken to hospital.

Soft & Wet

Later at the hospital, the protagonist meets with Yasuho again and explains that he is amnesiac. Yasuho offers to help him and by searching the man's hat, manage to seemingly learn his identity: Yoshikage Kira.

Jojolion Protagonist (Chapter 4)

Soft & Wet appears

They go to Kira's apartment but Yasuho discovers a compromising photo album, making her leave in disgust. Soon after, Josuke is attacked by an unknown ability. Whenever a limb is hurt, it falls under the control of a man in the apartment directly above his and the whole apartment is trapped. Revealing his Stand, Soft & Wet, Josuke is violently forced to overcome a plot agreed between the Stand user above and the hostage.

Apprehending and interrogating him, the attacker identifies as Ojiro Sasame, a surfer seeking revenge against Yoshikage Kira, whom Josuke closely resembles (in dress as well as in body). Sasame tells of a psychopathic Kira, who in the past by an obscure power and for little reason convinced Sasame to consume his own fingers. Finished, Josuke identifies a Wall Eye in a photo of Kira.

Traveling to the site of Kira's self-portrait, buried deeper, they discover the body of the real Yoshikage Kira, who has died of cardiac arrest three days prior.

The Higashikata Family

Jjl color v02 028

Josuke adopted into the Higashikata

Josuke and Yasuho are taken in by the head of the Higahikata family, Norisuke Higashikata IV, owner of a fruit importation business inherited from his grandfather Norisuke Higashikata I.

Lent the Higashikata name, Josuke Higashikata is welcomed into Norisuke's home and provided with Joshu's bedroom, to his chagrin. However, while Norisuke instructs Josuke to guard his blind daughter Daiya and ominously warns him to obey his word, Yasuho is escorted out by the family's maid Nijimura and warned not to return.

California King Bed

As everyone leaves, Daiya has a crush on Josuke and decides to play with him. With her Stand California King Bed, she threatens to take the few memories he has and make him her servant, and Josuke must make Daiya step on his shadow to take his memories back.

Meanwhile, Yasuho discovers from a DNA test that Josuke and Kira are practically the same people.

Defeating and befriending Daiya by baiting her into the fridge's light, Josuke elicits her assistance in researching her family as they enter Norisuke's study together.

Family Tree

A book in the study contains a family tree, revealing that Yoshikage Kira and the Higashikatas are directly related; referencing the Steel Ball Run race and a link between Johnny Joestar and Norisuke Higashikata.

"Paisley Park" & "Born This Way"

After reading the family tree book, Josuke makes a plan to find Kira's mother, Holy Joestar-Kira, whom Daiya mentions that she resides in Morioh hospital. Utilizing his phone's GPS on the way, which seems to communicate contradictory instructions, Josuke is trailed and attacked by a dark motorcycle rider. Josuke manages to kick off the rider's helmet, revealing a Stand composed of both bike and rider.

Josuke deduces that mysteriously, his GPS is actually helping him escape his pursuer. Reaching the hospital, Josuke finds and defeats Kyo Nijimura, the Higashikata family's maid.

Josuke asks Nijimura whether she attacked him under Norisuke's orders. She reacts with distaste and insists on killing him if he approaches Holy, who she reveals to be both her and Yoshikage Kira's mother. Thus, Josuke resolves to find another way to conduct his research.

The Lemon and the Tangerine

Jjl color v04 059

Josuke is a mix between two men!

As Josuke leaves, she asks him to show her his tongue. She confirms and explains to Josuke that he has two tongues (fused as one) and four eyes (as two), before revealing that he must be a fusion of Kira and another person, having emerged from the ground near the Wall Eyes, which is known to fuse together objects that are buried there.

At the hospital, after being kicked out, Yasuho's Stand, Paisley Park, activates subconsciously, leading her to Holy Joestar-Kira. She watches as doctors perform several tests, noting a compromise in Holy's ability to discern people from objects and that she is missing several vital organs without negative repercussions, as well as several perfectly spherical portions of her brain, all without any evidence of surgical removal.

"Shakedown Road"

Josuke manages to acquire his own cell phone, and at Norisuke's request, is taken to high school by Joshu to test his academic level.

