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Planet Waves (プラネット・ウェイヴズ Puranetto Ueivuzu?) is a Stand given via a Stand Disc to Viviano Westwood in Stone Ocean.


Planet Waves is humanoid in shape, its body covered with a pattern akin to muscle fiber. Its head resembles a human heart with metallic/technological apparatuses.


  • Meteorite Attraction: Whether by its presence or activity, Planet Waves ensures that distant meteoroids reach its user's body, disintegrating just before making contact, in a stream spanning anywhere from minutes to seconds apart.



  • Planet Waves was originally called "Earth Wind and Fire" (アース・ウィンド・アンド・ファイヤー Āsu Windo Ando Faiyā), but Araki remembered that he had already used that name for an ability, although it was written differently. "Planet Waves" appeared in the tankobon release.
  • Araki admits that the sole reason for creating the Stand was because he thought it'd be weird to see meteorites falling from the sky.[1]


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