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It's not just persistent! It's a stalking killing machine! And if it catches me it won't just kill me... It'll eat me!

—Iggy about Pet Shop

Pet Shop (ペット・ショップ Petto Shoppu?) is a minor antagonist appearing in Stardust Crusaders. He serves as the guardian of DIO's Mansion and is unique as an avian Stand user. When Iggy inadvertently stumbles upon DIO's Mansion, Pet Shop attacks him.


Pet Shop is classified as a Falconidae,[2] sporting a strong bill, sharp talons, and excellent eyesight. He wears an ornate falconry hood adorned with 3 feathers, and a heart motif like the other inhabitants of DIO's Mansion. He also wears what appears to be a scarf.

A ruthless sentry who is loyal to his post, Pet Shop almost always bears a menacing glare, and does not discriminate against any who trespasses DIO's mansion. He intended to kill a small boy and would have if it wasn't for Iggy's interference, and showed no remorse in eating the eyes of two dogs he decapitated in front of their owner. He is extremely relentless in hunting down his prey, as shown by his pursuit of Iggy, no matter how risky the path to his prey might be and is highly intelligent, having identified the beggar employed by Avdol as a spy and tearing up the photograph of the mansion after killing him to destroy his work.


Main article: Horus

Pet Shop's Stand Horus gives him the capacity to generate and manipulate ice, which he primarily uses to create ice spikes and propel them as makeshift missiles.

Bird Constitution: As a bird, Pet Shop possesses the natural ability to fly, which he does with extreme proficiency. Moreover, because he possesses specialized air sacks to store air, he can breathe underwater and swim longer than even a dog.


Stardust Crusaders

Pet Shop serves as the guardian of DIO's mansion in Egypt and is part of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods. He ruthlessly kills any who may trespass or he deems as suspicious. When he first appears, Pet Shop decapitates two large dogs with ease and crushes a beggar (employed by Avdol to find DIO's mansion) and his car with his Stand. Iggy witnesses this, but doesn't want to be involved, so he plays dumb. Pet Shop, with some suspicion, leaves him alone. He then returns to his post at the gate of DIO's Mansion and finds the young owner of the two dogs he killed climbing under it. He is about to attack and kill the boy when Iggy saves him, revealing himself as a Stand user.

The two begin to fight, and Iggy, not wanting to fight and somewhat overwhelmed by Pet Shop's abilities, retreats into a sewer, expecting Pet Shop to be unable to follow. This proves to be incorrect as the bird is both relentless and skilled with amazing aerial agility and even the ability to maneuver underwater for some time, easily cornering Iggy inside.

Pet Shop almost secures victory, trapping Iggy's leg in a block of ice and firing more ice at him. Unfortunately, Iggy barely escapes this at the cost of his front paw, severing it himself in order to dodge. In the end, Iggy bites Pet Shop's beak closed as he attempts to fire an icicle out of it, killing him.

In Video Games


Pet Shop appears as one of the final enemies, though the player's whole party must fight him, unlike in the manga where only Iggy ever encounters him.

Heritage for the Future (PS1/DC/Arcade)

Pet Shop appears as playable character, and was only available in the second version of the game.

All of Pet Shop's moves are based on his ability to create ice, such as throwing Ice Stakes, trapping the enemy on the ground with ice or anything related to icicle attacks. His first special move shoots several ice stakes with great speed as a projectile attack. His second special move creates a giant ice block that comes from above the screen (the same move he used to kill the agent in front of DIO's mansion). His last special move sends Pet Shop to the back of the screen from where he shoots even more ice stakes at the opponent. This, however, only works as a grab special move.

Pet Shop is widely considered the most powerful character in the game, with incredibly strong special control from his many projectiles and unblockable setups stemming from his overhanging icicle attack. Playing Pet Shop is generally considered "poor taste" and he's typically soft-banned in most Tournament settings.

If hit by Alessi's Stand attack, Pet Shop turns into an egg, but still can use his Stand to make small icicles, possibly implying that Pet Shop was born with his Stand ability.

His ending on Arcade Mode portrays a hypothetical situation in which Pet Shop manages to kill all the main heroes. Pet Shop continues to act as the guardian of DIO's Mansion, as the text says "And Pet Shop never allowed anyone to come near the Mansion, anyone...".

Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4)

Pet Shop was confirmed for the game alongside Lisa Lisa. So far, he is also the only playable character in the game who does not possess a voice actor, receiving his voice from various hawk sound effects instead, and relying on the narrator for spoken portions, similar to Baoh in All-Star Battle. His GHA, SKRAAAAAW has him use Horus to trap the opponent in a block of ice after bombarding him/her with icicles. Pet Shop then finishes by firing an ice shard out of his mouth to blast the opponent out.

Along with the other characters from Parts 1 through 3, Pet Shop's main color scheme is based on his anime appearance.


He is paired with Kars in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament. They defeat Pannacotta Fugo and Noriaki Kakyoin in the first round, and Dio Brando and Joseph Joestar in the second. In the semifinals, they defeated Jotaro Kujo and Kakyoin in the first round, and Jotaro and DIO in the second. Ultimately, the team wins the Tournament, defeating Jolyne and Gyro Zeppeli in the final round.



  • Originally, Pet Shop did not appear until the characters are near DIO's Mansion for his fight with Iggy. The anime retroactively inserts him in place of a parrot that DIO has in Polnareff's flashback during his meeting with DIO. Due to this change, Pet Shop is technically the first member of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods to appear in the anime adaptation of Stardust Crusaders.
  • In the TV Anime, Pet Shop is the only character who does not have a voice actor. His sound effects were done by Toracyai.[3]


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