Their path is interrupted when Josuke and Joshu enter Shakedown Road, where the denizens of the road somehow make Joshu and Josuke damage miscellaneous items and coerce them into compensating with money. As a result, Josuke owns 330,000 yen to a pet shop owner. Later on, a group of thugs pressures Josuke and Joshu to become mules for a suspected drug trade.

However, Joshu discovers that the strange events on the road are due to Stands under the falling leaves that, if the leaves create a path, can teleport people and object through the path. He manages to intercept the real exchange on the leaves and flees with the payment. When the thugs catch up to him, Joshu awakens his Stand Nut King Call and manages to flee.

However, Josuke has also discovered the power of the gingko leaves has taken the money for himself with his Stand, which with he repays the pet shop owner in full. Josuke makes a call to Yasuho and, while Yasuho doesn't answer, she notices that it was made near a local landmark, the Joestar Jizō. Reminded of the family tree, she researches the subject.

Morioh Town: Year 1901

Josuke and Yasuho learn that research and the revelation of the pet shop owner that the Jizo was built as a memorial to Johnny Joestar and discover the circumstances of his death.

A famous American jockey, Johnny had married Rina Higashikata whom he met at the end of Steel Ball Run and had built relations with Japan as both a riding teacher for the government and a fruit importer. The two lived together in America on a ranch, but after several years, Rina was struck by a mysterious disease. Rina began to lose her memory, and her skin was like rock. In his anguish, Johnny stole the Saint's Corpse and took it to Japan, pursued by American agents. He hid the Corpse in a hole under a pine tree and brought his family here. Praying to the Corpse to transfer the disease away from her wife, Johnny saw with horror that his son became ill instead. At the end, Johnny took the disease onto himself and died, his head crushed by a rock.

Johnny's body discovered, the Joestar curse claims another young life.

Nonetheless, the pet shop owner precises that it is only hearsay. Still, Josuke makes the link with the disease that is affecting Holy.

Yasuho has navigated to the Meditation Pine at the rear of the Higashikata estate by photos in the news stories she has researched. She reads of a baby washed up nearby on November 13, 1901, wearing a necklace. She notes that she can see the Higashikata house, when she is grabbed by a hand from inside the tree and momentarily groped in the darkness.

Paper Moon Deception

Yasuho finds herself with Tsurugi Higashikata, the grandchild of Norisuke. Tsurugi reveals that they are in an underground facility used by the Higashikata Family and also that he is cross-dressing because of a family tradition. The boy wants to play with Yasuho but she rebukes him. She discovers that Tsurugi has folded her phone like an origami into a frog and when it touches her, she falls under the influence of Paper Moon King.

Yasuho heads back into town, trailed by Tsurugi. She realizes that everyone save Tsurugi looks and sounds the same, and she cannot even discern texts. Although Yasuho calls Josuke for help, they never manage to join and Yasuho lives a series of misadventures, notably meeting Joshu who she mistakes for a rapist and whom she knocks out.

When Tsurugi lasts reveals himself, Yasuho concedes, following him back to his playroom. Elsewhere, Josuke sees that he is no longer afflicted by Tsurugi's Stand and that Yasuho was its main target.

Through the slot in the door of the second underground room, somebody spies on Tsurugi and Yasuho's return.

Tsurugi's Goal & the Architect

Yasuho calms in Tsurugi's playroom. He apologizes, admitting that he targeted her with his Stand, Paper Moon King. He states that anyone who comes near the Wall Eyes will awaken a Stand and that the Higashikata do not appear to discuss the subject among themselves.

Asking again the purpose of the underground complex, Tsurugi explains that it is a space dedicated to treating the mysterious illness that turns the skin hard like stone befalling all Higashikata firstborns. Yasuho is reminded of Holy's condition and that Kira tried to save his mother.

Tsurugi leaves and Yasuho takes a nap. However, a figure emerges from a wall. Uttering obscurities, mentioning Soft & Wet and that Josuke need not exist, the man pulls a sheet of clear material from his eyes, pinning it around Yasuho's wrists and face. He captures Yasuho who wakes up and proceeds to torture her. Paisley Park escapes to warn Josuke.

Telling Yasuho that he has been watching "all of them" up to now, the man introduces himself as Yotsuyu Yagiyama, an architect, who most of all desires social status, for which purpose he intends to ensure that Josuke dies again. Yotsuyu suddenly slips on a banana peel origami that Yasuho made and the man disappears.

