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Poco's Sister

Beautiful sister


Japanese Name ポコの姉
Namesake None
Gender Female
Nationality English
Hair Color Black (Manga)
Light brown (Anime)
Relatives Poco (Younger Brother)
Poco's Father
Manga Debut Vol. 4 Ch. 33
Tomorrow's Courage
Final Appearance Vol. 5 Ch. 41
A Demon's End
Anime Debut Episode 6
Tomorrow's Courage (Episode) (flashback)
Episode 7
Successor (Episode)
Game Debut JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (PS2 Game)
Seiyuu Junko Hagimori (Video game)
Aya Endou (Anime)
Voice Actor Johanna Luis (English Dub)

Poco's Sister (ポコの姉 Poko no ane?) is a minor character introduced in Part I: Phantom Blood. She's the older sister of Poco.


Not much is seen of her in the manga and in the anime, but from what can be seen she is very independent and loving, but can also be serious. She has a strong will and a strong sense of justice.



She first appears in Poco's flashback from when he was provoked by other kids. She suddenly appears and scares away the boys who bully him, and asks him when he will stop being a coward and start fighting back. Upon hearing him answer with "tomorrow", she replies with a slap for his cowardly behavior and takes him back home.

Slapping Poco for being a coward

Phantom Blood

After Poco meets the heroes, they take him home, only to learn from his father that his sister left in the night to search for him.

She next appears in Dio Brando's castle, where he attempts to seduce her into joining him in immortality. He uses the metaphor of a Rose which is beautiful, but withers with age and dies. She refuses Dio's offer and slaps him, calling him a cursed monster. Dio leaves with the response that if she doesn't like him, she can deal with Doobie. Just as the monster begins to attack her, Jonathan Joestar appears and saves her.

During Johnathan's battle with Dio, she and her brother are protected by Straizo from Page, Jones, Plant, and Bonham until Jonathan defeats Dio and the group gets rid of the remaining zombies.

After the battle's end, her last appearance is with her brother and the other characters on the port to wish Jonathan and Erina Pendolton a good honeymoon.

In Video Games

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (PS2 Game)

Much like the original storyline, her appearance in the game is limited to small roles in cutscenes before and after some battles.



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