Poco's Sister (ポコの姉 Poko no ane) is a minor character introduced in Phantom Blood. She's the older sister of Poco.


From what can be seen in the anime and manga, she is very independent and loving, but can also be serious. She has a strong will and a strong sense of justice.




Slapping Poco for being a coward

She first appears in Poco's flashback from when he was bullied by the other boys, who run at the sight of her. She then asks Poco when he will stop being a coward and start fighting back. Upon hearing him answer with "tomorrow", she replies with a slap for his cowardly behavior and takes him back home.

Phantom Blood


After Poco meets the heroes, they take him home, only to learn from his father that his sister left in the night to search for him. It would turned out that Poco's sister was held captive in the castle by Dio, the vampire noting her age and killing one of his zombie pets for making a lewd comment. Dio proceeds to seduce her into joining his legion of the undead willingly, offering her eternal life and beauty. But the girl slaps him, calling him a monster pretending to a man.

Dio remains composed and takes his leave, telling the girl that perhaps she prefers the company of his zombie minion Doobie, instead. Just before the monster could kill her, Jonathan appears and saves her. During Jonathan's battle with Dio, she and her brother are protected by Straizo from Page, Jones, Plant and Bornnam as he and others eliminate Dio's zombies. After the battle's end, her last appearance is with her brother and the other characters on the port to wish Jonathan and Erina a good honeymoon.

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Video Games

Phantom Blood (PS2 Game)

Much like the original storyline, her appearance in the game is limited to small roles in cutscenes before and after some battles.



  1. Chapter 37: The Three from a Faraway Country (2)

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