Norisuke, Tsurugi & Yotsuyu

Meanwhile, Josuke spots Tsurugi heading toward the garden and follows him, himself followed by Norisuke. Josuke decides to interrogate Norisuke to discover his intentions once and for all. Despite earlier suspicious behaviour, Norisuke exposes the multiple reasons why he doesn't mean harm, most importantly, that both are interested in finding a cure for the Rock Disease plaguing both their families. Norisuke says that he's adopted Josuke because Kira has supposedly discovered a cure and he hopes to find it too.

Asking Norisuke, a firstborn, how he himself was cured, Norisuke limits his answer to that his parents traded their lives to cure him. Josuke asks Norisuke's permission to question Tsurugi, and the request encourages Norisuke to accompany him as a form of compromise. Norisuke nonetheless keeps his Stand's nature secret.

Near the hatch to the underground facility, Josuke and Norisuke find themselves surrounded by numerous garden pots, converging toward them. Breaking the pots with Soft & Wet proves ineffective when the shards begin to dig into Josuke's flesh, attracted to him in particular. It is only through the combined effort of a now free Norisuke dragging him out of the Pot's reach and Josuke utilizing soap bubbles to steal the weight of the shards attached to him does he escape death.

Josuke then feels someone touching him but doesn't see anyone. This time hundreds of chestnuts advance on the pair and threaten to pierce their skin with sharp thorns until Josuke robs them of their moisture and they disintegrate, giving Norisuke enough time to force the hatch open and break the chained inner handle with a rock. Once the two enter and seal the bunker they find themselves out of their opponent's effective radius and indulge in a temporary calm.

King Nothing

In the bunker, Norisuke compels Tsurugi to reveal that Yotsuyu approached him with the promise of a cure for the Rock Disease, demonstrating its potency by feeding it to a dog transformed into rock and seemingly healing it. However, the exact nature of the cure wasn't revealed to him.

Josuke, who's made sure that Yasuho is safe in a nearby bedroom, checks the room again when Tsurugi mentions that there is another hidden entrance. When he sees that Yasuho has disappeared, he immediately gives chase. Norisuke reveals his Stand King Nothing which tracks objects and people by their scents, and both follow the scent of Yasuho, aware that they are going into a trap. While following the scent, Norisuke chooses to reveal some of the Higashikata's secrets, namely the Rock Disease which affects the eldest child but which was "healed" by having one member of the family perform an equivalent exchange in the ground of their property with the child.

King Nothing leads Josuke and Norisuke to the coast in which they find Yasuho still unconscious. At the same time, Josuke spots Yotsuyu who manages to touch him before being pummeled away and hide among the rocks. Threatened again by Yotsuyu's power, Josuke suggests Norisuke to track the mysterious man who can transform into rocks.

"I Am a Rock"


Josuke discovers the Rock Humans

Using Yotsuyu's scent, Norisuke manages to find the architect in his rock form. Scratching the rock skin with a boulder, and seeing it bleed, Josuke and Norisuke are puzzled by Yotsuyu's true nature. Yotsuyu turns back into a normal form and declares that he will obtain the Higashikata's wealth before disappearing again when Soft and Wet punches him away.

Josuke goes on the offensive and foregoes defending himself against the canisters. Spotting Yotsuyu from the bleeding scratch, Josuke imprisons him in a bubble and begins to transport him to the coast. Yotsuyu reveals his Stand I Am a Rock and pops the bubble with converging rocks as the canisters of pesticide reach Josuke. Covered in pesticide, Josuke nonetheless pushes Yotsuyu off the cliff with him and both fall into the sea.

Josuke imprisons Yotsuyu inside nets and threatens to drown him if he doesn't answers his question, but the latter remains silent and dies, leaving a rock shell. At the same time Josuke spots a mysterious fruit sinking in the water from the architect's bag. Now out of the water, Norisuke and Josuke examine their peculiar enemy but have more questions than answers about Yotsuyu's kind. Linking the fruit he to a possible motive for his presence in Morioh, Josuke decides to investigate the fruit.

Josuke! Go to the Higashikata Fruit Parlor

Having checked Yotsuyu's family register, Norisuke reveals that Yotsuyu has been impersonating the real Yotsuyu Yagiyama who died years ago. Meanwhile, Yasuho has been sent home.

