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Before Big Brother's life leaves his body...! I'll make you pay before his very eyes!

—Pesci to Bucciarati

Pesci (ペッシ Pesshi?) is a minor antagonist featured in Vento Aureo.

Pesci is a member of La Squadra di Esecuzione. Together with Prosciutto, Pesci battles Bucciarati's Gang inside a high speed train to Florence.


Pesci is a man of average to athletic build, his most recognizable feature being his lack of a chin, making him stand out among other characters. His hair is shaved, save for several locks at the top of his head. Pesci also has cauliflower ears.

Pesci wears a dark jumpsuit with a fishing hook motif, completed with assorted arm warmers and shoes. Over that, he wears a sleeveless long coat decorated with fur. His right hand is bandaged after being shot by Mista's Sex Pistols.


Pesci is introduced as a weak-willed man, using threats when he should act, and is overall rather timid. Pesci lacks nerves and composure, panicking when the ice he uses to preserve himself from The Grateful Dead's power is destroyed and begs for his life when Mista has him a point blank range. Pesci is also initially shown to be very unconfident in his abilities, something his superior, Prosciutto, points out and is seen cheering him on.

Later, upon being moved by Prosciutto's determination, notably still powering his Stand when crushed between the wheels of the train they are on, Pesci gains the confidence and ruthlessness necessary to make himself a serious threat to the whole group and nearly kills Bruno Bucciarati during their battle. Bucciarati notes, however, that Pesci's bravery is then replaced by cruelty when the assassin attempted to threaten his friends inside Coco Jumbo.

Pesci is shown to respect Prosciutto considerably, referring to him as big brother ("aniki").


Main article: Beach Boy

Pesci uses the fishing rod-like Beach Boy to hook people from afar, tearing out their internal organs to kill them.


Pesci is introduced as an overeager crony of Prosciutto's, eager to complete their mission to kidnap the Boss' daughter. When he confronts Guido Mista on his own, he is nearly killed and his confidence quickly dissolves. However, he could be considered to be one of the most developed villains of the story, as, after seeing the extent of Prosciutto's determination, he regains the confidence to complete his mission and challenges Bucciarati, almost defeating him and even forcing him to admit that Pesci was more dangerous than Prosciutto in a one-on-one fight. However, Pesci is defeated by Bucciarati when he attempts to kill Bucciarati's companions inside Coco Jumbo, a move that Bucciarati deems useless. He is separated into several pieces by Sticky Fingers.

In Video Games

Vento Aureo (PS2)

Pesci appears as the enemy faced on chapter 9 where you play as Bucciarati. The fight is set outside the train, a place where Pesci has a great advantage due to his Stand ability, Beach Boy.

During gameplay Pesci will always get away as far as possible and use his Stand to try to catch the player. Beach Boy's ability will throw a string in the player's direction, and if the string catches its target, they have to press all the buttons as quickly as possible to get free, otherwise Pesci will keep pulling the player near him. If the player is totally near Pesci, he will kick his opponent and run away again, restarting his game strategy.

Unlike the manga, his death is shown as him being beaten up severely by Sticky Fingers.

All-Star Battle (PS3)

Pesci appears as a stage hazard and situation finish on the Naples Train Station stage. Both him and Prosciutto appear near the train during the beginning of the match, and after some time, board the train. If one of the fighters is knocked into the hazard indication area, Prosciutto encourages Pesci by saying he needs to trust himself, and then Pesci will throw his Stand's line into the stage. In a straight line perpendicular to the train, Beach Boy will shoot out of the train before being quickly reeled back. Any character caught by it is sent flying into the side of the train with a soft knockdown.

As a situation finish, Pesci's Beach Boy hooks the opponent by the head/neck area. The train then takes off and the unfortunate loser is dragged away while Pesci's laugh and Prosciutto's encouragement can be heard.

Eyes of Heaven (PS4)

Both Pesci and Prosciutto appear as the stage hazards for the Naples Train Station stage. As soon as Prosciutto is defeated, Pesci will appear. His field of action is the space between the two trains, with him patrolling that general area and his line of sight being a cone in front of him. Anybody caught in his sight for too long is hooked and left stunned and vulnerable to their opponents; He will prioritize the fighter closest to him. Pesci himself is rather easy to defeat if attacked by multiple characters at once.


  • Pesci refers to Prosciutto as big brother ("aniki") though it is never made clear if it's blood relation or not. "Aniki" is a title that Yakuza members call their superiors.
  • In a humorous ironic coincidence, Pesci's name (Meaning fish in Italian) correlates with his Stand, which takes the appearance of a fishing pole.



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