Norisuke, Tsurugi and Josuke find the dog who ate the cure with the fruit. Norisuke examines the fruit but it is unfamiliar and decides to keep it and register its scent. Tsurugi dubs the dog Iwasuke.

Deciding to check a record of every known fruit variety, Norisuke brings Josuke to his fruit parlor, but their search is interrupted bu they meet Jobin Higashikata, Norisuke's eldest who's just come back from a business trip. Jobin greets Josuke and offers him a Dorcus Titanus Palawanicus stag beetle. Overjoyed to see his eldest son, Norisuke decides to accompany him back home, and unbeknownst to him, King Nothing detects the mysterious fruit's scent on Jobin's tissue, which only Josuke notices.

Every Day Is a Summer Vacation

At the Higashikata, Josuke asks if he can go to Jobin's room, saying he needs advice for raising his stag beetle. Accompanied by Joshu, Josuke is accepted in Jobin's room.

A flashback narrates how Josuke has goaded Tsurugi into cooperating with him against Jobin. Tsurugi then reveals that Jobin is obsessed with beetles and beetle fights.

In the present, Josuke manipulates Jobin into accepting one round of beetle fight, the loser having to shave one eyebrow. The first round begins between two Palawanicus. At first Jobin's beetle gets the upper hand thanks to sharpened mandibles and planted female pheromones which motivate the beetle. But Josuke releases the pheromones he's planted in the ring and his beetle makes Jobin's beetle flee out of the arena. Jobin loses one time.

Meanwhile, Tsurugi goes to Yasuho's home and enlists her help to investigate Jobin. Jobin, happy despite his loss, accepts another round with another beetle.If Josuke wins, he gets the key to Jobin's Lamborghini.

Unexpectedly, the second beetle fights with unnatural precision, and Josuke notices a liquid oozing from a hole on its head. He is saved by the time out. Before the second bout, Josuke secretly plunders from Jobin's paintbrush and then inquires about the liquid. Jobin reveals that it's wax, which when melted will cause convulsions to the beetle and eventually kill it, but not before Jobin wins.

As the second bout begins, Josuke pops the bubbles which plundered the air around the paintbrush and is baffled to discover a temperature as high as 60 °C. The Rosenbergi slowly overwhelms the Palawanicus with its precise movement. However, Josuke has planted hornet's poison in Jobin's brush as Jobin brushed his Rosenbergi between rounds, killing it. Josuke is the winner; he takes the Lamborghini's keys with him and tries to leave but Jobin stops him, having realized that Josuke came here for an ulterior motive. The keys are transported anyway to Tsurugi with a bubble, who goes on the investigate the car in the garage.

Jobin Higashikata Is a Stand User

When Yasuho and Tsurugi enter the garage, Yasuho's phone gives her a choice between two items, and Yasuho chooses the flashlight. When they open the Lamborghini's door, Paisley Park appears, gives Yasuho the flashlight and shows the Lamborghini's itinerary in Morioh.

Jobin procceeds to pressure Josuke into revealing his intention with his mysterious power, but Josuke distracts them by activating the fire hoses of the estate and flees. Instead of pursuing him, Jobin and Joshu check on the car. They almost surprise Yasuho and Tsurugi but Yasuho, using the flashlight, has found the key to Norisuke's car and the two hide inside it. Yasuho then checks hacked public camera footage of the car and sees a man contacting Jobin.

Doobie Wah

Later, Yasuho and Tsurugi watch the man, Aisho Dainenjiyama, a security guard at the baseball stadium nearby. Trailing him with Yasuho's phone folded into a frog, they see a trade for the fruit, which miraculously makes a leg regrow. The phone is surprised by Aisho who stomps it, wounding Yasuho and Tsurugi.

Although the phone escapes, Aisho unleashes his Stand. Yasuho and Tsurugi are assailed by Aisho's Doobie Wah! hiding in a deadly wind vortex. Escaping the building by a window, they realize that Doobie Wah! is materializing via their breath, forcing them not to breathe as they try to flee. They hop on a bus to get out of the Stand's range, but Doobie Wah! relentlessly pursues them.

A flashback details Aisho's past: he used to live in a house with a girlfriend, but when he revealed his true nature as a rock man, his girlfriend used a period of sleep to sell the house, nearly killing him in the process when it was demolished; Aisho was saved when Yotsuyu woke him up and lamented the loss of his house. To attack back, Tsurugi releases a car origami. Aisho is tricked into mistaking a bus for Jobin and is run over; he subsequently dies.

Love Love Deluxe

The next day, Yasuho meets Josuke. They stroll on the beach, sharing a tender moment, but soon Josuke is signaled by another unknown girl, calling for a meeting later.

Josuke follows the girl, named Karera Sakunami who seems to be one of Josuke's past acquaintance. He plays along, hiding his amnesia as Karera eventually reveals elements of his past and finally his true name: Josefumi Kujo. Meanwhile a pair of twins playing football, the A. Phex Brothers, track Karera.

In a street, the A. Phex Brothers attack Karera and Josuke. The elder uses his Stand Schott Key No.1 to doze Karera with gas, which he ignites. Josuke saves Karera, who flees, and the Brothers opt to kill Josuke first.

Two double pages disclose many details about the Rock Humans, their physiology, their habits, and their manners.

A short fight ensues between Josuke and the A. Phex Brothers. Josuke manages to use Schott Key No.2's poison gas to his advantage and takes the elder hostage with bubbles full of poison. When the elder, soaked with gas, is ignited by Karera, his brother runs toward him, forgetting the bubbles which pop and envelop him in poison gas. Both Rock men are consequently killed. Karera finally understanding that Kira and Josuke performed an equivalent exchange, goes away before Josuke can ask her anything else.

Hato Brought Her Boyfriend Home

The legendary Rokakaka Tree is introduced, being a plant from New Guinea formally discovered by an Australian expedition in 1938. The Rokakaka was used by the locals to cure various ailments. During World War II, all reports of the fruit disappeared and it became a mere legend.

In Yasuho's home, Yasuho and Tsurugi are having a telephonic conversation with Josuke about Josefumi Kujo, Josuke's supposed identity. The conversation is interrupted when Hato brings her boyfriend home, Tamaki Damo. Damo is unattractive and awkward, leading to an embarrassing conversation and Josuke announces that he's leaving. However, soon, the whole family is defeated by Damo's Vitamin C which softens them. Joshu is washed away into a sink, Josuke, Daiya and Kyo are reduced to liquid puddles, and Norisuke is confronted alone by Damo, Hato the only one still spared.

Damo interrogates Norisuke in order to find who has been dismantling his organization. Damo then explains the context of the whole affair.

Two years ago, Yoshikage Kira, 27 years old and ship doctor by profession, discovers Aisho Dainenjiyama in his rock form. Curious, investigate the whole trade and discovers the existence of the Rokakaka. He coincidentally meets with Josefumi.

Vitamin C and Killer Queen

Back when Josefumi was a little child, he once almost drowned at the beach when his neglectful mother Kiyomi. Brought to the hospital, Josefumi was saved by Holy Joestar-Kira and her son Yoshikage, who performed surgery with his Stand. Out of gratitude for both, Josefumi accepts cooperating with Kira in order to steal the fruit. Moreover, he demonstrates that they can reduce the risks by only stealing several branches and grafting them to harvest the future fruit at their leisure.

As Aisho leaves a trade, Kira and Josefumi manage to steal some branches unnoticed and subsequently groom the branches.

In the present, Tamaki Damo interrogates Norisuke Higashikata IV and asks him who killed Yotsuyu Yagiyama. Damo has to cut off Norisuke's arm in order to make him confess that he killed Yotsuyu, but Damo correctly guesses that someone else was helping him.

Back to August 19, 2011, Josefumi and Kira have been caught by Damo and Yotsuyu who board the boat and incapacitate both men, as they've noticed the theft and narrowed their search to Kira. Damo tortures Yoshikage to discovers the location of the grafted branches and ultimately cuts off his liver. Using Karera as a distraction to set off several bombs, Josefumi and Kira escape.


The tragedy of Kira and Josefumi's demise

The two drift along the coast up to the grafted branches' location where Josefumi drags the already unconscious Kira to the branches and plans to feed him one of the fruits. Damo sends his men searching for the two despite the incoming tsunami. Meanwhile, despite his best efforts, Josefumi cannot revive the dead Kira and notices that the fruits he's grown are different from the normal Rokakaka.

After driving off the A. Phex Brothers, Josefumi sacrifices himself and takes the last fruit from the branches, hoping that Kira will be able to harvest them, and destroys the Rokakaka, feeds it to Kira, and performs an equivalent exchange with him. At the same time, the earth opens under Josefumi and Kira, and both fall into a fissure.

Walking Heart

Back to the present, Damo tortures Norisuke IV or order to find Josefumi Kujo whom he suspects is working with Norisuke. When the old man denies knowing Josefumi, Damo calls Hato to him in order to make an example of her. While in the foyer, Hato cannot believe that her boyfriend is an enemy, Norisuke is forced to confess that he suspects Josuke of being Josefumi.

Damo then moltens Hato, and looks at Josuke. Confirming his suspicions, he tries to kill Josuke, but Hato, who had been transported out of the house and Damo's range, attack him with her own Stand.

Breaking Heart


Kaato Higashikata comes back to her family

Damo cannot reach Hato, and Josuke uses Soft & Wet's bubble to alert her of Damo's position through the roof, allowing her to defeat him. Everyone returns to their normal state, and Josuke pursues Damo in order to kill him for good. The murder is witnessed by Jobin.

Meanwhile, Norisuke's wife, Kaato, has finished her sentence and prepares to leave prison, and contacts her son Jobin in order to plot against Norisuke.

Milagro Man

Josuke Higashikata finally discovers that he is the amalgamation of Yoshikage Kira and Josefumi Kujo.

The story returns two weeks prior to Kaato Higashikata's release. At the Higashikata's, Joshu asks money from his father Norisuke, as he wishes to buy idol items. After the meet-and-greet, Joshu antagonizes a fellow fan and secretly steals his wallet. Joshu indulges himself in a shopping spree, and due to many coincidences, Joshu accumulates more and more money as he tries to spend it. People actually refuse to take money from him, mentioning a mysterious Milagro Man.

As he keeps getting more cash, Joshu notices how strange the money is actually. He eventually and accidentally burns one of the bills and sees it multiplying at high speed and to his horror, the money begins to cover him.

Joshu wakes up on his home's couch but the cursed money is still with him. Joshu tracks down his victim, named Zaihei Nigatake, and blames him for what's happening to him. Zaihei, grateful toward Joshu for taking his "curse", explains the legend of the Milagro Man and his history with the curse. Nonetheless, Joshu tricks Zaihei into tearing a bill and pass on the curse back to him. On his way home, Joshu melancholically ponders his true worth in the world.

Dawn of the Higashikata Household

Josuke confirms his second identity, then finally sees Holy Joestar-Kira for the first time. Holy's condition has deteriorated drastically and Josuke is appalled that the hospital staff doesn't take care of her. Feeling attachment toward her, he swears to find the cure and pay for Holy's treatment in the meantime.

Afterward, the Higashikata family notices that Kaato, their mother has returned home although Joshu and Dayia don't remember her. Norisuke and Hato are wary of her because she's murdered a child, and Joshu tries to humiliate her publicly. Kaato furiously leaves the house, while Jobin confirms that he was the one letting her in, making Norisuke suspicious of his son's intentions.

Dolomite's Blue Lagoon

At the Higashikata House, Josuke and Norisuke discuss what they ought to do. Although Norisuke refuses to believe that Jobin is in collusion with the Rokakaka Smuggling Organization but tells him to go find a plant appraiser whom only he knows who will be able to find the grafted Rokakaka branch.

Kaato Higashikata eavesdrops on the two and signals Jobin who goes to a rock human named Dolomite who accepts to take on Josuke because of the miraculous new variety of Rokakaka in town.

Some time later, Josuke is given a letter by a courier boy. In the letter, there is a tooth, and the boy starts to act feral, pursuing straight in Josuke's direction even if it means bashing his head against obstacles. Although the boy comes to his senses, another woman begins to pursue Josuke.

Dolomite's Blue Hawaii controls a continuous string of people who become feral and pursue Josuke, threatening to control him should they physically touch him. Josuke calls Yasuho for help, who departs immediately to investigate the tooth and find the user.

Arriving at the bus station where Josuke received the tooth, Yasuho begins to investigate it with Paisley Park. However, Jobin sneaks up on her and causes a heatstroke with Speed King. He then smashes the phone and takes the tooth, making the girl unable to pursue her search when she wakes up.

At the same time, Josuke is still being chased by several consecutive people. Although he manages to escape them all, he eventually corners himself inside a bathroom, chased by a baby who tries to creep inside despite the closed door, uncaring of its wounds. Unwilling to harm the infant, Josuke lets himself be captured by Blue Hawaii.

He mindlessly walks up to Dolomite's pond at the Mutsukabe Shrine, where the Rock Human interrogates him about his goal and resorts to ordering him to drown himself at the bottom of the pond. However, Yasuho, who has been trailing Josuke as soon as she spotted him, intervenes and bashes Dolomite with a metal bar. The limbless Dolomite is defeated.

The Plant Appraiser

Josuke and Yasuho take a bus to go find the Plant Appraiser. Yasuho asks if leaving Dolomite alone is safe, but Josuke thinks that he won't be a nuisance anymore. However, he ponders on Dolomite's words about the Rokakaka. Dolomite had explained that in the grand schemes of things, Jobin is a simple gofer, and he himself only wishes to find his "Blue Lagoon" by healing himself with the fruit. Yet, another group is after the Rokakaka, a group that left Dolomite alive especially because he doesn't know anything about them and for whom the fruit is invaluable. Because Josuke is the result of a new variety of it, Dolomite advises him to back off from the chase for the fruit.

Josuke realizes that Dolomite had also been talking to someone else, who had been watching over them, hidden somewhere. Moreover, that same person must have overheard Josuke's destination. At this instant, the bus driver stands up from his seat and collapses on the floor. Rai Mamezuku, the plant appraiser who Josuke is supposed to meet, makes his first appearance. Driving the bus, Rai asks for Josuke to protect him, as they are all now under attack.

The three eventually stop at Rai Mamezuku's summer house, a chairlift. They are soon attacked by an unknown Stand, which moves trees and creates mortal holes inside people. Although they escape a first attack, Rai is wounded and must cut off his hand. The plant appraiser decides to throw Yasuho down the chairlift to expose her and observe the enemy, and the group discovers during the second attack that they are facing two Rock Humans.

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KareraAv LoveLoveDeluxeAv

RaiMamezukuAv RaiStandAv

HollykiraAV SuzuyoAv

DolomiteAv DolomiteStandAV2

Karera Sakunami
(Love Love Deluxe)
Rai Mamezuku
(Doggy Style)
Holy Joestar-Kira Suzuyo Hirose Dolomite
(Blue Hawaii)
Ally Ally Neutral Neutral Villain

JobinAv SpeedKingAv

KaatoAv KaatoStandAv

DamoAv Vitamin c av

YotsuyuAv I Am a Rock Av

AishouDainejiyamaAv DoobieWahAv

Jobin Higashikata
(Speed King)
Kaato Higashikata
(Unnamed Stand)
Tamaki Damo
(Vitamin C)
Yotsuyu Yagiyama
(I Am a Rock)
Aisho Dainenjiyama
(Doobie Wah!)
Villain Villain Villain Villain Villain

AphexAv SchottKeyNo12Av

OjiroAv FunFunFunAv

ShakedownRoadAv LesFeuliesAv

Johnny8Av TuskAV

A. Phex Brothers
(Schott Key No.1/No.2)
Ojiro Sasame
(Fun Fun Fun)
Shakedown Road
(Les Feuilles)
Johnny Joestar
Rina Higashikata
Villain Neutral
(previously Villain)
Neutral Neutral Neutral

Minor Characters

See also Minor Characters § Part 8: JoJolion and Unnamed Characters § Part 8: JoJolion
Character Name Role
Mitsuba Higashikata Neutral
George Joestar II Neutral
Iwasuke Neutral
Kiyomi Kujo Neutral
Atsunori Iwakiri Neutral
Zaihei Nigatake Neutral

Major Battles


  • According to a note by Araki in volume 2, the -lion in JoJolion's title is derived from the Ancient Greek εὐαγγέλιον (evangelion), in reference to the Gospels. "By combining this word with "JoJo", I've meant for the title to signify the existence of the protagonist "Josuke" in this world".[1]
  • It won the Grand Prize for manga at the 2013 Japan Media Arts Festival.[2]


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